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Enclosed Flame, Electric and Convection Heaters

Portable Heater Rentals for Omaha, Nebraska

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On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska can provide your construction project or special event with the portable heater rentals that you require. Our temporary heater product line can meet needs ranging from direct fired heaters for home building projects, to direct fired enclosed flame heaters for outdoor tented events. Our heating experts can help you choose the right rental equipment to fit your needs.

When to Use Portable Heater Rentals

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Construction Projects

If your construction project runs into the fall and winter, renting temporary heating equipment may be necessary. The construction heaters that On Site of Omaha, NE can provide include: direct fired heaters, indirect fired heaters and direct fired enclosed flame heaters, electric heaters and convection heaters. Great for use on commercial and residential construction sites, these portable heaters can help preserve construction materials, speed up curing processes and make your workers more efficient.

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Special Events & Weddings

Having a winter wedding or tented winter event? Renting portable heaters is a great way to keep everyone comfortable and happy. We all know that the Omaha winters can be unpredictable, and equipment such as direct fired enclosed flame heaters and indirect fired heaters provide safe and enclosed flame heat. These portable heaters can be ducted into tents and other non-heated spaces and have adjustable thermostats for easy climate control.

Building Renovation Portable Heater

Building Renovations

Adding an addition onto your house or doing some renovations to a larger building? In Omaha, if these projects take place in the autumn or winter months you’re going to want to rent construction heaters to keep the space comfortable. This way you can continue to either live in the space, or keep business going as usual.

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Emergency Heating Needs

Did the heating system break down in your business or home? If so, On Site of Omaha has a range of temp heat rentals for emergency heat replacement. Heating systems, like anything else, can break down at the worst time. When you find yourself with no heat, our trained heat team can help set you up with the right temporary heat rental to fit any size building or home. By choosing the right heater, your life can go on without interruption.


Heaters Available from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska

Direct Fired Heater with Poly

Direct Fired Heaters

On Site of Omaha, NE has several different sizes of direct fired heaters available for rent. Direct fired heaters are open flame temporary heaters that are perfect for both commercial and residential construction projects. Direct fired portable heaters can operate on either liquid propane or natural gas, to give you flexibility in on the job site. These temporary heaters also use an adjustable thermostat for continuous heat and fuel efficiency. Our trained temporary heat team can help assess your needs and decide which size of direct fired heater is best for your next project. All of our direct fired heaters are serviced and maintained by our local Omaha heating technicians. If at any time your direct fired is having problems, we can be on site quickly to fix the problem.

hfv 410 indirect fired heater

Indirect Fired Heaters

If you’re looking for indirect fired heaters in Omaha, NE, look no further than On Site Companies. Our indirect fired heater equipment rentals can meet your heating needs with clean and dry heat. Indirect fired heaters use an enclosed flame system that will vent harmful fumes away from you, so you can have a safe working environment. Indirect fired heaters also have a built in thermostat, allowing you to set your perfect temperature. All indirect fired heaters are inspected and maintained by our own Omaha heating technician staff. If anything goes wrong with your indirect fired heater, we can be on site to fix any issues that may arise.

Wedding Tent Heater

Direct Fired Enclosed Flame Heaters

Are you in need of renting enclosed flame heaters for your event or construction site? If so, On Site Companies of Omaha, NE can help you out. Direct fired enclosed flame heaters are a great way to heat home building sites or tented events. Direct fired enclosed flame heater rentals can run off of propane or natural gas for flexibility. All heater rentals also come with a standard thermostat for easy climate control. Our local Omaha heat technicians maintain all temp heat rentals. This means we can place your heater rentals, and service them if something should happen.

Electric Space Heater

Electric Heaters

The electric heater rentals from On Site Companies of Omaha aren’t your typical space heaters. These electric heaters pack quite a punch. With a range of sizes, electric heater rentals can provide you clean non-combustible heat wherever you have electricity. These heater rentals are clean, quiet, and compact and don’t add any relative humidity to your location. All electric heater rentals are inspected and maintained by our local Omaha, NE heating technician staff. We are always available to service your heating rental equipment if needed.

Convection Heater

Convection Heaters

Do you need a portable heat rental, but you don’t have electricity on site? If so, On Site Companies of Omaha can provide you with non-electric convection heaters. These portable heaters don’t require an electrical source or natural gas to operate. They just run on propane to produce direct fired heat for your construction or home building site. All convection heaters are maintained and serviced by our local Omaha, NE heating technician team. That means we can be out to help you with your temporary heater rental at any time.

e3000 Hydronic Ground Heater on a construction site

Ground Thaw Heaters

Ground thaw heaters are the more efficient solution for thawing frozen ground or curing concrete on your construction site. These portable heaters can be coupled with insulated ground thawing blankets to warm the ground or quickly cure concrete. No need to build an enclosure with these heaters. These heaters run on diesel fuel, and come with options for onboard generators. Most ground heaters are also mounted on trailers to make them easy to move around your construction site.