Cardboard Trash and Recycling Box

The Cardboard Trash and Recycling Box are a cost effective way for hosts to provide adequate trash and recycling receptacles at your special event. They are easily transportable and can have covers purchased to designate whether they should be used for trash or recycling.

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VG175 Indirect Fired Heater

The VG175 Indirect Fired Heater from On Site Companies is the perfect solution to provide clean enclosed flame heat to your job site. This dual fuel heater uses both propane and natural gas, and is approved for indoor and outdoor use and is ductable up to 25 feet. The design, functionality and fuel usage of this heater makes it perfect for residential construction. Call one of our heating sales representatives for more information about how the VG175 can improve your job site.

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I have a special event with an estimated attendees, for hours.
  • Will there be more women than men?
  • Will there be alcohol served?