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St. Louis, MO Climate and Sanitation Solutions

Portable restrooms at the St. Louis branch

What’s better than finding a quality provider for climate control rentals? Finding a quality provider for climate control AND sanitation rentals! For over 30 years, On Site Companies has been a market leader in both portable sanitation and temporary climate control solutions. With a branch located in St. Louis Missouri, making it the only temporary HVAC and sanitation rental company in St. Louis. On Site Companies is your one stop shop for climate and sanitation for your outdoor events, come snow or rain.

On Site Companies offers a full range of products at the St. Louis, MO location. On Site offers products in both heating and cooling. Whether you have a special event or a job site in need, On Site is your one stop shop for climate and sanitation in the St. Louis area.

On Site offers sanitation rentals, HVAC rentals, and Sanisink sales for your outdoor needs. On Site helps save time and effort. With pick-up and delivery available for all our rentals On Site is your convenient solution for sanitation and climate needs. We offer complimentary products such as ground thaws and blankets.

On Site has knowledgeable representatives to help you figure out what the best solution is for you.

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The Perfect Portable Heater For Your Construction Project

The Perfect Portable Heater for your Construction Project with heater in the background

With winter looming right around the corner here in the Midwest, it’s never too soon to think about how you’re going to prepare your construction site. Snow and freezing temperatures sometimes make a job harder to do, as well as just plain uncomfortable for the employees. If you only use a heater a few times a year, purchasing one may not be the best option.

With all sorts of different heaters available like a convection, direct fire, or indirect fire you might not know which option will be best for your project or site. Heater rental can provide you with a quality heater and save you money, but what kind of heater will you really need? (more…)

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Wedding Shows in Minnesota: Are They Worth It?

Wedding Shows in Minnesota Blog Banner

Having a perfect wedding is something that people dream of for the longest time. However, not much thought is given to the energy and effort that it takes to plan a wedding. Once you get engaged, you’re on Cloud 9, and a second later, you start thinking about planning for the big day. Then, questions start to arise and it suddenly becomes overwhelming. With all the online resources nowadays, you still wonder if it’s worth it to attend wedding shows. Sure, you can find all sorts of helpful information online, but here are the top reasons why wedding shows in Minnesota are worth going to:

Where Do I Start? A One-Stop Shop At Wedding Shows in Minnesota

When it comes to wedding planning, deciding on your vendors is not an easy task. Nowadays there are hundreds of options to choose from. A lot of time is dedicated to research to make an informed decision. Then, several appointments and meetings have to be scheduled. Most of the time, it can be a bit overwhelming. One of the biggest perks of attending wedding shows in Minnesota is the amount of vendor exposure you get in a few hours. It only takes one stop to see so many options for your wedding, giving you convenience and saving you precious time. You get to see wedding vendors face-to-face and get a more personal experience. In the end, hiring a vendor you are comfortable with will only make your life easier. At wedding shows, you get to meet vendors for venues, music, dresses, catering, decoration, luxury restrooms, and more.

Have I Thought Of Everything?

The last thing a newlywed wants is to realize something has slipped through the cracks on the wedding day. You will always spend time trying to figure out if you have thought of everything. By going to a wedding show, you are reminded of all the options, making sure you’re making all the important decisions for your wedding day. It is also a great place to meet wedding planners, who’s one job is to make sure everything has been thought of on the big day. Depending on the wedding setting, there will be different vendors to consider hiring. Attending a wedding show will ensure a bride and groom are exposed to everything needed for weddings.

On Site Companies is at wedding shows to remind couples there are luxurious options for portable restrooms. This is something that a lot of couples don’t realize, and they get to see these trailers at these expos. Luxury Restroom Trailers accommodate guests at outdoor weddings of all sizes.

