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Indirect Fired Heaters on Construction Sites

Indirect Fired Heater Rentals in Omaha, Nebraska

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Indirect fired heater rentals are enclosed flame heaters that can meet many of your temporary heating needs. On Site Companies is pleased to offer the following temporary heater rentals for the Omaha, Nebraska area. These temporary construction heaters are perfect for sealed or enclosed areas that may not be well ventilated. Indirect fired heater rentals also work well in situations where people are currently living or working in a space and temporary heat is required. Indirect fired heaters also produce clean and dry heat, without adding any additional moisture to the area. There are many benefits to indirect fired heater rentals, and we’ve put together just a few of them.

Benefits of Indirect Fired Heaters

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100% Clean, Dry Air

Indirect fired heaters, by design, don’t add extra moisture to your construction site. These heaters are engineered with an enclosed flame that heats the air, without ever coming in contact with the flame. This means the heated air won’t absorb any moisture from the fuel source, and gives your 100% clean and dry air on your job site.

Direct Fired Heater Powerful

Dual Fuel Capability

Most of the indirect fired heater rentals from On Site of Omaha, NE have dual fuel capabilities. Fuel flexibility will help indirect fired heaters change when your job site requirements do. You can switch from propane to natural gas without a lot of effort, and get your construction site heated the way you want.

Indirect Fired Heater Placement

Flexible Placement Options

Indirect fired heaters can be set in a few different ways, giving you some flexibility on your site. There are two main ways that your indirect fired heaters can be placed. They can be placed outside of your enclosed area and you the warmed air can be ducted inside the enclosure.

Reheating Air

Reheating Ability

Unlike other construction heater rentals, indirect fired heaters produce air that can be 100% re-circulated. Because indirect fired don’t introduce any combustion by-products into the air, you can be heating and re-circulating the same air, improving efficiency. This makes indirect fired heaters perfect for sealed areas, and occupied living spaces. These heaters are perfect for temporary heating needs in the Omaha winters.

Direct Fired Heater Safe for Everyone

Safe for Living and Work Spaces

Because of the design of indirect fired heaters, they are perfect to use in situations where people will be living and working in the space that is being heated. Indirect fired heaters warm the air without having the air come in contact with the flame and all noxious fumes are vented away from the site. This means no carbon dioxide will be released in the space you are trying to heat.

Direct Fired Heater Built in Thermostat

Built in Thermostat

All indirect fired heater rentals in Omaha come standard with a built in thermostat. By using thermostats with your construction heater rentals, you can keep your job site at the exact temperature that you require maintaining your project. You can also save on fuel by making your indirect fired heater rental more efficient.

Indirect Fired Heater Rentals Available in Omaha, Nebraska

vg-175 Indirect Fired Heater

VG175 (175,000 BTU/hr)

The VG175 indirect fired heater from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska is a great temporary heating solution for your small construction site. This small enclosed flame heater can use either propane or natural gas to give you versatility. This indirect fired heater will also allow you to duct heat up to 25 feet. Great for small home building construction sites and spaces that are currently occupied.

hfv 410 indirect fired heater

HVF 410 (300,000 BTU/hr)

The HVF 410 indirect fired heater from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska is a diesel powered temporary heater for rent. This dual output heater gives you the flexibility to choose how much heat you would like to output. This indirect fired heater is also ductable up to 60 feet so you won’t have to constantly move it around your job site. This temporary heater rental is also capable of heat recirculation, which can give you added efficiency and cost savings.

vg400 Indirect Fired Heater

VG400 (400,000 BTU/hr)

The VG400 indirect fired heater is available for rent from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska. This enclosed flame heating solution can be great for your construction site or anywhere you need temporary heating rentals. This dual fuel indirect fired heater can give you flexibility throughout the life of your construction site. This temporary heater rental can also be ducted to provide heat wherever you need it.

VG500 Indirect Fired Heater

VG500 (500,000 BTU/hr)

The VG500 indirect fired heater can be rented from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska. This portable enclosed flame heater works best for larger job sites that require indirect fired heat. This dual fuel heater can change fuel source easily for any situation. Works great for large spaces that may be occupied during renovations or during temporary heating failures.

vg1000 Indirect Fired Heater

VG1000 (1,000,000 BTU/hr)

The VG1000 indirect fired heater is a temporary heater rental available from On Site Companies of Omaha, Nebraska. This is our largest temporary indirect fired heater rental and can give you powerful temporary heat where you need it. This dual fuel heater let’s you decide which fuel type you would like to use. The VG1000 will also give you the largest heat output for large renovation sites, construction sites, or large buildings with a temporary loss of heat.