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Most Efficient Ground Thaw Units

Driving holes and excavating materials from the ground in an efficient manner requires the use of powerful tools and equipment. This work usually cannot be done successfully on frozen ground. To solve this problem, ground thaw units are used to warm up large sections of earth, allowing for earthwork and concrete pouring. At On Site Companies, we offer an array of ground thaw units to assist you in the completion of construction projects during the cold winter months.

Construction projects must still go forward even when the weather is colder from late fall, through winter, and into early spring. Construction companies must take additional steps during the cold weather season to ensure the ground is warm enough to manage, for drilling, excavation, and foundation construction purposes. Ground thawing units enable construction projects to move forward without delays that can cause problems for both the contractor and the clients. Interruptions in project schedules often means loss of revenue and other problems.

E5000 Thaw Ground Unit

We offer an array of thaw ground units, including our largest – the E5000. The E5000 hydronic ground heater is our most powerful ground thawing machine. It works fast to thaw frozen ground, prevent frost, cure concrete, and distribute temporary heat during the chill of the winter season. It includes a positive displacement pump that maximizes air flow and delivers heat reliably and consistently.

Its 83% heating efficiency is the highest in the industry. The unit is easy to set up, requiring no open flames or fumes. One of these units alone can thaw 10,000 square feet of frozen ground and cure as much as 10,000 square feet of concrete at a speed of 1 foot per day. The unit includes a strobe light that indicates from a distance if all heater systems are functioning properly.

Smaller Ground Thawing Units

Beyond the E5000 hydronic ground haw heater, we also offer the E3000 hydronic ground heater, E1250 ground thaw heater, and ground thaw box. Each of these ground heaters help ensure important excavation and foundation work gets done on time and projects stay on track.

One option to increase the speed at which the ground is thawed, and concrete can be cured during cold winter days is to combine the use of these ground thawing heaters with our standard ground thawing blankets. The combination can increase the efficiency of ground thawing and help keep foundation work on schedule.

For more information about the selection of ground thawing units we offer at On Site Companies, give us a call today at 800.210.8407 or send an email to

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Types of Ground Heaters and Common Uses

In the winter months as the ground freezes, many contractors concentrate more on inside projects instead of outdoor digging and concrete pours. In addition, pouring concrete on top of frozen ground can cause structure problems after the ground thaws. The solution to these issues, however, is to use a ground heating system. At On Site Companies, we offer ground heaters that make outdoor excavation and foundation work, including concrete pouring and curing, feasible in cold winter climates.

Not only do ground heaters allow for outdoor ground and foundation work during the cold months of the year, but they also reduce the stress on equipment and the labor intensive nature of dealing with hard, frozen soil.

Types of Ground Heaters

We offer a selection of ground heaters to produce quick thawing of frozen soil and accelerate curing operations. Our heater selection includes the E5000 hydronic ground heater, E3000 hydronic ground heater, E1250 ground heater, and thaw box. Our ground heaters provide heating efficiency at levels that are the highest on the industry – ranging from 83% to 87% efficiency depending on the heating unit.

Thaw Box

The Thaw Box is ideal for small areas that require thawing of frozen ground, frost prevention, and concrete curing. This box is more compact that the larger heating units and lighter to transport as well. Its compact design also makes it easy to move around on project sites to various locations that require ground thawing. The Thaw Box does not require a trailer for transport and consumes a low quantity of fuel. It can thaw an area as large as 60”x54” at one inch per hour.

Ground Thawing Blankets

Ground thawing blankets are used to thaw frozen earth. These blankets are easy to throw on top of any surface, including equipment to keep engines warm. They can be moved around easily to various locations on a job site wherever a power outlet is accessible.

However, we do not use ground thawing blankets by themselves for ground thawing operations. We use them in conjunction with our ground thaw units to increase the speed and efficiency of ground thawing.

Common Uses of Ground Heaters

On construction sites, ground heaters may be used to:

  • De-ice surfaces, such as walkways and sidewalks
  • Remove and prevent ground frost
  • Warm the air for field personnel
  • Cure concrete
  • Melt snow from roofs
  • Thaw frozen pipes

Ground heaters and ground thawing blankest are often combined to increase the speed of ground thawing and cure concrete at extra fast speeds during the cold days of winter.

