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Direct Fired Enclosed Flame Heater

Direct Fired Enclosed Flame Heater

Construction | Tent Heating | Wedding Climate Control

Premier 170 (170,000 BTU/Hr)

The Premier 170 Direct Fired Enclosed Flame Heater is a dual fuel heating solution that works great for both construction settings and special events. You can easily switch between natural gas and propane depending on supply. This heater can also be ducted for easy transmission of heat from one area to another, and easily heats tents and other spaces.

Premier 350 (350,000 BTU/Hr)

The Premier 350 Direct Fired Enclosed Flame heater is a dual fuel heater which is a ductable heating solution for both construction sites and special events. It can heat buildings, tents and other structures with clean and efficient heat. Easily switch between propane and natural gas when supply varies.



1,200 DF (1,200,000 BTU/Hr)

The 1,200 DF Direct Fired Enclosed Flame Heater is our largest enclosed flame heater. With large amounts of provided heat, you can easily disperse heat around your site or special event.


Having Some Trouble?

Having trouble with your direct fired enclosed flame heater? Check out some of our tutorial videos that can help you troubleshoot with some common and easy to solve issues you may have come across.