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Trash or Recycling Receptacle

When your special event requires additional tools for waste management, On Site has the equipment to assist you. Our trash and recycling receptacle boxes can be placed anywhere and are easily moved wherever they are most needed. These coated cardboard boxes are collapsible for easy transport, and should be lined with large trash bags. Separate covers (with bottle & can shaped holes) can be placed on top to inform people of separate trash and recycling bins.

The convenience and versatility our trash receptacles make them perfect for events small and large. Among the types of events our trash receptacles have been used at include:

Construction Sites

Having a clean site is an essential component to any successful construction project. Your workers expect to work in a clean environment, and your client doesn’t want to be finding trash after you’ve finished the project and moved along.

Our portable trash cans are great for construction sites. Our trash receptacles can either be stationed in high-traffic areas or conveniently moved around the site as your work demands.

In addition to providing suitable trash bins to your construction workers, you might want to consider a portable air conditioner or portable heater to keep your employees cool/warm on the job.


Hosting a wedding is a beautiful, rewarding experience. Planning a wedding on the other hand is a busy, stress-inducing experience. Between booking caterers, bartenders, DJs, photographers, florists and renting tables, chairs, lights, napkins, dresses and tuxedos… One thing you might forget to do is rent garbage cans. If you’ve ever been to a wedding that forgot to rent garbage cans, you know how much of an eyesore an overflowing bag of garbage can be at a wedding. Or how inconvenient it is to hold onto your empty beer bottle all night because you can’t find a recycling bin.

By renting garbage cans from On Site, you can confidently cross “trash” off your list of things to do. Our easy-to-move bins can be strategically moved as needed. Surround your dinner tables with a few bins so your guests can easily locate and dispose of their garbage when they’ve finished eating. And for you bar area, we have recycling bins with pre-cut holes to accommodate and separate bottles and cans.

Hosting an outdoor wedding? Check out our portable restroom options to ensure your guests enjoy the wedding comfortably, instead of waiting in a long line for the only available toilet.


Whether the concert is indoor or outdoor, there’s nothing like jamming out to some great live music. If you’re planning or coordinating a concert you’ll most likely need to provide your music-loving visitors with some food and beverage options. And that means trash is going to pile up.

Whether you’re expecting 15 people or a 1,500, concerts generate trash. You’ll want to have clearly designated trash locations established throughout your site to ensure your guests know where to dispose of their garbage. If not, you’re inviting the great possibility that the concert goers will simply drop their garbage on the ground, causing you hours painstaking cleanup after the show.

If you’re expecting a large gathering for your concert, you might want to consider setting up some hand sanitizer stations by your garbage cans. These stations will make your guests comfortable and prevent germs from spreading throughout the event.

Sporting Events

Sports and food go hand-in-hand. What’s a baseball game without eating a hot dog? What’s a football game without eating a plate of overpriced nachos?  Whether you’re organizing a sparsely-attended recreational league softball game or a large tournament with thousands of fans, you’ll need plenty of garbage bins.

On Site can supply your sporting event with plenty of garbage and recycling bins to ensure the event runs smoothly. If your event is being held in a public park or field, you’ll be thankful for our bins when your event ends and the park and field is trash-free.

Is your sporting event taking place during the summer? The summer heat brings with it the potential for dehydration. By setting up some misting fans on the sidelines or dugouts, you will keep the players cool while they compete.

Does your construction site, wedding, concert, sporting event or special event require more than waste management services? Check out our instant party packages that allow you to bundle  and save on portable restrooms, washing stations, showers, trash bins, and more.

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