To learn about the various ground heater options we offer at On Site Companies, call us today at 800.210.8407 or email

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How Do Ground Heaters Work?

During the winter months, contractors working in the field must employ extra measures to ensure the work continues, particularly when it comes to ground, foundation, and concrete pouring work. The frozen ground can hamper efforts at digging and increase the labor-intensive nature of the work. An effective way to counteract the hindrance posed by frozen earth is with the use of ground heaters. At On Site Companies, we offer both hydronic and ground thawing blanket heating options for construction projects.

Ground heaters thaw out the frozen ground, making it much easier to dig and manipulate for excavation and foundation installation purposes. The two main types of ground heaters that contractors use in the field are hydronic heaters and ground thawing blankets.

Our Ground Heaters

We offer several ground heaters to thaw frozen ground on construction sites. Our E5000 hydronic ground heater is the most powerful heater in our lineup. It thaws frozen ground, cures concrete, and prevents the formation of frost with great efficiency. The displacement pump on this unit maximizes the flow of air and provide consistent heat to achieve the required ground thawing with prompt speed. It is an industry leader with an 83% heating efficiency. The E5000 is able to thaw 10,000 sq. ft. of frozen ground and cure the same square footage at a rate of one foot per day.

Our E3000 hydronic ground heater can thaw 6,000 square feet of frozen ground and cure 6,000 square feet of concrete at the rate of one foot per day. Our E1250 ground heater can thaw 2,500 square feet of frozen ground and cure 2,500 square feet of concrete per day.

Our Thaw Box can thaw a 54 inch x 60 inch area of frozen ground at one inch per hour.

Ground Thawing Blankets

We combine the use of our ground heaters with standard thawing blankets as an accessory to increase the speed and efficiency of frozen ground thawing operations.

For information about the ground heating solutions we offer at On Site Companies, call us today at 800.210.8407 or contact us by email at

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Which Portable Restroom Trailer is Right for Me?

At On Site Companies, we are your source for a wide array of portable restroom trailers in the luxury category that give you amenities that will remind you of home. We can also help remove the hassle of planning and hosting with our event packages. If you have a special event coming up, such as an outdoor wedding, graduation party, or corporate outing, we have the ideal portable restroom trailer option for you.

Below are some of the different portable restroom options available. You may need one or more to accommodate the needs of your guests or workers in the field.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

The amenities we offer in our luxury restrooms are designed to provide excellent functionality for your employees or guests. These restroom trailers rentals include various special features that enhance the comfort and experience of the user. We ensure your luxury rentals are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for use.

ADA Restroom Trailers

The ADA Suite is a luxury-grade trailer suite with restroom facilities that are ADA-compliant. This includes having hand sinks with running water, flushing toilets, and electrical lights at a minimum. Persons with disabilities can use these restrooms with the ease and efficiency they need.

Portable Restroom Shower Trailers

Shower trailers provide attendees the comfort and convenience they need to clean up after being out in the heat and sweating. These portable shower trailers also help preserve the environment from becoming polluted with human waste. They enable people to maintain proper hygiene and prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, and infection, particularly when people may be shaking hands or handling food at certain events.

These restroom trailers are highly suitable for weddings and other events both formal and informal, in addition to construction project sites. With a portable bathroom trailer you are respecting the dignity of your guests or workers and valuing their attendance or participation, whether it involves recreation, business, or serving as an employee on a job site. You are saying that their comfort matters to you. Therefore, you can hardly go wrong with any type of portable restroom trailer for a particular occasion. Your decision will rest on how many units you need and what level of quality and amenities you want your guests or employees to enjoy.

For more information about the luxury restroom trailer options we offer at On Site Companies, call us today at 800.210.8407 or email our team at

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What Are the Benefits of Regular Septic Tank Pumping?

