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5 Things You’ll Need For Your Western Style Wedding

When it comes to wedding themes, every couple has a unique style, taste, and vision for the perfect wedding. Still, trends in wedding design do tend to emerge, and a rustic, western style wedding is creeping up on the list of most popular wedding themes. There’s good reason for this new trend: a western wedding is charming, relatively easy to coordinate, and the end result feels effortless and intimate. As an added bonus, you can create most of the decorations yourself to make them feel more vintage, thus saving money for some of the more expensive items!

5 Things You’ll Need For Your Western Style Wedding

When you picture “western,” you’re likely thinking of the outdoors or a large barn that could act as the wedding venue. But when planning an outdoor wedding, there are several things you’ll want to take into account to ensure that the reality will match your vision as closely as possible: authentic barns are unlikely to come equipped with working toilets and sinks, for one. They also won’t have a kitchen in which to prepare and store your food. Keeping these potential issues in mind, here are some items and accessories you’ll likely need for your western style wedding to succeed.

Charming Venue

One of the most obvious things to consider when planning this style of wedding is the kind of venue that you and your future spouse want. Typically, many couples envision a large, vintage-style barn as the perfect venue. Keeping it simple is the key for a country wedding, so look into some easily-available options through friends and family. Maybe you have a connection or even a family member who would be willing to let you use their barn as your wedding venue.

Another option is to forgo the barn and have your wedding outdoors. This can be an especially attractive choice for weddings held during the warmer months and, depending on the area, will offer a beautiful background for the ceremony and reception. Your photographer will have plenty to work with here.

Vintage Decorations

When it comes to the decorations for a western wedding, you’ll likely want them to be rustic or vintage inspired to fit the theme. Consider choosing a base color to stick to that has earthy tones to evoke the right feel, then add a lavender or light pink to brighten it up. Choose items that fit your color scheme to create an overall cohesive style.

Luxury Restroom Trailer

Whether you’re having your wedding outdoors or in a barn, there’s a good chance neither place will come with a restroom attached. In that case, you’ll have to provide a place for your guests to freshen up or use the bathroom. A plain porta potty just won’t cut it for a beautiful wedding like this, so keep your guests comfortable, clean, and still fully entranced by the theme with the use of a luxury restroom trailer.

When you’re at a wedding, the last thing you want to do is use a porta potty in your formal attire, which makes luxury restroom trailers the clear front-runner. Luxury restroom trailers offer a more traditional bathroom setting with running water and flushing toilets. Some even come with heating and cooling, stereo systems, and porcelain sinks, allowing you to offer the same experience your guests would have in a standard restroom.

Delicious Catering

A western wedding calls for a beautifully cooked southern-style meal, or maybe some savory barbeque. Finding a caterer that will be able to stick to your theme by creating a meal that screams western is essential. While your menu is ultimately your choice, make sure to keep the needs of your guests in mind. If you are having a barbeque-style meal, don’t leave out any vegetarians or those who may have food allergies. Having something for everyone will make all the guests feel included and welcome.

Western Attire

Last but not least, you absolutely can’t forget about your western attire. Clearly, a bride’s wedding dress is up to her, but when it comes to the details and accessories of a western-themed wedding, boots are the way to go. Consider unique ways to stick to the theme, such as having the bridal party wear the same style of boots and the bride and groom each wear a unique pair.

As far as dressing the wedding party goes, you can either be simple or really embrace your western roots by incorporating plaid into the accessories or putting cowboy hats on the groomsmen. Consider having the bridesmaids wear different styles of color-coordinated dresses to get a more vintage feel.

Have All Your Sanitation Needs Covered with On Site

Planning a wedding–particularly a themed wedding–is hard work, and there are endless details to consider. This includes having proper sanitation and restroom needs covered for you and your guests. On Site can help you determine what kind of portable restroom will be right for your needs. Contact us today for a quote and to learn more about how we can make sure that this aspect of your wedding runs smoothly on your big day.

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