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Spot Cooler Air Conditioner

Spot Cooler (13,200 BTU/h)

If you’re looking for a small temporary air conditioner, then the spot cooler may be the right choice for your. This air conditioner is compact and can be plugged into any standard outlet. Perfect for small spaces or temporary loss of air conditioning in an office or work environment. Available in the St. Louis, MO area.

mob-40 portable air conditioner

MOB-42 Portable Air Conditioner (42,000 BTU/h)

The MOB-42 is a temporary air conditioner that fits most small spaces. This smaller air conditioner is set on wheels to make it easy to move around to several different areas. If you are looking to condition an area or tent, consider the Mob-42. Available in the St. Lois, MO area.

mob-60 portable air conditioner

MOB-60 Portable Air Conditioner (60,000 BTU/h)

For a medium sized space, you will need a medium sized temporary air conditioner and the Mob-60 could be the right solution. The Mob-60 is the perfect sized air conditioner for large tents and medium sized construction spaces, and it is available in the St. Louis, MO area.

mob-100 portable air conditioner

MOB-100 Portable Air Conditioner (126,000 BTU/h)

The MOB-100 temporary air conditioner is the perfect solution for large cooling and dehumidification jobs around the St. Louis, MO area. This large air conditioner is placed outside your job site and allows for the cool air to be ducted into any part of your job site.

mob-250 portable air conditioner

MOB-250 Portable Air Conditioner (290,000 BTU/h)

The MOB-250 portable air conditioner is the largest portable air conditioner that we rent in the St. Louis area. This large air conditioner is perfect for the largest jobs you have. It can have multiple ducts to provide cooling to several different levels of a building.