Real-Life Pinterest Inspo

The first thing that brides do after getting engaged is probably going straight to Pinterest and get their wedding inspiration board cooking. A bride can spend hours and hours looking at pins with wedding checklists, venue inspiration, decoration ideas, hair and makeup ideas, and so on. Seeing it all in pictures is nice, but it is even better to see it person. Luckily, wedding vendors bring samples of their products to wedding shows so couples can get a better idea of how something would look on their wedding day. A lot of communication with vendors nowadays is done online. Most of the time, pictures of the product are sent. Seeing the product in person is even better, and it makes it easier for couples to decide on vendors.

At On Site Companies, we go above and beyond for our customers. Even though our Luxury Restroom Trailers are significantly big, we always bring in one of our many trailers to the wedding shows, so customers can have the full experience before their big day. They get to go inside one of the trailers and see all the features that they have to offer. Curious to see how a Luxury Restroom Trailer looks on the inside? Take a look at our Luxury Restroom Trailer Spotlight Videos!

Start Now! Wedding Shows In Minnesota: On Site at Duluth Wedding Show

Prestige Luxury Restroom Trailer

If you’re reading this, then most likely your time has come to plan a wedding. You’re most likely trying to figure out if wedding shows are necessary. Ultimately, the answer is yes. Spending an afternoon at a wedding show will only make your life easier, and will help speed up the decision-making process. But when is the right time to start? The sooner the better. For instance, you can start by going to the Duluth Wedding Show on January 8th, 2022, where you will be able to get a feel of On Site Companies Luxury Restroom Trailers, live and in action! Stop by our booth and meet Heidi and Vicky, sales representatives at On Site. They will gladly give you a run through of our Prestige Luxury Restroom Trailer, one of our most popular trailers for weddings! Feel free to reach out at [email protected] for more information.

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Heater Rentals in Missouri – Why Choose On Site?

Heater Rentals in Missouri - Why Choose On Site Companies?

Making sure your construction project is properly equipped for those cold winter months with heater rentals in Missouri is crucial. Doing so can ensure productivity and prevent any delays in the project. Heater rentals are definitely popular and in high demand during the winter season. They are essential to prevent ground freezing and efficiently cure concrete. They also protect construction workers from weather related hazards when on the job. Choosing the right heating company can ensure your project’s success. So how do choose the right provider for heater rentals in Missouri? Here are 3 reasons why On Site Companies is the right choice for your temporary heating solutions:

Infrastructure Infrastructure – Providing Heat Wherever You Need It

On Site Companies Branches for Heater Rentals

For over 30 years, On Site Companies has been an industry leading temporary heating company. This family owned and certified women-owned business has a branch located in St. Louis, Missouri and four branches in Minnesota. We provide heater rentals for construction projects, special events, homeowners, and emergency response. On Site is constantly updating its fleet of trucks to ensure services go smoothly and quality of service is maintained.

We also have computerized routing. This type of routing helps keep track of all drivers during their routes and efficiently designate assignments across the five branches. Each On Site truck is equipped with an Apple iPad where drivers log in each stop. This keeps each completed service on record throughout the day. Constant and immediate communication between team members of Operations and Dispatch ensure that we ultimately satisfy all of our customers’ needs.

InventoryInventory – Heater Rentals in Missouri, And So Much More

F400T Direct Fired Heater - Heater Rentals in MissouriOn Site offers a variety of temporary heaters for jobs of any size. Depending on the project’s needs, we can provide different kinds of heaters such as direct fired, direct fired enclosed flame, and indirect fired heaters. We also offer ground thaw, electric, and convection heaters. Climate control accessories like thawing blankets are also available for rent along with ground heaters. We are also constantly upgrading our inventory to offer the best quality job site heaters. Check out our brand new F400T Direct Fired Heaters! (pictured left).

On Site is proud of having the most hardworking HVAC staff on board and we are also constantly looking for new members to join our team. We get the job done the right way with enough heating equipment, units, and staff to service sites of all sizes.


UrgencyUrgency – Rain Or Shine!

