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Supporting Local

Supporting Local - Blog Banner

Associations - On Site Companies

On Site Companies is proud to support and be supported by the local communities and businesses we serve. Community involvement is extremely important to us. We also recognize the importance of helping the development, economy, and integrity of our region.

With this in mind, we are proud to be involved with a number of groundbreaking associations. These associations help local businesses support each other and provide key resources to aid in the development of their companies. We are proud to sponsor some of the amazing events they host for their communities. They also give us a a chance to connect and get together for some fun.

We are proud to be Platinum Members of the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI). The PSAI elevates the portable sanitation industry and gives valuable resources as well as recognitions to its members. In particular, On Site Companies’ very own Karen Holm received the 2022 M.Z. Andy Gump Award from the PSAI. This award is presented to an industry leader with high ethical standards and a reputation for leadership and excellence. Moreover, in 2019, On Site technician, Jeremey Johnston won runner-up for Service Technician of the Year.

Listed below are all of the associations we are currently members of, as well as their impact on our communities. If you are local to any of these associations, we definitely recommend joining them!


Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

As a certified woman-owned business, we are proud to be members of the Association of Women Contractors (AWC) for over 20 years. The AWC empowers woman business owners in the construction industry. The association also provides amazing resources for their members to benefit from. You can catch us at the Annual Golf Fundraiser doing minnow races at our sponsored hole!

The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce is a prestigious association that supports local Greater Stillwater businesses while enriching the community. They host several annual events for the community. For instance, they host the Food Truck Extravaganza, Rivertown Fall Art Festival, and more. We are a proud sponsor of the annual World Snow Sculpting Championship!

As a supplier for special events, it’s a privilege to be part of the Minnesota Festivals and Events Association (MNFEA). The MNFEA connects businesses in the special event industry and gives them great resources to benefit from. You can find us every year at the Annual Conference.

Twin Cities Wedding and Event Professionals (TCWEP) is another amazing resource for event professionals, specifically in the Twin Cities Metro area. We love connecting at the monthly networking events!


Duluth, MN

The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce has been helping move businesses in the community forward for over 150 years. Specifically, they educate, promote, and grow local companies through networking, advocacy, marketing, and education. They have several signature events such as the Capitol Days, Leadercast, and more. You can catch us at the Annual Golf Outing!

The Moose Lake Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic association that encourages local business promotion, development, and growth. They host annual events for the community such as Ice Bocce, BrewFest, and more. We have proudly committed to annually sponsor Agate Days and the Moose Lake Triathlon.

The Cloquet Area Chamber of Commerce provides training programs, networking events, marketing tools, and more to local businesses in the Cloquet area. They host signature events such as the Christmas Lighting Challenge, Annual Golf Outing, and more. You can catch us at the Home, Business, & Sports Show!


Mankato, MN

Greater Mankato Growth (GMG) is a great association that exists to support and promote the local economic growth of the community and its members. They provide extremely helpful resources for local business and provide an outlet for them to network. They host signature events such as Alive After 5, the Mankato Marathon, and more! We are proudly committing to sponsoring Songs on the Lawn for 2022 and beyond!

The Minnesota River Builders Association (MRBA) is a great resource for local construction businesses in the Mankato region. They provide homeowner resources, contractor education, and networking events for builders, remodelers, subcontractors, suppliers, and homeowners. You can catch us at the sport clay shoots and the golf outings every year.


Rochester, MN

As a sanitation and climate control provider for construction companies, we are proud to be members of the Builders Exchange of Rochester. It is a great way to network with local businesses in the construction industry. It is also a valuable resource for discovering upcoming projects in the Rochester area. We love attending the golf outings and sporting clay shoots!


St. Louis, MO

The Missouri Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGCMO) represents over 550 Missourian companies in the construction industry. Benefits include educational programs, networking events, representation of common interests in political processes, and more. You can catch us at their frequent seminars, conventions, and meetings.

SITE Improvement Association (SITE) has been aiding construction companies since 1966. SITE represents the best interests of its members in labor union negotiation, political affairs, and legislative agendas. In addition, they provide safety training, education tools, and expos to their members. In fact, you can check out our booth at the Investment in Infrastructure Expo!

The American Subcontractors Association Midwest Council (ASA) aims to help their members become more effective and efficient in business through their resources and connections. For instance, these resources include meetings, workshops, contract reviews, discounts, and government advocacy. One of our personal favorite events is the annual Meet the GC’s Expo!

The Home Builders Association of St. Louis (HBA) has been assisting local home builders and vendors excel in their business since 1934. The HBA uses their resources and connections to provide advocacy, networking, education, and savings to their members. You can catch us at the Builder Day Picnic and Golf Tournament!


Support Local!

At On Site Companies, we are proud to support and be supported by such innovative local businesses. Supporting your local economy helps our communities thrive by retaining jobs, connections, resources, and cash flow. Above all, we recognize the importance of doing our part to help local communities grow and are thrilled to be involved with such resourceful associations that lead the way.

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The Portable Sink with Hot & Cold Water

The Portable Sink With Hot And Cold Water - Blog Banner

On Site Companies’ SaniSink is the perfect portable sink that provides both hot and cold water! This portable sink is a standalone unit that allows users to take control of their water quality by hooking up directly to a 5 gallon water tank. The sink needs one standard 100/120v outlet to connect to for power and an additional empty water tank to store used water.

This mobile sink can be used as your all-in-one hand washing station. It features attached soap and paper towel dispensers. Connect the SaniSink with a 5 gallon purified water tank to have a source of safe, clean drinking water. Common uses include hospitals, offices, commercial remodels, concession stands, camp grounds, and more!


