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Construction Site

Construction Sites

Portable Restrooms | Temporary Heating | Portable Air Conditioning

Porta Potty on a construction site

Portable Restrooms

On Site Companies have the porta potty solutions for your construction site. With a range of standard porta pottiesenhanced access restrooms, hook restrooms and high-rise restrooms, we can meet all of the bathroom needs on your construction site. Call us to get some more information on what On Site can do to meet your portable restroom needs.

Comfort Station Luxury Restroom Trailer

Restroom Trailers

On Site Companies rents out the Comfort Station Restroom Trailer specifically for construction job sites. This luxury restroom trailer has a separate male and female sides for the restrooms, with individual stalls for users. This trailer only needs a  water and electricity source to provide a functioning, heated restroom for all of your workers.

Fresh Flush Mobile Office

Fresh Flush Mobile Office

The Fresh Flush Mobile Office can hook up the bathroom in your construction job trailer to flushing capabilities. This system hooks up to the stationary bathroom inside of your job trailer and allows the restroom be used for workers as well as visitors. Also use a SaniSink with this system to provide hot water hand washing systems.

1505 Direct Fired Heater

Portable Heating

Construction heating can be tricky, so On Site Companies have several options to provide you with the portable heating equipment that you will need. We have a range of direct fired, indirect fired, electric and ground heating technology that is available for rent on your job site. Our heating sales team can help assess which kinds of portable heaters and how many your job site will require.

Ground Thaw Temp Heat on bridge in winter

Ground Thaw

Even when the weather gets colder construction still needs to continue to get the job done. Because of this, On Site has a wide array of different ground thaw and concrete curing equipment. Sizes range from our small thaw box to our larger hydronic ground heaters. Pairing these machines with ground heating blankets, you can thaw ground faster and even cure concrete at tremendous speeds in the middle of winter.

Portable AC Spot Cooler being used at wedding

Portable Air Conditioning

Portable Air Conditioning on the construction site can be used for temporarily cooling an area, as well as meeting your dehumidification needs. With a range of different sizes, our sales team can asses which size of air conditioner will be required for your job site. It can also be used in buildings where air conditioning is temporarily unavailable.

200 Max Dehumidifier


Moisture getting into your construction site or home can be devastating to the structure, so in the case of water restoration or construction it is a good idea to have proper dehumidification on site. Our dehumidifiers can remove moisture from the air and can be paired with our large circular or floor fans to make sure that no moisture is left behind. Our air scrubbers and HEPA filters can also ensure that your air stays clean and safe when performing remodels, new construction or restorations.

Portable HEPA Air filter

Air Filtration

Air filtration on construction or restoration sites are key to keeping to environment safe for workers and inhabitants. Our HEPA and Aerospace air filters can remove odors, germs, allergens, chemicals and humidity. They are perfect for restoration jobs to remove harmful particles and chemicals from the air. Ducting options can provide the combination of negative or positive air flow. This will help to control an area and containment air scrubbing at the same time.

42" in Floor Fan in use on construction site

Air Movers and Fans

When working in construction, restoration or special events air movers and fans could be helpful to keep air flowing. Our large range of fans and air movers can provide you with air circulation that you need. The sizing our our fans range from large 30ft round fans, to small carpet blower fans. Our experienced sales representatives can help you decide which products would be right for your situation.