On Site heater rentalWhen it comes to the need of heater rentals for a project or event, it is usually an urgent matter. Not having a heater available when needed can result in delays in a project due to weather conditions. But fear not! No matter when you need your heater picked up, serviced, or dropped off On Site will find the best solution for your circumstance. Our staff is willing to best accommodate heater rental requests that are last minute, overnight, and on weekends. Our sense of urgency is to benefit the customer’s requests and needs, as well as be responsive to find the right heater equipment for the situation.

We also attentively work side by side with first responders when disaster strikes. On Site’s emergency HVAC response can provide temporary heating solutions for extreme weather conditions. Our heaters and heating accessories are available for any emergency to provide comfort to anyone affected by unexpected events.


3 Uniques That Make On Site Your Top Choice For Heater Rentals

At On Site Companies, we strive to provide the highest quality service of any heating company in the industry. Our infrastructure, inventory, and sense of urgency allow us to serve our clients expertly and individually for any occasion. We are committed to providing the most effective temporary heating solutions, whether it be for a construction project, event, home remodel, or emergency response. In need of heater rentals in Missouri and beyond? Get a free quote or contact us and an On Site representative will promptly assist.

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5 Facts About Portable Toilets

5 Facts About Portable Toilets Banner

Did you know that November 19, 2021 is World Toilet Day? The United Nations has marked this as an observance day to raise awareness on the current global sanitation crisis. This year, the campaign is about encouraging everyone to value toilets and all that they do for us. It is definitely eye opening to learn that 3.6 billion people in the world don’t have access to proper sanitation. When there is no access to standard stationary restrooms, one of the most common temporary solutions is to rent out portable toilets. They seem pretty straight forward, but how much do you really know about them? You’re about to find out! Here are 5 facts about portable toilets you might not be aware of:

1. There Is More Than One Kind Of Portable Toilet

On Site Companies Portable Toilets

When picturing a portable toilet, you might think there’s not much to it. A porta potty usually looks like, well, a porta potty. If you’re planning on renting out a portable toilet, you might be surprised to find out there are different kinds to choose from. The kind of portable toilet you rent out will usually depend on the type of setting as well as circumstance. Besides the standard portable restrooms that are traditionally used, here are a few other examples you might not know of:

  • Hook Unit Portable Restroom – This unit comes with a harness that allows it to be lifted by a crane. It’s usually rented out for construction projects that need the restroom to be moved to different levels and areas.
  • High Rise Portable Restroom – This portable restroom is a bit more narrow than your standard unit. It has a retractable ceiling. This allows it to fit through standard doorways and freight elevators. The High Rise is perfect for construction projects that need the restroom moved to multiple floors.
  • Mobile Portable Restroom – This looks like your standard portable restroom, but placed on small wheels. It allows the unit to have easy mobility to different locations. For example, you might find these in golf courses, since the units would have to be moved around.
  • ADA Portable Restroom – Compliant with ADA standards, this portable restroom is equipped with handrails and larger space for full wheelchair movement inside the unit.


2. Portable Toilets Save Water

On Site Companies Special Event Portable Restrooms

A fun fact about about portable toilets is that they save around 125 million gallons of freshwater every day. This is significantly impactful considering freshwater accounts for only 3% of Earth’s water. Doesn’t seem like much, does it? This shows how important it is to limit the amount of wasted freshwater in our daily lives. Flushing the toilet and having it run daily can waste up to 300 gallons of freshwater per day. On the other hand, the use of portable restrooms save 45 billion gallons of freshwater every year. That’s a lot of freshwater. Offering temporary sanitation solutions that contribute to the preservation of freshwater is something that we at On Site Companies take pride in!


3. The Blue Liquid In The Porta Potty Has A Purpose

Portable Toilet Blue Liquid

Most standard portable toilets are not flushable. What happens when several people use the restroom without being able to flush the toilet? The blue liquid you see in portable toilets has a purpose beyond just being a “blue liquid”. It is actually a deodorizer that helps control and mask bad odors associated with human waste. It also has a pleasant fragrance. The color is meant to hide the waste in the tank from previous users. The deodorizer that we use at On Site Companies is non-formaldehyde, making it more environmentally friendly than previously used deodorizers for portable toilets.


