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ADA Trailer Outside

ADA Executive
Luxury Restroom Trailer

ADA Accessible Luxury Restrooms

The ADA Compliant Restroom Trailer was custom designed to meet and exceed the unique needs of disabled users. Equipped with a hydraulic lowering system, this creatively engineered restroom trailer features an oversized private suite that quietly lowers to ground level at the touch of a button. A convenient 6 foot ramp then unfolds to provide your guests with easy wheelchair accessibility. This luxury restroom trailer also features four additional stalls and two urinals on the non-ADA side to assist in keeping your wait times to a minimum.

The ADA Compliant Trailer adheres to all applicable portions of the ADA Accessibility Guidelines. Some of the ADA guidelines include: heavy duty reinforced construction, low depth sinks, ground level wheelchair accessibility, hands-free faucets, strategically positioned and reinforced grab bars, high clearance sinks and plenty of interior space for a wheelchair to made a full 360 degree turn.

The ADA Executive is available in the St. Paul/ Minneapolis, Rochester & Mankato, MN areas and also in St. Louis, MO.

Every ADA Executive Includes:

  • Running water
  • Simulated wood flooring
  • Formica marbled walls and counter tops
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • ADA Accessible Unisex Stall
    • 1 toilet
    • 1 sink
    • 1 large mirror
    • 1 baby changing station
  • Female Side
    • 3 toilets in individually enclosed stalls
    • 2 sinks in oak cabinets
    • 2 large mirrors
  • Male
    • 1 toilets in individually enclosed stall
    • 2 sinks in oak cabinets
    • 2 wall hung urinals with flush valves
    • 2 large mirrors
Description Specification
Length 36 feet
Height 10 feet 7 in.
Depth (with ramp) 15 feet 6 in.
Holding Capacity 1,200 gal.
ADA Executive Trailer Layout