Keeping a septic tank properly maintained is important for the proper operation of the septic system. Proper cleaning, maintenance, and septic pumping will prevent unnecessary problems with the septic system down the road. Routine septic pumping clears waste out of the system and gives the septic system technician any indications if there are problems in the system. At On Site Companies, we can help ensure your septic system is properly cleaned and pumped, and adheres to relevant operational requirements.

The various benefits of septic tank pumping include:

Avoid Septic System Damage and Failures

The failure of a septic system can impose significant costs on the homeowner. If the septic pump fails, the tank will also fail. This can cause the material in the tank to seep into the soil or overflow, which can cause blocked sewer lines and drains, all of which can lead to significant water damage in the home or commercial building.

Protects Your Property

Routinely emptying the septic tank helps protect the property from the potential issue of overflow. It keeps your sinks, pipes, and toilets from clogging and backflow. It also enhances the efficient operation of the drain field.

Enhanced Water Quality and Efficiency

Regular tank pumping is necessary to prevent the risk of bio-solids forming in septic tanks. Pumping of the tank removes these solids and ensures they are disposed of properly. As a result, the efficiency of wastewater treatment is improved and so is the quality of the water.

Saves Money

Regular septic tank pumping prolongs the service life of the tank and ensures it operates smoothly and does not malfunction prematurely. Even though such maintenance may cost more upfront, it reduces costs associated with repair and/or tank replacement in the long run.

Depending on how much the septic tank is used and the size of the septic tank and your home, a reasonable septic tank pumping frequency may be every three to five years.

To learn about the septic tank pumping services we offer at On Site Companies, give us a call today at 800.210.8407 or send us a message by email at

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Portable Restroom Trailers for Weddings Provide Great Benefits

If you are planning a wedding, there are so many things to remember to get done before the big day. If you are having an outdoor wedding, one of those things can include providing some sort of outdoor restroom facilities for your guests. Portable restroom trailers for weddings come in very handy for this purpose. At One Site Companies, we are your source for the restroom trailers you need for your upcoming wedding reception. These trailers provide great convenience for all in attendance, including guests and workers.

Spacious for Your Guests

During your wedding, you don’t want your guests to feel cramped and crowded in the restroom or forced to wait in line to use the facilities. The larger space afforded by portable restroom trailers helps solve this problem. There are various options available that include multi-stall trailers, giving your guests a sense of normalcy when you using the restroom.

Comfortable and Safe for Your Guests

By renting one or more trailer restrooms for your event, you will help provide your guests with the comfort they desire, simulating the comfort and convenience of a home quality restroom. Each stall contains amenities that include a sink, toilet, mirror, soap, air conditioning and heating, and urinals in the men’s units. These trailers are also well-lit which enhances safety.

Clean and Well-Ventilated for Your Guests

Wedding are formal events by nature and guests expect the restrooms to meet a certain standard of cleanliness. It is important to make sure the restrooms at your wedding meet this standard for the satisfaction of your guests. Sometimes, smaller portable restrooms are stuffy and smelling due to inadequate ventilation. However, portable restroom trailers are well-ventilated to ensure guests are not inundated with foul odors when using the facility.

At On Site Companies, we work diligently to ensure the portable restroom trailers you rent from us are delivered, set up, and removed in a highly professional manner. We ensure your restroom trailers meet the high level of cleanliness standard your guests will appreciate.

For information about the different types of portable restroom trailers we offer for rent at On Site Companies, call us today at 800.210.8407 or reach us by email at

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ANSI Portable Restroom Standards

One of the most basic urgencies of the human body is the need to relieve oneself through urination or a bowel movement. When this happens, and you are not at home, you need access to some type of facility in order to take care of business. Portable restrooms are often the option available for this purpose, especially in outdoor settings. OSHA mandates certain requirements related to portable restrooms and their use. The ANSI standard offers even more strict guidelines. We look at some of these below. At On Site Companies, we are your source for a variety of portable restroom options to accommodate the needs of your guests, employees, or other persons.