4. Portable Restroom – But Make It Fancy!

Luxury Restroom Trailers - On Site Companies Portable Restrooms

Traditional portable restrooms are more often the first choice for quick and easy sanitation solutions. However, depending on the event taking place, you might be looking for something a bit more “luxurious”. You might also be looking for a more similar option to traditional stationary restrooms. Luckily, the Luxury Restroom Trailer exists. It’s portable and perfect for special events, weddings, concerts, and even commercial business construction! Luxury Restroom Trailers come in a variety of sizes and features, including ADA compliant trailers with drop down hydraulics and a wheelchair ramp.

At On Site Companies, we offer Luxury Restroom Trailers for all types of event sizes. Most trailers include features like individually enclosed stalls, porcelain fixtures, heating and air conditioning, as well as running freshwater sinks and toilets. Some of these trailers also have aux input for custom background music. These Luxury Restroom Trailers are definitely set to take your event to the next level! Curious to see how these trailers look inside and out? Take a look at our Luxury Restroom Trailer Spotlight Videos!


5. Portable Toilets Are Actually More Sanitary Than You Think

On Site Hand Wash Station and Portable Toilet Servicing - Facts about portable toilets

Speaking of facts about portable toilets, here’s another fun one: they are actually more sanitary than you’d think. Given their size, they are easier and quicker to clean than standard stationary restrooms. There are also specific sanitary protocols followed when cleaning portable restrooms. At On Site Companies, our technicians are constantly servicing rented portable restrooms to ensure quality and cleanliness is maintained. As part of the waste disposal and cleaning process, we use a hospital-grade deodorizer to disinfect and kill bacteria, as well as any microorganisms that might be present in the toilet and surfaces within the unit. We always encourage renting out portable restrooms along with temporary sanitation accessories. These accessories include portable hand wash stations and portable hand sanitizer stations. Maximize sanitation by having these accessories available to restroom users.

Quality Portable Toilets By On Site

Facts about portable toilets should not go unnoticed. These temporary solutions are varied, sanitary, and environmentally friendly. At On Site Companies, we take pride in setting the highest industry standards. We can provide you with quality sanitary solutions for your events and projects. We offer a wide variety of portable restroom and luxury restroom trailer rentals. To go along with your portable restroom, we also offer temporary sanitation accessories. Call us or request a quote today and contact an On Site representative. Depending on your needs, we will provide you with the best temporary sanitation solutions!

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Fun At Work

Fun At Work Banner

Going to work everyday doesn’t have to be boring or monotonous. If you’re working in a company that cares for its employees, there will usually be fun team building and interactive activities. At On Site Companies, we do our best to keep our employees engaged and happy when they come to work. This is why we have the On Site “Fun Committee”. On Site’s Fun Committee was created with the purpose of boosting employee engagement and morale. Moreover, it works towards encouraging a stress-free, enjoyable, and inclusive environment in the workplace. The Committee is composed of employees from a variety of departments. These include Customer Service, Human Resources, Operations, and Marketing. Everyone in the Committee is free to bring in ideas of ways to make work fun and engaging. Here are the different ways On Site’s kept the fun at work in 2021:


Celebrating A “National Day’ – Bagelfest Day

Bagelfest Day at On Site Companies - Fun at Work

Celebrating a National Day is the perfect excuse to be engaging and festive at work, as well as bring a smile to employees. There is probably a National Day for almost every day of the year, so there are a lot of options to pick and choose! For instance, we celebrated Bagelfest Day and brought in some bagels for everyone at office. Earlier in the year, we also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with some shamrock shakes, Joe 4 Joe’s with some free coffee for all Joes, and Memorial Day with a cookout. There’s nothing better than coming to work and finding free treats. It’s a good start to your work day!


Celebrating Local Events – State Fair Kickoff

State Fair Kickoff - Fun at Work

Minnesota is pretty famous for its annual State Fair. Due to the variety of food and and fun activities, it’s a “must go” for every Minnesotan. To bring in some of that fun to the office, the Fun Committee prepared some flavored cotton candy and snow cones for On Site team members. Any employee with a sweet tooth sure enjoyed this one! As On Site drivers came back from a had working day, they were surprised with some refreshing snow cones and sweet cotton candy.


