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Ground Thaw and Concrete Curing Rentals in Omaha, Nebraska

Hydronic Ground Heaters | Ground Thawing | Concrete Curing

The weather in Omaha, Nebraska can be unpredictable. With cold snaps, it’s difficult to plan your construction projects in the winter. Good thing you can rent ground thaw heaters from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska. These hydronic ground heaters can be used to thaw out frozen ground, or cure concrete more quickly. Ground thaw heaters can help your construction site keep working throughout the winter, so you won’t have to stall your project if the temperatures drop. There are a lot of applications and benefits to using ground thaw heaters, but here are just a few.

Applications of Hydronic Ground Heaters

Direct Fired Heater Efficient

Thawing Frozen Ground

Ground heater rentals from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska can easily thaw frozen ground in the cold Omaha winters. These heaters, when paired with insulated ground thaw blankets; can thaw up to 10,000 sq. ft. per hour. This keeps your construction or road project going through the year.

Direct Fired Heater Powerful

Curing Concrete

When the weather gets colder, curing concrete can become a timely process. With the concrete curing capabilities of our ground heaters, this problem is solved. Ground heaters provide an even cure to your concrete without having to build an enclosure. With concrete curing blankets, you disperse the heat directly to the concrete, instead of heating just the air.

Pipe Thawing

Pipe Thawing

No one wants frozen pipes in the winter. Allowing pipes to freeze can cause irreparable damage and cost a lot of money to replace. Ground thaw heaters can be used to keep pipes from freezing in the cold Omaha, Nebraska winters. They can be used in emergency situations, or as a preventative measure.

Benefits of Hydronic Ground Heaters

Direct Fired Heater Efficient


Hydronic ground heaters can more quickly and efficiently cure concrete and thaw frozen ground. When coupled with ground thaw blankets, the heat produced is insulated and directed only towards the area that needs it. This makes ground heaters more efficient than heating enclosure methods.

Ground Heater Mobile


All of the ground heaters available for rent from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska are mobile. These heaters are mounted on wheeled trailers. They come standard with a trailer hitch, which makes them easy to move around your site. If you have a road project, you can easily pack them up and move them down the road.

Direct Fired Heater Low Maintenance Cost

Lower Maintenance

Ground heaters provide a simple solution to cure concrete and thaw frozen ground. Coupled with insulated ground thaw blankets, they don’t require an enclosure. You and your team can easily lay the blankets and hoses and let the ground heater do the work for you.

Uniform Curing

Uniform Curing

Hydronic ground heater rentals can provide you with even curing for concrete. When ground heaters are paired with concrete curing blankets, they provide an even cure even in the cold Omaha winters. The concrete curing blankets disperse the heat evenly over the surface. so these heater rentals don’t just heat the air, and give you an event cure.

Ground Thaw Heater Rentals Available in Omaha, Nebraska

Thaw Box ground heater

Thaw Box

The thaw box ground heater is a great solution for smaller ground thawing jobs in Omaha, Nebraska. This square box heater is placed directly on top of the ground or space that you want to thaw. This makes the thaw box a good solution for egress windows, digging tranches and other small jobs.

E1100 Ground Thawing equipment

E1100 Hydronic Ground Heating (122,080 BTU/hr)

The E1100 hydronic ground heater from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska is the smallest ground heater that can be used with concrete curing blankets. When used with insulated ground thawing blankets, the E1100 can evenly disperse heat to any area.

E1250 Ground Heater Side Angle View

E1250 Hydronic Ground Heating (142,560 BTU/hr)

The E1250 hydronic ground heater from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska can give you the ground thawing power you need. With 1,250 feet of hose, the E1250 can thaw up to 2,200 sq. ft. of ground per hour. This ground heater is easily moved and packs the power your construction site needs.

E2200 Hydronic Ground Thaw equipment

E2200 Hydronic Ground Heater (252,000 BTH/hr)

The E2200 hydronic ground heater is the perfect solution for your medium sized job. With 2,200 of hose, you can thaw up to 3,300 sq. ft. per hour. You can couple with concrete curing blankets to efficiently disperse the produced heat over large areas. No need to build an enclosure to cure concrete or thaw ground.

e3000 Ground Heater Side View

E3000 Hydronic Ground Heater (385,000 BTU/hr)

The E3000 hydronic ground heater is a versatile and efficient ground heater rental. These ground heater rentals are perfect for the Omaha, Nebraska winters. The E3000 can thaw up to 4,500 sq. ft. per hour. With onboard generators available, you can get efficient heat and power for your construction site. The E3000 is seamless solution for large ground thaw and concrete curing jobs.

e5000 Hydronic Ground Heater System

E5000 (860,000 BTU/hr)

The most versatile hydronic surface heater, the E5000 thaws, cures, prevents frost, heats and dries all without the use of additional pump packs. The unique pump system provides maximum flow rate regardless of the application. The E5000 thaws or cures up to 10,000 sq. ft. With accessories, this machine will cure up to 10,000 sq. ft. per hour and has a run time of up to 71 hours.

Concrete Curing Blankets

Ground Blankets

Ground thaw and concrete curing blankets are used to insulate and evenly disperse the heat created by ground heaters. On Site Companies of Omaha Nebraska can provide you with ground thawing blankets to be used with any ground heaters you rent. These blankets are set on top of the ground heater hoses to give you efficient heating where you need it.