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HX100 Heat Exchanger

The HX100 Heat Exchanger is a powerful liquid-to-air heater that can bring clean and dry heat to your work site or working area. Meant to be paired with our PureHeat Hydronic Heating System, you simply place these heat exchangers around your area to provide heat throughout a large space. Please speak to one of our sales representatives to see if the HX100 Heat Exchanger is right for your area.


  • Clean Heat
  • Can disperse throughout area
  • Can hook up to stationary boiler

The HX100 Heat Exchanger Available in:

  • Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Rochester, Minnesota
  • Mankato, Minnesota
  • St. Louis, Missouri
hx100 heat exchanger
Description Specification
BTU/Hr 100,000
Air Volume 1,315 CFM
Outlet Velocity 610
Electrical Requirements 120V, 60HX, 2.8 Amps, 1/4 HP, 1,635 RPM
Weight 118 lbs.
Dimensions 21″L x 36″H x 18″W

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