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Misting Fans

In the summer it may be hard to keep cool outdoors. In the warmer months, outdoor portable misting fans can be the perfect solution. These outdoor electric fans are equipped with water holding containers that dispense water into the fan, and will blow out a light mist that can keep a localized area cool. With the combination of air movement and mist, you will enjoy dual forms of cooling. Each water nozzle located on the fan has its own independent shut off valve allowing you to change the direction and amount of mist that the fan outputs.  The water tank holds up to 15 gallons of water and has up to 8-10 hours of use without having to re-fill.
*Misting fan Unit only available in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Rochester and Mankato, Minnesota and St. Louis, Missouri areas


  • Used in non-enclosed areas
  • Low energy use
  • Can be easily moved
  • Great for summer events
  • Inexpensive cooling
Misting Fan