Taco Truckin’

Taco Truck at On Site - Fun at Work

Imagine having a normal day at the office and having a food truck show up outside! On Site brought in a Taco Food Truck with free tacos exclusively for On Site employees. The food truck offered a variety of tacos, as well as the option of chips and queso. Thinking outside the box when it comes to these types of activities only shows the effort and care a company has for its employees. Taco ’bout delicious!


Goodie Bags – Employee Appreciation Week!

Goodie Bags for On Site Employees - Fun at Work

We all know that going to work has its good days and it’s, well, not so good days. These last couple of years have been particularly challenging for a lot of businesses. As restrictions have been lifted and events have started to pick up this year, On Site Companies has had one of the busiest summers yet. When work gets hectic, it makes it difficult for team members to participate in social activities. A thoughtful way the Fun Committee showed care and appreciation for employees was by assembling “Goodie Bags” containing snacks and treats. On Site drivers were able to have snacks as they went along their busy work day, and the committee handed over goodie bags to every department in the office. The Committee also shipped Goodie Bags to team members at all of On Site’s branches.


Rise And Shine The Best Way! – Pupusas and Coffee

Pupusas and Coffee at On Site

On Site Companies takes pride in having a diverse team made up of some of the most hard working employees. Members of the Operations Team at On Site have a very early morning daily, and a long work day ahead. We want to make sure employees start their day in the best way possible. Nothing says, “have a nice day!” better than greeting employees in the morning with some Pupusas and fresh hot coffee! Pupusas are a traditional dish from El Salvador that consists of a griddle cake made out of cornmeal. They are usually filled with white cheese, beans, and pork (yum!). It’s safe to say this was definitely a crowd favorite!


Halloween Contest Spooktacular

Costume Contest at On Site

Encouraging employees to participate in Holiday celebrations is a classic way to encourage team building and fun at work. For instance, in an effort to bring in the Halloween spirit at On Site, the Fun Committee organized a Costume Contest as well as a Pumpkin Carving Contest. On the Friday before Halloween, team members joined in on the fun and dressed up in their costume of choice. This activity encouraged communication and collaboration among team members, as some of them did group costumes. Voting for the favorites also encouraged inclusivity for all team members. It was definitely a fun way to end the week at work!


Fun at Work: The On Site Way!

At On Site, we care about our employees’ work experience and well-being. Above all, we believe that acts of kindness and appreciation play a key role in keeping the team happy and comfortable in the workplace. On Site’s team is made up of the most hard working people, so making sure they feel valued and appreciated is our top priority. Interested in joining the On Site Companies team? Check out our careers page for a listing of current available positions, as well as team member spotlights!

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Portable Heater Mistakes To Avoid

Portable Heater Mistakes To Avoid

It’s getting colder out there! Making sure your gas portable heater is working properly must be a top priority. This can decrease the chances of unwanted heater mishaps. When renting out a portable heater, you want to ensure construction projects are completed successfully and without setbacks. Lack of knowledge when operating a portable heater might lead to unexpected malfunctions. Luckily, we’re here to help! Here are some portable heater mistakes to avoid:


Mistake #1: Restricting Ventilation Of The Portable Heater Duct

Portable Heater - HVF 410

A common mistake users make when setting up a portable heater is bending the heater duct. Bending the duct creates an obstacle for the warm air and restricts proper air flow. If the air is unable to flow freely throughout the duct, the heater will eventually shut off. The best thing to do is to make sure the duct is set up straight. Reducing the bends on the heater prevents overheating. As a result, your heater will be able to maximize its efficiency and prevent delays on your project.



