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Pure Heat drawing of how system works

Heat Exchangers

hx100 heat exchanger

HX100 (100,000 BTU/hr)

The HX100 Heat Exchanger is the smaller of the two sizes of our liquid-to-air heat exchanger line. This heater can work with our PureHeat  Hydronic Air Heater system. With this system you can provide clean heat that is free of moisture to any work space or job site. There is no exposed flame, which allows a safe heat source that can be spread throughout your work space.

HX200 Heat Exchanger

HX200 (200,000 BTU/hr)

The HX200 Heat Exchanger line is the larger of the two heat exchangers that we offer. This can be used in conjunction with our PureHeat Hydronic Heat System. The HX200 heaters can be spread around your job site or workspace to provide clean liquid-to-air heat all around your building.