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Direct Fired Enclosed Flame Heater

Direct Fired Heater Rentals in Omaha, Nebraska

Construction Heater Rentals | Vapor Propane or Natural Gas

Direct fired heaters are efficient exposed flame heaters. These heater rentals are usually used for large construction projects and also small homebuilding projects. The term direct fired heater means that the air that is being heated comes into direct contact with the heater’s flame.

On Site Companies is proud to be able to provide direct fired heater rentals in the Omaha, Nebraska area. There are many benefits to using direct fired heaters, but here are just a few.

Benefits of Direct Fired Heaters

Direct Fired Heater Efficient


The first benefit to renting direct fired heaters in Omaha, NE is the efficiency that these heaters provide. While burning propane or natural gas, direct fired heaters can convert almost 100% of the fuel into usable heat. This process conserves the amount of fuel used to heat your construction site. Cost-effectively heating your job site to just the right temperature.

Direct Fired Heater Powerful


These heaters can pack a real punch. Direct fired heaters can produce a lot of heat (BTU’s) from a seemingly small piece of equipment. Whether you’re looking for your heater rental to warm a small home building project or a multi-level structure, these heaters produce the warmth that you need for those Omaha winters.

Easy to Move Direct Fired heater


Construction and home building projects have a development cycle. Direct fired heater rentals can quickly change with your jobsite. These heaters can be used in open spaces, areas enclosed by poly, and buildings that have permanent walls. They also can be easily ducted to let you bring the heat anywhere you need it.

Direct Fired Low Energy Cost

Lower Heat Cost

If you’re looking for the most cost effective heater rental in Omaha, look no further than direct fired heaters. These dual fuel heaters give you the flexibility to choose the fuel that is best for your budget. With efficient heat production, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank with heating costs.

Direct Fired Heater Safe for Everyone

Safety First

No one wants accidents on their construction site. Direct fired heaters have several safety features that give you confidence leaving them running without supervision. Built in thermostats and flame sensor technologies will shut your heater rental off when things go wrong.

Direct Fired Heater Low Maintenance Cost

Low Cost to Maintain

These temporary heaters are pretty simple pieces of equipment. With fewer moving parts, there are fewer things that can go wrong. Most fixes are cheap and quick, so you won’t be waiting for time consuming repairs. There are also reduced chances your direct fired heater rental will quit running overnight, and possibly cost you money.

Direct Fired Heater Built in Thermostat

Automatic Thermostat

All direct fired heaters come with a built in thermostat. This will let you set the temperature that is best for your construction site, and let the heater control the climate of the job site. This will save you money in fuel costs, and also allow you to leave at night knowing you’re work will be preserved.

S405 Direct Fired Heater
(400,000 BTU/hr)

The s405 is On Site Companies of Omaha’s most common direct fired heater rental. The s405 is great for use on small construction job sites or home building projects. With built in thermostat you can get incredible fuel efficiency for your construction project. With it’s light weight design, its also easy to move and operate with just one person.




1801 direct fired heater

1801 Direct Fired Heater
(750,000 BTU/hr)

The 1801 direct fired heater from On Site Companies of Omaha can provide your construction site with clean and efficient direct fired heat. This portable heater is a great heater rental option for a range of construction sites or home building projects. The dual fuel capacity of this heater can give you the flexibility of choosing between propane and natural gas. The 1801 portable heater also comes with a built in thermostat for temperature control.

Millennium Direct Fired Heater
(1,000,000 BTU/hr)

The Millennium Direct Fired Heater is a larger portable construction heater that you can rent in Omaha, NE. This heater is ductable up to 50 ft. to help spread this powerful heat around your job site. This portable heater is also equipped with a cast iron and stainless steel burner that will work in extreme weather. The Millennium direct fired heater also comes equipped with an automatic thermostat. This will help you get the most fuel efficient heat possible for your construction site.


S1505 Direct Fired Heater
(1,500,000 BTU/hr)

The S1505 Portable Direct Fired Heater is an efficient way to heat large construction sites or projects in the Omaha area. The S1505 is specifically designed to use a lower amp draw, which will allow you to only use a 15 amp circuit to run your heater rental. This heater controls will also allow you to start the heater with as few as 95 volts and can continue to run if voltage drops below 83 volts. If the Omaha weather happens to drop below -40F, you can be sure you’re heater rental will continue to operate.



s1505 direct fired heater

3050 Direct Fired Heater
(4,000,000 BTU/hr)

The 3050 Portable Direct Fired Heater, is the largest direct fired heater that you can rent at On Site Companies of Omaha, NE. This temporary construction heater has many safeguards that make sure nothing goes wrong during your construction project. Let’s say the combustion air is interrupted. The S3050 direct fired heater will automatically shut down heat production. This heater will also shut itself down if it’s being over fired. With built in thermostat, you can also have fuel efficient construction heating.


Having Some Trouble?

Having trouble with your direct fired heater? Check out some of our tutorial videos that can help you troubleshoot with some common and easy to solve issues you may have come across.