Mistake #2: Not Troubleshooting Your Portable Heater Correctly​

Portable Heater - F-400T Direct Fired Heater Set-up

Most of the times a user comes across heater malfunctions, the fastest way to fix the issue is to turn to troubleshooting instructions. Luckily, the issue is most likely a quick “troubleshoot fix” away. However, instructions can sometimes be overlooked or misread.  Taking the time to carefully read through the instructions and following the indicated steps will most likely solve your heater malfunction. For instance, in a lot of the cases things like checking the power outlet, gas tank, or leaks could indicate the issue. If you’ve rented out an On Site standard or ground heater, please make use of our troubleshooting checklist.  We provide an easy step-by-step guide for our heater users. Carefully read through instructions before turning to professional assistance.


Mistake #3: Improper Placement Of Thermostat

Premier 170 Direct Fired Heater Thermostat

A portable heater’s thermostat ultimately controls the way the heater is going to function. Particularly the temperature of the heat output, as well as the amount of gas consumed. The placement of the heater thermostat control could affect the readings. Our heat technicians advise not to place the thermostat control on the floor. This could result in inaccurate temperature readings. The thermostat control would be best placed close by the heater and off the floor. As a result, this could prevent portable heater mistakes caused by imprecise temperature readings.


Mistake #4: Not Having Enough Gas Tanks For Your Portable Heater

Portable Heater -Direct Fired Enclosed Flame Heater On Site

Deciding on the amount and size of a gas tank for your heater could be a tricky task. Without proper knowledge on the specifications of your heater, you could mistakenly set up your heater with the wrong amount of gas. Some factors to take into consideration when purchasing gas tanks for your heater are the space where it will be placed, as well as the heater’s BTU (British Thermal Units).

One way to determine the amount of liquid propane for your heater is to base yourself out of the fact that the heater requires 1.1 gallons of liquid propane for every 100,000 BTU. You can determine the BTUs by taking a look at the product’s specifications. For On Site heaters, you can easily find this information on every heater product page. For example, our F400T  and S405 Direct Fired Heaters have a heat output of 400,000 BTU/hr. This means that these particular heaters use about 4.4 GPH (gallons per hour) of liquid propane, or 400 CFH (cubic feet per hour) of natural gas. Our On Site Heat Technicians advise users to rent these heaters out with at least four 100-gallon gas tanks for proper functionality.


Mistake #5: Choosing The Wrong Portable Heater

Portable Heater - Q375 Convection Heater

Choosing the right heater for your project is essential to prevent any mishaps on site. The correct type of heater to rent out could depend on how far along the construction project is. For example, convection heaters are only recommended if there’s no power on site. This makes them ideal to use when the construction project is on its foundation stages. The flame of the heater can be measured with its gas tank, which makes it more difficult to use when the project is more advanced. For more advanced projects, our On Site Heat Technicians recommend switching to direct fired, indirect fired, or direct fired enclosed flame heaters.


On Site Heat Solutions

To sum up, stay ahead of any unwanted portable heater mistakes! Be informed how to properly operate your portable heater. For your convenience, we can provide you with the best temporary heating solutions. Want to make sure you are well informed and rent the right heater for you? Call us now at 651.429.3781 or request a quote online and an On Site representative will gladly reach out to you.

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Winter Construction Success – 5 Must Haves

Winter Construction Success - 5 Must Haves

“There are two seasons in the Midwest, winter season and construction season”. We have all heard of this joke before! Yes, it would be ideal to complete all construction projects during the summer, but when your winter season lasts nearly 7 months, some Midwesterners are forced to work on their construction projects in extremely cold weather. It is still possible to have a successful construction project during the winter. Here are our 5 must haves to ensure winter construction success:


The Right Heater for Your Site

S1505 Direct Fired Heater On Site

Choosing the right heater for your job site can depend on different factors. To get started on gearing up your construction site for the winter, here are five types of heaters you could use to keep your job site and team warm during those working hours:

  1. Direct Fired Heaters – used at construction sites where efficiency is top priority. The job site must have enough clearance for placement.
  2. Indirect Fired Heaters – used at locations where safety is top priority. Often used at locations that have occupants.
  3. Direct Fired Enclosed Flame Heaters – used for job sites or special events where top priority is having easily duct-able heat.
  4. Electric Heaters – used for locations that have access to electricity and where non-combustible heat is required.
  5. Convection Heaters – used for construction sites with no available electricity or natural gas line.

