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Fresh Flush Mobile Office
Restroom System

The Fresh Flush Mobile Office, provided by On Site Companies, is perfect for construction sites and applications that require a more formal office setting. This system is meant to hook up to the restroom facilities that are already installed into your job site trailer. The Fresh Flush system hooks your job trailer’s bathroom up to fresh and grey water holding tanks to provide standard restroom facilities to your workers and guests to your job site. You can pair the Fresh Flush Restroom System to a SaniSink hot water hand washing sink for hot water hand washing on site.
*Fresh Flush Unit only available in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Rochester and Mankato, Minnesota and St. Louis, MIissouri areas


  • Two 250-gallon tanks
  • One pressure pump 110V
  • Plumbing connections & fittings
  • Soap & towel dispensers
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Insulated tanks
  • Water/waste lines insulated & heat tape