OSHA Requirements

OSHA 29 CFR 1926.51 specifies the minimum number of lavatories to be present on a site based on the number of workers at the site. For example, only one portable restroom is required if 20 or fewer workers are onsite. When 20 or more workers are onsite, employees must have access to 1 urinal and 1 toilet seat for every 40 workers. When over 200 workers are present, the manager of the site must provide 1 urinal and 1 toilet set for every 50 workers.

ANSI Standards

The OSHA standard must be followed in the United States. The ANSI standards offer more stringent guidelines. For example, ANSI/PSAI Z4.3-2016 – Sanitation – Nonsewered Waste-Disposal Systems provide a minimum requirement of 1 toilet facility per 10 employees. This changes to 1 toilet facility per 15 employees if the facilities are serviced more than one time per week. In addition, these numbers apply to each gender. So there would have to be 1 toilet per 10 males and 1 toilet per 10 females.

The ANSI/PSAI Z4.3-2016 standard does not specify the type of facility to be used. It allows for the use of plastic portable restrooms or mobile trailers or skid-mounted or prefabricated, portable structures, as long as they include self-closing doors, sufficient space inside, and a finish which is easy to clean. Also, if it is not feasible to find a portable toilet room, and if adequate privacy is provided, portable toilet facilities may be installed without a structure.

Even though the ANSI/PSAI Z4.3-2016 standard was originally created for construction sites, later versions of the standard provide more in-depth guidelines for other venues such as playground and parks. By adhering the ANSI standard for portable restrooms, one can help ensure their successful and safe application at a particular site.

To learn about the various portable restroom options we offer at On Site Companies, call us today at 800.210.8407 or contact us by email at

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What Are Portable Shower Trailers?

Portable shower trailers are ideal when you need a solution for guests or employees who have been exposed to heat and sweat, or dirty conditions of some nature and want to clean up and freshen up before leaving the premises. They are ideal for many types of venues, including construction sites, weddings, and other occasions. At On Site Companies, we are your source for convenient, clean, and efficiently operating portable shower trailers.

Benefits of Portable Shower Trailers

Shower trailers placed at events provide attendees the comfort and convenience they prefer in order to clean up after exposure to the heat for long periods of time and any accompanying smells that produces. These shower trailers also promote a clean environment as they collect waster properly so it may be disposed of properly. Providing the ability to engage in personal hygiene, these shower trailers help prevent the spread viruses and bacteria, which is essential at events where people shake hands, hug, and handle food.

Portable shower trailers provide the following:

A Place to Clean Up

-A portable shower trailer is ideal for places in which workers come into contact with materials which may be harmful if left on a person’s skin. This may include contact with animal feces on farms or other substances. Portable shower trailers allow workers to wash off these substances quickly and thoroughly.

Comforts of Home

– Portable shower trailers provide users with an almost at-home-experience. This is beneficial for campers, construction workers, festival-goers, and others who can clean up in a normal manner as they would at home.


– Portable shower trailers are easy to install and may be placed on any type of flat surface at your site. They provide the flexibility of being highly mobile. They are easy to disconnect and move to another location onsite as needed. You can rent these unit over the short or long term, as required.


– Portable shower trailers provide the privacy that guests, employees, and others want when taking a shower. They are enclosed from the public view and provide complete privacy to the user.

Convenience and Time-savings

– With portable shower trailers on site, you provide workers and others who need to remain onsite after showering with the convenience and speed of cleaning up right there onsite, instead of taking extra time to go home and shower or find some other facility offsite.

Our Selection of Portable Restroom Shower Trailers

We offer various options when it comes to portable restroom shower trailers, including 2-stall, 5-stall, and 8-stall trailers. We have you covered with exceptional quality shower trailer options, whether you need them for a job site, home renovation project, disaster relief site, food festival, or some other event or function. These mobile shower trailers provide hot running water with other amenities in a private, clean space.