Other Portable Heating Solutions to Consider for Winter Construction Success

E3000 Hydronic Ground Heater and Thawing Blankets on site

The biggest challenge when working at a construction site during the winter is probably curing concrete. Concrete tends to have a difficult time setting when temperatures are too low. You should consider using a ground thawing unit as well as thawing blankets to ensure that concrete cures without difficulty. Ground heaters thaw frozen ground, cure concrete, prevent frost, and provide temporary air heat for your job site. Pairing the unit with ground thaw blankets also allows to spread the heat around the area and make your construction project more productive.


Having Technical Support Available for Heater Malfunction

950H Direct Fired Heater On Site

If you’re making good use of heating equipment at your construction site, you might come across equipment malfunction. Do not fear! Typically, these malfunctions are a result of user errors. They are quick and easy fixes if you have the proper equipment. We strongly recommend checking out our Portable Heater Troubleshooting Guide on your own before calling for help. If you are still having issues, having Heat Technician assistance would be recommended to make sure you don’t fall behind on construction deadlines. At On Site, we have state of the art equipment and Heat Technicians that available to deliver, set up, and pick up up heaters. They are also available to assist in troubleshooting by phone or on site if needed. Customers should call 651-429-3781 to get in touch.


“Winter-Proof” Portable Restroom for Winter Construction Success

Construction Portable Restroom - Winter Construction

Preparing your portable restroom rental for winter constructions is also an important factor to consider. Portable restrooms are usually outdoors and exposed to the freezing temperatures. To best winterize your portable restrooms, make sure to include a portable restroom electric space heater when renting out a unit. At On Site, our Sanitation Technicians fill the portable restroom tanks with a methanol mixture to prevent the water and waste from freezing. Making sure job site workers can comfortably make use of a restroom can ensure productivity for your construction project.


A Safe Working Environment for Your Team

Construction Thawing Blankets set up

Employers must always make sure to comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards to keep their employees safe in the workplace.  Personal protective equipment (PPE) can protect workers from most hazards, but workers must also consider hazards related to extreme cold weather. OSHA does not have specific safety requirements for winter constructions. However, they do provide guidelines that employers should follow to protect workers from the dangers of cold stress . Some of these guidelines include training workers on cold weather safety. Making sure they have the proper tools and gear for cold weather also keeps them safe.


The On Site Solution for Your Winter Construction Success

Don’t let the freezing temperatures scare you! Winter construction success is still possible if you make sure your job site is properly equipped. At On Site Companies, we can provide you with a wide selection of portable heaters and winterized portable restrooms for your job site. Not sure which heater is best for your project? Contact us for a personalized service from one of our representatives. You can also call us or request a quote today for the best heating and sanitation solutions!

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Cold Weather Safety Requirements & OSHA

Cold Weather Safety Requirements & OSHA

The end of summer is the best time to set up construction sites for cold weather. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) keeps guidelines up to date to keep workers safe. Are there any cold weather safety requirements? OSHA has not set specific safety requirements for working in freezing environments. However, exposing workers to extremely cold weather for long periods of time could cause serious physical harm. This conflicts with OSHA regulations (Section A(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970). Therefore, employers are accountable for the safety of their workers. OSHA advises the following four ways to keep employees out of harm’s way during dangerously cold workdays.


Training on Cold Weather Safety 

Workers should know how to recognize the effects of being exposed to freezing temperatures. This is why employers must train them on working through hazardous conditions. Some of these conditions might include slippery roads and gusty, cold winds. One of the worst dangers workers face in extreme cold weather is cold stress. Cold stress results in cold-related illnesses and injuries. Workers should also be trained on recognizing symptoms to prevent injuries or illnesses.


