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1801 Direct Fired Heater

The 1801 Portable Direct Fired Heater, available for rent from On Site Companies, is a great small size direct fired heater. This heater runs on both propane and natural gas, which will give you the fueling capability that may make your job easier. It has an easy shut off function if the voltage of the machine gets too low, and you can easily monitor your voltage to prevent problems.


  • Tested to ANSI standard Z83.7 (1990)
  • Safe fuel shutdown if combustion air is interrupted
  • Low housing temperature
  • Simple lever change from propane to natural gas
  • Safe monitoring of combustion, two trial electronic ignition with 15 second pre-purge time delay and 7.5 second shutdown
  • Protects heater by shutting down if unit is being overfired
  • Helps in diagnosing specific gas flow problems
  • Protects heater by shutting down if voltage is too low
  • Automatically cycles the heater on/off with a 5 second fan shutdown delay
  • Easy monitoring of supply voltage to ensure trouble free operation
  • Indoor/ outdoor usage

The 1801 Direct Fired Heater Available in:

  • Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Rochester, Minnesota
  • Mankato, Minnesota
  • St. Louis, Missouri
Description Specification
Input 750,000 BTU/Hr
Fuel Vapor Propane/Natural Gas
Gas Consumption 8.3 GPH Propane/750 CFH NG
Gas Connection 3/4” FNPT
Electrical 120 Volts 15 amp circuit
Fan 4,200 CFM 1.0 HP 1/2″ SP
Thermostat On/ Off
Temp Rise 275°F
Weight 200 lbs.
Gas Supply Inlet Pressure
Max W.C. Min W.C.
Propane 2 10″
Natural Gas 2 10″