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Portable Restrooms and luxury restroom trailers on site at construction sites and events

Porta Potties and Luxury Restroom Trailers

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On Site’s Porta Potties and Bathroom Trailer Offerings

On Site Companies can offer you a wide range of portable toilet and sanitation solutions to serve your needs.

Our Standard Construction Porta Potties are durable and designed to stand up to the weather that comes with year round construction. All of On Site’s units are delivered right to your site, and are cleaned as often as you require. Our team of sales representatives can help assess how many toilets your job site requires, as well as how often you should have the them serviced.

The Special Event Portable Restrooms that are offered by On Site Companies can brighten up your event. Unlike our Construction units these special event portable restrooms have a bright color and are durable for any time of the year. All are meticulously cleaned after every event, and are delivered to you sanitized and stocked. We have a range of sizes such as our standard portable restroom unit, our enhanced access restrooms, as well as our baby changing station. You can provide your guests with the best sanitation experience around.

Our Luxury Restroom Trailer Line will provide you and your guests with a more traditional restroom experience. With flush toilets, running water sinks and heating and air conditioning, these trailers are perfect for your next special event.

Porta Potty on a construction site


Our Construction Portable Sanitation offerings include standard portable restrooms, hand washing stations, fresh flush mobile offices and luxury restroom trailers. We can set you up with any sanitation needs you may have on  your construction site.

5k Special Event

Special Events

On Site’s Special Events offerings include portable restrooms, hand washing stations, hand sanitizer stations and instant party packages. Whatever you need for your special events, On Site can provide you with the proper sanitation equipment.

Prestige Luxury Restroom Trailer

Luxury Restroom Trailers

Our luxury restroom trailers range from two unit portable restrooms, to large multi-stall restrooms. Most trailers are equipped with running water sinks, flushing toilets and heating and air conditioning.

Ultra Lav II Shower Trailer on site at event

Shower Trailers

On Site’s shower trailers can provide hot water showers anywhere you can provide electricity and running water. These trailers can either be small two stall trailers, or large eight stall shower trailers. All trailers have both heating and air conditioning.