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Convection Heater Rentals in Omaha, Nebraska

Liquid Propane Heater | No Electricity Needed

Temporary heating rentals are a must in the Omaha, Nebraska winters. If you have a home building or construction site in the early stages, however, you may have limited options for heater rentals. In those early stages of home construction the main problem for heat rentals is lack of electricity. This is where convection heaters are useful.

Luckily, convection heaters are a temporary heating option that doesn’t require electricity to operate. Convection heaters run on propane and work best for home building sites that don’t have working electricity. There are several more benefits to convection heaters, but here are just a few.

Benefits of Convection Heaters

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No Electricity Needed

There is a common reason convection heaters are used on construction sites and home building projects. They don’t require electricity to operate. Convection heaters only require propane to provide heat to your site. These heaters don’t require electricity because they don’t have a fan to run during operation.

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Safety Features

The convection heaters you can rent from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska come standard with safety functions. These heaters have automatic mechanisms to cut off gas to the heater. The fuel valve will automatically close at the first sign of flame failure. With no fuel, the heater will stop functioning, which prevents worksite accidents.

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Used for Small Jobs

Convection heaters can be used for smaller spaces. Smaller convection heaters can commonly be used to heat garages and cure concrete in small areas. This can save you a bit of money, since they’re usually cheaper than large ground heaters. Convection heaters are a great short term heating solution that won’t break the bank.

Convection Heater Rentals Available in Omaha, Nebraska

q2-150- Convection Heater

Q2 150 (50,000-150,000 BTU/hr)

The Q2 convection heater is a small pod heater. It is used most commonly in instances where electricity and natural gas aren’t available. This open flame heater runs purely on propane. The Q2 convection heater is ideal for situations like early home construction, garage spaces, and small concrete curing jobs.

q2-375 Convection Heater

Q2 375 (220,000-375,000 BTU/hr)

The Q2 375 is the larger convection heater rental available from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska. Larger convection heaters can be a good alternative if you don’t have electricity available on site. This light weight heater can provide you with the power you need for a little larger space, but still providing the versatility of the smaller convection heater.