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When Should I Use Ground Heaters?

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The winter months can transform construction and renovation jobs into living nightmares. Cold weather bursts pipes, freezes the ground and makes it incredibly difficult to cure concrete. Worse yet, job sites that are too cold drop employee morale at breakneck speeds and can subject workers to a variety of health and safety issues. If your construction team has ever run into problems pertaining to freezing conditions or frozen ground, then it’s time to invest in a high-quality ground heater. At On Site, our number one priority is providing you with all of the resources you need to excel in your industry. That’s why we produce some of the most effective and affordable ground heaters and ground thaw blankets in existence. These ground heating solutions have a wide variety of applications and can make the process of working in cold weather significantly easier, safer and faster. To help you determine whether one of these products will work well for your job site, let’s talk about when your team should utilize ground heaters.

1. Thawing Frozen Ground

It’s almost impossible to dig holes or drive materials in frozen ground during landscaping projects without the use of powerful tools. Moreover, most specifications don’t allow construction teams to set concrete on frozen ground. Fortunately, picking up a large ground thaw heater will allow you to warm up massive portions of your site at once to mitigate this problem. On Site’s E1250 Hydronic Ground Thaw Heater is specifically designed to efficiently thaw frozen ground. This powerful unit can thaw up to 2,200 square feet of frozen ground (or 2,500 square feet of concrete) every single day. The E1250 is easy to set up, doesn’t produce noxious fumes and runs reliably for up to 90 hours. Its positive displacement pump offers consistent heat delivery for any and all of your ground thawing needs. Most importantly, this machine doesn’t require an enclosure to build, making it ideal for a wide variety of projects.

2. Curing Concrete

Curing concrete helps to retain moisture in the slab and delays drying shrinkage while the material hardens, allowing it to resist damage or cracking from shrinkage. Concrete is also significantly stronger, more durable and resistant to wear and tear when properly cured. In most cases, it takes concrete about seven days to become fully cured. During this period of time, the slab must be kept above a certain temperature range, and that’s no easy task when your site is being barraged by cold winds and snow all day and night. Fortunately, after thawing out the ground in preparation for concrete pouring, ground heaters can also be used to help cure the material by keeping it at an optimal temperature, saving your team precious time and money in the process. Many of our ground thawing machinery will work perfectly for curing concrete. On Site’s E1100 Hydronic Ground Thaw Heater is particularly effective for mid-sized concrete projects. This efficient unit can thaw up to 1,750 square feet of frozen ground in one day and runs for up to 115 hours. Best of all, the E1100 comes with 1,100 feet of hose, allowing for easy and flexible use for a range of projects and work environments. Note: If you’re looking to better disperse heat over a large area of concrete, we recommend pairing our machines with concrete curing blankets.

3. Providing Air Heat

One of the most important aspects of running a construction site during winter is ensuring that your workers stay safe and warm. After all, exposure to extreme cold can cause a host of incredibly dangerous (and sometimes fatal) injuries, including systemic hypothermia. Furthermore, your employees will be significantly more productive and say in good spirits if they have ample access to heated spaces. Luckily, many of On Site’s ground thaw units generate enough heat to keep the air around them at a comfortable level regardless of the weather, warming your team up for the duration of the work day. Our Pureheat Hydronic Air Heater provides ample amounts of heat for large structures and buildings, and it can also be used to remove excess moisture from the workspace. Moreover, the Pureheat is a phenomenally cost-effective machine, saving you up to 50 percent on fuel costs compared to traditional heating methods. This unit is very simple to operate and can efficiently cure concrete, thaw frozen ground or prevent frost when outfitted with a few key accessories (such as hose handling systems). The Pureheat requires no enclosure to build, doesn’t generate flames or noxious fumes and can be powered with multiple types of fuel (diesel, natural gas and propane), making it one of the safest and most versatile air and ground heaters in the industry. Note: If providing clean and dry heat to areas around your work area is a priority, then we highly recommend combining the Pureheat with our heat exchangers system.

