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Electric Heater used in entryway of building

Electric Space Heaters for Rent in Omaha, Nebraska

Space Heater Rentals | No Noxious Fumes

Electric space heaters are a perfect solution for temporary heating needs. Electric heaters can provide clean, dry heat without any noxious fumes. There are several different types of electric space heaters for rent from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska. These portable heaters have many applications and several advantages, but here are just a few.

Benefits of Electric Space Heaters

No Fumes Icon

No Noxious Fumes

The main benefit of electric space heaters is that they don’t produce any fumes. This makes these portable heaters great for use in storefronts, computer rooms, medical settings and other places where people may be living or working. All electric space heaters available from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska can work in these instances.

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Non Combustible

Electric space heaters don’t have a combustion heat source, which allows them to run in places our fuel burning heaters simply can’t go. If you’re trying to heat a food processing plant, grain plant, or a laboratory, you can’t have a combustion heater. This means electric space heaters will be your best option for temporary heat in Omaha, Nebraska.

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No Added Humidity

All of the electric space heaters available from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska don’t add any humidity to your workplace or jobsite. This makes these space heaters perfect if you have to keep your space clean and dry. Since electric space heaters don’t use a fuel source, you won’t introduce extra moisture into your space.

Typical Electric Heater Applications

Corporate Icon

Functioning Work Spaces

Electric heater rentals are a perfect solution for retail and work spaces that will continue to operate. Since these heaters don’t produce noxious fumes, they can operate without venting.

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Grain and Processing Plants

Since electric heater rentals don’t have a spark ignition or flame, they are a great solution for processing plants. Places like grain plants have particulates in the air that can easily ignite causing the risk for fire. Since electric heaters don’t spark, fires won’t be a problem.

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Hospitals and Clean Rooms

Fuel based heaters won’t provide the clean and dry heat that hospitals and clean rooms require. Electric heaters rentals provide the temporary heat you need, without introducing particulates into your space.

p1500 Electric Heater

P1500 Electric Heater (5,100 BTU/hr)

The P1500 electric space heater from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska is the smallest electric heater we offer for rent. This compact electric heater can plug into any standard 120v outlet. The P1500 can provide you with clean dry heat anywhere you have an electrical outlet. Great for occupied space and operating businesses.

p1800 Electric Heater side view

P1800 Electric Heater (65,000 BTU/hr)

At On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska we have the P1800 electric space heater available for rent. This temporary space heater rental is a non-combustion heater. The P1800 doesn’t produce any harmful fumes, so you can use it where people are living and working.

p4000 Electric Heater

P4000 Electric Heater (136,000 BTU/hr)

The P4000 electric space heater can be rented from our Omaha, Nebraska branch. This isn’t your usual space heater. The P4000 packs quite a punch with 136,000 BTU/hr. With non-combustible heat you can get the warmth you need, without worrying about venting fumes out.

p1800 Electric Heater

P6000 Electric Heater (204,000 BTU/hr)

The P6000 is the largest electric space heater we have for rent from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska. This space heater can be ducted to bring heat to the part of the building you need it in. With 204,000 BTU/hr of heat output, you won’t have to be left out in the cold.