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Ultra Lav II Shower Trailer on site at event

Ultra Lav II Shower Trailer

Shower Like Home Anywhere

On Site Companies Ultra Lav II Shower Trailer is perfect for special events or home renovations where functioning showers may not be available. This shower trailer includes a working toilet, sink and shower in each of the two stalls. Call one of our locations to learn how the Ultra Lav II can improve your special event or home renovation. Common uses include: Building Construction, Family Reunions, Special Events and Disaster Relief.

Every Ultra Lav II Includes:

  • Dual Station Restroom Facility
  • Push Valve (30 second cycles)
  • Hot Running Water (preset 120 degrees)
  • LED Porch Light & Occupancy Indicator Light
  • Ceramic China Pedal Flush Toilet
  • Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Unit
  • 320 Gallon Fresh Water Holding Tank
Description Specification
Height 10 feet (with air conditioning unit)
Width 6 feet
Length 16 feet
Shower Uses Accommodates approximately 54 – 5 minute showers alone
Restroom Uses Accommodates approximately 900 restroom uses alone.
Ultra Lav II Shower Trailer Layout