Rent High-Quality Ground Heaters for Your Job Site Today

On Site offers a massive selection of affordable ground thaw and concrete curing machines to match the specific scope and demands of your project. Be sure to check out our Hydronic Ground Heating page to see our full range of products. The success of your project is just as important to us as it is to you, so please don’t hesitate to call or message us if you want help with determining which machines and materials will work best for your team. You can also reach out to us if you have any additional questions about ground heaters or want more advice on how to quickly and safely complete your projects during the winter months. We’d be more than happy to supply you with any advice or resources you need.

Zombie Pub Crawl 2015

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Its hard to believe that October is really over, but we are still in the scary mood. On Site Companies of the Twin Cities was proud to provide the porta potties for the 2015 Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl. This event featured tons of musical artists and thousands of local zombies. This pub crawl is the largest zombie pub crawl in the country and we were so happy to be involved.  

Do I Need A Portable Sink?

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What's one easy way to improve people's health and well being and to reduce the spread of disease? Give people easy access to handwashing stations, no matter where they are. Portable sinks encourage people to wash their hands after using the facilities and can help keep your community healthy.  

Hay Days 2015

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Earlier this month, On Site was very proud to provide the portable restrooms for the annual Hay Days events produced by the Sno Barons Snowmobile Club of Blaine, MN. Hay Days happens every year in September and features live snowmobile racing, tricks competition and a whole lot of fun for everyone.  

5 Reasons to Use Indirect Fired Heaters on Your Job Site

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On Site Companies VG 400 Indirect Fired Heater

While the weather gets colder, you may be wondering what the best way to heat your work site will be. Heating you site will allow your workers to feel more comfortable, which will in turn allow them to achieve more throughout the day. If you are building an enclosed structure, then Indirect Fired Heaters may be the solution that you are looking for. Here are five reasons that may lead you to choose Indirect Fired Heaters for your job site this season. 1.)  No Unwanted Moisture For your past construction sites you have been using open-flame Direct Fired Heaters, which deliver heat into structures. These heaters convert 100% of fuel into heat, which seems like the most fuel efficient and cheap way to heat your job site. The downside to this equipment, however, moisture can become a hindrance to your work. According to Ken Cannella, product manager for Wacker Neuson Climate Technology, “ Every 100,000 BTUs of fuel burned with a direct-fired heater results in one gallon of water as a byproduct.”  Unwanted moisture and condensation on you job site can cause setbacks, property damage and loss of productivity that you just can’t afford. Using Indirect Fired Heaters will not produce any unwanted moisture that can seep into your job site. These heaters will only produce clean burning heat to be pumped into your location. 2.)  Ventilation Flue All Indirect Fired Heaters come standard with a ventilation flue that allows you to safely vent all noxious fumes away from the job site. Because of this standard flue, these heaters can safely be placed inside or outside of your job site. 3.)  Enclosed Flame If you have to worry about debris around your site coming into contact with your heating equipment, then our Indirect Fired Heating line is the safest solution.  On standard Direct Fired flame heaters you have an exposed flame that may be susceptible to foreign objects entering the flame or flammable objects being placed too close to the heater and igniting.  With the enclosed flame of Indirect Fired Heaters, you can be sure that nothing will enter the flame, and you will only get clean burning heat into your structure. 4.)  Ductable We all know that certain job sites will inadvertently heat unevenly.  This could cause your workforce to be uncomfortable, and also may force you to provide several heaters to different areas. Indirect Fired Heaters provide efficient heat delivery to you job site to make sure that you can use the least amount of fuel possible. All of our Indirect Fired Heaters can be ducted to provide heat evenly throughout your job site. 5.)  Remote Thermostat Technology Our On Site Indirect Fired Heaters can be equipped with remote thermostat technology that can alter you to any issues that the heater is having, and also keep your area at the optimal temperature at all times.  You can monitor the performance of your equipment from your mobile device, and our technicians will also be alerted if there are any problems with the equipment.

Barb’s Benefit Oktoberfest Celebration Saturday September 28th, 2013

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Barb Lau

Barb Lau is the Executive Director of the Association of Women Contractors and is also very close to the hearts of the employees here at On Site Companies. Barb is a single mother of two daughters that are aged 12 & 14 and is also currently fighting Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). This type of cancer is a rare and aggressive form, which only represents about 10% of all breast cancer diagnoses.