Proper Tools (engineering controls for cold weather)

To reduce the likelihood of cold stress, employers could set engineering controls in place. As an example, electric heaters could be used to keep the workplace warm and comfortable for employees. For the construction industry, there are many types of heaters available to successfully complete projects in cold weather. The use of these benefits workers and decreases their exposure to hazardous working conditions.


Work Practices for Cold Weather Safety 

Implementing work practices that ensure worker safety is crucial to preventing injuries and illnesses. OSHA advises employers to consider providing workers with the right equipment and protection from cold weather. Employers must also keep weather conditions in mind when sending them out and limit exposure time to very cold temperatures. They should be constantly monitoring weather conditions to ensure cold weather safety. Be sure to keep an eye on workers and provide them with warm liquids. This will ensure their well-being while on the job. Finally, it’s recommended to optimize the flow of communication. This is crucial in case of emergencies that may occur due to hazardous working conditions.


Proper Gear (warm clothing)

One of the top risk factors of cold stress is dressing improperly while working in cold weather. OSHA does not have specific requirements set for ordinary clothing besides personal protective equipment (PPE) when applicable. However, employers should still give workers winter weather gear to protect them from the dangers of cold stress. A few layers of wool or synthetic clothing would be a great. A hat capable of covering ears is a necessity. A knit mask for the face would also be helpful. Insulated and waterproof gloves will protect  hands from frostbite. Insulated boots are needed to protect the feet.


The On Site Solution

Even though OSHA does not have cold weather safety requirements, they do have guidelines for employers to use in the workplace. These guidelines would best prepare their workers who work in cold weather. At On Site Companies, we can provide a wide range of high quality portable heaters to keep your works safe through cold weather. These heaters would also keep your construction site operational and productive during winter season. Call us today or request a quote for the best temporary heating solutions.

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Hand washing versus hand sanitizing

Hand Washing VS Hand Sanitizing

Every year, when flu season hits, there is a lot of talk about washing hands. With the recent Corona Virus outbreaks, there has been all sorts of comments on what and what not to do. On Site Companies would like to take this moment to go through some best practices and some basic information.

Hand Sanitizing

One of the biggest questions or misconceptions is around hand sanitizer. A lot of people think using hand sanitizer is the same as washing their hands with soap. This is not true. According to the CDC, while hand sanitizer can quickly reduce the number of microbes on hands, it does not eliminate all types of germs.

Hand sanitizer is appropriate to use in some situations, but is not as effective as hand washing. Hand sanitizer will likely not remove harmful chemicals and is not effective when hands are visibly dirty or greasy. If you are using hand sanitizer, make sure it is alcohol-based with at least 60% alcohol in it.

When using hand sanitizer, apply the sanitizer on the palm of your hand. Rub your hands applying the sanitizer to all the surface area of your hands. Continue to rub your hands together until your hands are dry. It is important to make sure you don’t stop rubbing your hands until they are dry as this makes sure all the surface gets covered.

Hand Washing

Hand washing with soap is more effective than using hand sanitizer. This is mainly because not only does hand washing kill germs, but it also removes dirt that hides spores that could make you sick.

To wash your hands correctly, there are five steps to follow. First, wet your hands with clean running water. The temperature of the water doesn’t matter. Then apply the soap to your wet hands and lather well. Once you are lathered, rub your hands together vigorously for twenty seconds. Make sure you cover all the surface area of your hands, front and back as well as in between fingers. Then, rinse your hands well with more clean water. Finally, dry your hands either with a clean towel or air dry them.

A lot of times, you may only have access to hand sanitizer, and that is fine. Your best bet would be to use the hand sanitizer at the time, but to wash your hands thoroughly the next time you get the chance.

The On Site Solutions

While all On Site Companies portable sanitation solutions come with at least hand sanitizer capabilities, we also have a variety of hand washing solutions as well. Our restroom trailers have working sinks in them, and we also carry hand washing stations for special events or construction sites, as well as our popular SaniSink with warm water. Call us today to upgrade your hand sanitizing to hand washing to help keep the people at your job site or event healthy.

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