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Deluxe Flush Toilet Trailer

Deluxe Flush Luxury Restroom Trailer

A Touch of Luxury

On Site Companies Deluxe Flush Luxury Restroom Unit is perfect for gatherings or jobs where you would like facilities closer to your home bathroom, but a full sized restroom trailer is not needed. These deluxe single unit restrooms are equipped with flushing toilets, running water, paper towel dispenser and mirror. Features such as these make the Deluxe Flush perfect for weddings, graduation parties, family reunions or simply a gathering that requires restroom facilities.
The Deluxe Flush is available in the St. Paul/ Minneapolis, Rochester & Mankato, MN, and St. Louis MO areas.

Every Deluxe Flush Bathroom Includes

  • Two Fresh Water Flush Toilets with commercial quality stainless steel flush bowl with the toughest made mounting and plumbing system to keep this flush system in operation and looking new for ages.
  • Solar Powered Lights and unique, tinted roof design that stands out from the crowd – this U.V. resistant roof has four full hand grips on each side to ensure a firm grip when maneuvering. Double-walled and roto-molded to handle the most abusive transport conditions.
  • Custom fitted hand wash design that blends into its surroundings, with a foot-activated pump and its own separate reservoir to keep water safe from waste.
  • 11” Mirror
  • Totally Self Contained
Description Specification
Height 91″
Width 51.5″
Depth 47″
Door Opening 75″
Floor Space 1036 sq. in.
Standard Tank Vol. 80 gal.
Seat Height 19 1/2″
Weight 299 lbs.