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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Relief

Portable Restrooms | Hot Water Hand Washing | Portable Heating

Porta Potty on a construction site

Portable Restrooms

When disaster strikes your area, On Site Companies can take care of your portable restroom needs. We can provide you with both standard portable restrooms, as well as enhanced access restrooms and baby changing stations.

Prestige Luxury Restroom Trailer

Restroom Trailers

If you would like to provide workers and survivors of natural disasters. These facilities have running water and flush toilets that make them more like a stationary restroom. They are also equipped with heating and air conditioning for comfort any time of year

Ultra Lav II Shower Trailer interior

Shower Trailers

Shower trailers will allow large groups of people to get clean after a national disaster. If stationary showers are not available, our shower trailers can provide hot water showers with two stalls or eight stalls. These shower trailers only need a power source and water reservoir to operate.

Portable AC Spot Cooler being used at wedding

Portable Air Conditioning

The summer can get hot and humid and we all know that air conditioning can be a saving grace in these times. On Site can bring any size of our portable air conditioners out to you to provide temporary cooling relief. Our sizing ranges from small spot coolers, to our large 250 ton air conditioners. The cooled air can be pumped into buildings for temporary relief, or they can be ducted into tents for weddings and special events. They also work great at the job site for removing moisture in the air.

Wedding Tent Heater

Portable Heating

On Site Companies provides a range of portable heaters for you to rent. Our offerings range from temporary industrial grade heaters from construction sites, to enclosed flame heaters used for heating tents and special events. Our heaters are great for temporary use in the cold winter months. We have  ranges of portable heaters available for rent such as direct fired, indirect fired, direct fired enclosed flame, convection and electric heaters.

200 Max Dehumidifier


Moisture getting into your construction site or home can be devastating to the structure, so in the case of water restoration or construction it is a good idea to have proper dehumidification on site. Our dehumidifiers can remove moisture from the air and can be paired with our large circular or floor fans to make sure that no moisture is left behind. Our air scrubbers and hepa filters can also ensure that your air stays clean and safe when performing remodels, new construction or restorations.

42" in Floor Fan in use on construction site

Air Movers and Fans

When working in construction, restoration or special events air movers and fans could be helpful to keep air flowing. Our large range of fans and air movers can provide you with air circulation that you need. The sizing our our fans range from large 30ft round fans, to small carpet blower fans. Our experienced sales representatives can help you decide which products would be right for your situation.