To learn about the portable shower trailer units we offer at On Site Companies, give us call today at 800.210.8407 or leave us by email at

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Long-term (Commercial) Portable Restroom Trailer Guide

There are various things to consider when you are searching for the right bathroom rental for a large and long-term event. If you have some type of business operation outdoors throughout the year, you may need some type of portable restroom facilities. It is so important to have these facilities for the comfort and convenience of your workers or event attendees. It demonstrates you appreciate their presence and participation in whatever form and it also meets their personal hygiene needs. Long term restroom trailers are ideal for construction sites and camp sites, or multi-day / multi-week events. We offer these long term rentals at On Site Companies.

The restroom experience for someone using a portable facility should revolve around accessibility, ease-of-use, and cleanliness. This is especially needed for long-term portable restrooms, in which the same individuals will be using the facilities over and over again.

Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers

You can use luxury portable restroom trailers as long term commercial portable restroom trailers. They function the same as a commercial indoor bathroom, except they are usually placed outdoors. They include flushing toilets, running water, sinks, soap or sanitizer, toilet paper, electricity, and often heating and air conditioning, among other possible amenities.

Benefits of Long-Term Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals

Long-term portable restroom trailers for commercial purposes provide many benefits, including:

Safety and Security

Portable restroom trailers help keep your guests, employees, or customers safe. These are solid mobile structures that are not easily moved or overturned during storms.


With facilities similar to a home bathroom, the conditions are sanitary, which is preferred by those who need to go to the bathroom in an outdoor setting.

Easy Setup

Long-term portable restroom trailers are easy to hook up. These units run by electricity and also hook up to the water supply.

Less Expensive that Renovation

Instead of having to renovate existing restrooms or build new ones, you can create a pleasant experience for your guests or others by renting portable restroom trailers. They can also be used temporarily while your existing bathroom facilities are undergoing renovation.

If commercial portable restroom trailers are rented on a long-term basis, they will require regularly scheduled pumping and cleaning/sanitation service. This ensure the restroom remains clean for us and the tank remains operational.

Trailer require access to water and electricity. These trailers use electricity to heat the water and cool the units inside.

Our luxury restroom trailers may be set up on grass or concrete surfaces.

To learn about the various portable restroom trailer options we offer which may be used on a long-term basis, give us a call today at 800.210.8407 or send an email to

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Portable Heater Safety in the Field

Portable, temporary heaters are used often on construction sites for various heating tasks, including thawing the ground, general drying purposes, providing warmth to workers, and concrete curing. These heaters serve these valuables purpose particularly in very cold winter temperatures. However, safety is always an important consideration with temporary heaters. Improper installation or use can lead to fires that cause injury or even death. At On Site Companies, we offer an array of portable heaters for construction projects.

Fires that result from temporary heating often occurs due to lack of proper clearance provided during installation. Direct-fired heaters which are fueled by natural gas, propane, or diesel are self-contained and unvented. They are used often on project sites and produce very intense heat that demands a certain amount of clearance for safety purposes – often about eight feet.

Safety Considerations for Portable Heaters in the Field

A good first step to safety with heaters in the field, as mentioned above, is providing sufficient clearance. However, clearance is not the only factor to keep in mind. Other important guidelines for portable heater safety include:

  • Temporary, portable heaters must be installed and operated per manufacturers’ instructions and used only for their intended purpose.
  • Only heaters approved or listed by a recognized testing agency such as UL/ULC or CSA should be used.
  • Safe installation and use should be based on a written operating procedure based on the instructions given by the manufacturer.
  • Adhere to all clearance, fuel type, and ventilation specifications indicated on the heater’s data plate.
  • Ensure the heaters you intend to use are covered by your insurance policy

If there are high concerns about fire safety and ventilation, you may consider using indirect-fired heaters instead which require the use of electricity to operate. They may not provide the efficiency of direct-fired heaters, but can provide a greater comfort level regarding ventilation and fire safety.

Fire Extinguishers for Safety

Because of the intense heat produced by these heaters, it is always necessary to have tools on hand to keep any fire under control. With the fire risk posed by these heaters, it is important to have multi-purpose fire extinguishers nearby on the construction site that can put out such fires. The rating on these extinguishers at a minimum should be 3A 10BC.

To learn about the various portable heating solutions we offer at On Site Companies, call us today at 800.210.8407 or leave us an email at

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