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Centrifugal Fan

The Centrifugal Fan from On Site is a standard carpet blower which can be rented for use in construction, restoration and flooding instances. With low amp draw, balanced air flow characteristics and maximum velocities of 2,700 FPM, this fan is efficient and useful.

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Axial Air Mover

The Axial Air Mover fan helps with evaporative drying by producing 3,000 CFM of airflow while using less than 2.5 Amps of electricity.  You can focus this fan in hard to dry areas such as carpet and pad, sub-floor and walls. They are also easy to move from one place to another.

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42″ Fan

This large volume air mover is an easy to move circular fan. This fan is used, for the most part, for moving air in large commercial buildings and for special events. Our experienced sales people can help you determine of this fan is right for your needs.

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30″ Prop Fan

The 30″ Prop Fan is a high performing air mover, so it is perfect for large air spaces such as areas with high ceilings as well as parking ramps. If you have any questions about this air mover, please contact one of our experienced sales representatives.

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