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Air Filtration

HEPA Filters | Air Scrubbing

PH 500 HEPA Air Filter

The PH 500 HEPA Unit is the smallest portable HEPA air filter offered by On Site for rent. This energy-efficient and durable air filter is designed to be easily moved from one space to another, all the while providing powerful air filtration. It can be set up as either an air scrubber or a negative air machine while delivering 500 CFM of filtered airflow.


PH 1400 HEPA Filter

The PH 1400 HEPA Filter is designed exclusively for the restoration industry. It can perform several critical air quality remediation functions simultaneously. This HEPA filter can remove virtually all airborne particles and can also remove odors and chemicals.


Aerospace Air Filter

The Aerospace Air Filter is designed to meet or exceed standards for high efficiency indoor air equipment. It features excellent air capacity at 1950 CFM on high speed. This air filter can easily remove harmful particles and chemicals from your job site.