Use a Portable Sink with Cold AND Hot Water

Just because your sink is mobile, doesn’t mean that you lose access to hot water. The SaniSink contains a water heater that allows users to control the temperature of their water during use. There are two separate handles for “cold” and “hot” water just like a stationary sink.

Since the SaniSink is a portable sink with a tank, all of your water is guaranteed to be fresh. However, this is only true if you use our recommended 5 gallon tank of purified water as opposed to attaching to a hose. All of the used water will dispense out of the backside of the sink. We recommend using another empty 5 gallon tank for easy capture and disposal of the used water.



Take Control of Your Portable Sink’s Water QualityInside of portable sink

Stationary sinks and mobile sinks that rely on connecting to public water systems put users at risk for drinking unsafe water. Mobile sinks that require a hose to connect to public tap water gives the user no control over water quality. Drinking contaminated water can cause sickness or even severe heath issues  for instance.

However, the SaniSink is a portable sink that allows you to control the water source. We strongly recommend using a 5 gallon tank of purified water. This will assure that the water source of your portable sink is clean and safe for drinking.


Wash Your Hands with Convenience

The set up of the SaniSink is very easy. All you need is a 5 gallon tank of purified water, an empty 5 gallon tank, and access to a standard 100/120v outlet. First, hook up the filled water tank to the water dispenser inside the sink. Afterwards, connect the empty water tank to the hose that dispenses the used water in the back of the sink. Finally, just connect the plug to a standard electrical outlet and you are ready to go!

This portable sink has other features that makes it very convenient. Control the temperature with the labeled “hot” and “cold” handles. Use the soap dispenser that is attached to the sink for washing. Finally, complete your wash by drying off with the paper towels from the attached dispenser. This all-in-one mobile sink makes hand washing a breeze!

Handwashing with SaniSink

Buy Your Portable Sink Now!

At On Site Companies, we strive to lead the industry in reliable sanitation and that’s why we produced the SaniSink. Our portable sinks are in stock and available to ship throughout the entire Untied States now. First, click the button below. Then, add the item to your cart. After you enter your delivery and payment details your mobile sink(s) will ship in 4-5 business days.

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Heating Company in Duluth – On Site Companies

Now A Heating Company in Duluth - Blog

On Site Companies is officially a heating company in Duluth! In October of 2019 we added a branch based in Cromwell to support communities surrounding a Duluth service area. We are proud that during this transition we have joined the Moose Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Cloquet Area Chamber or Commerce, and the Duluth Chamber of Commerce to continue our goal of supporting communities and local businesses we serve.

Two years later in November of 2021 our Duluth branch completed its first heater delivery. As we continue to grow our climate control department, On Site is becoming the leading heating company in Duluth. Here are 3 reasons you should choose us for your heating and ground thawing rental needs.


Infrastructure Infrastructure – A Heating Company in Duluth and Beyond

For over 30 years, On Site Companies has been an industry leading temporary heating company. We take pride in being a family-owned and certified women-owned business. Even though we are newly a Duluth heating company, we replicate our proven process for our heating services from our Mankato, Rochester, Twin Cities Metro, and St. Louis branches. This allows us to efficiently provide heater and ground thaw unit rentals for construction projects, special events, homeowners, emergency response, and more!

We constantly upgrade our heat truck fleet. Computerized routing helps keep track of all drivers during their routes and efficiently designate assignments throughout all of our branches. Also, each On Site driver logs in each stop with an iPad. This keeps each completed heating service on record throughout the day. Constant and immediate communication between team members ensures that we are all on the same page.


Inventory Inventory – Heaters and HVAC Staff for Jobs of Any Size

On Site Companies has a wide variety of temporary heaters, ground thaw units, and heating accessories to satisfy any application. Whether you just need to heat up a tent or an entire construction site, we have the rental equipment you need. We take pride in investing in the highest quality heaters on the market. Our inventory is always being expanded to ensure that we can continue serving jobs of any size. Having a large inventory of a wide variety of equipment makes us the ideal heating company to work with.

Our staff is full of industry experts that go above and beyond. Our HVAC technicians are carefully trained and vetted to meet our standards. We have enough trained professionals to support the heating needs for projects of any size.  Combining the wide selection of our deep inventory with the expertise of our climate control staff has made On Site Companies an industry leader in providing heat for over 30 years.


UrgencyUrgency – Temporary Heating Rentals When You Need Them Most

We understand that things don’t always go according to plan. That’s why we take pride in being your reliable source for your urgent heating needs. Minnesota winters are volatile and can sneak up on you if you’re not careful. We’re always ready to serve you during sudden temperature drops because of this. Give us a call right away if you need to heat up or thaw out your site. When disaster strikes, we’ll be here for emergency response.

We understand how important time is during urgent situations. For instance, we understand that you’re losing money for every minute that your job site isn’t heated. If your home or special event isn’t heated, people are at risk of harm. Therefore, we have availability for last minute, overnight, and weekend requests.


3 Uniques That Make On Site Your Top Heating Company

At On Site Companies, we strive to provide the highest quality service of any heating company in Duluth. Our infrastructure, inventory, and sense of urgency allow us to serve our clients expertly and individually for any occasion. We provide the most effective temporary heating solutions, whether it be for a construction project, event, home remodel, or emergency response. Get a free quote or contact us and an On Site representative will promptly assist.

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How to Prepare Your Job Site for Spring

How to Prepare Your Job Site for Spring

Being proactive is the best way to prepare your job site for the spring. We recommend that you do so as soon as possible to ensure that the right solutions will be available when you need it. Here are the top 5 must-haves for any job site as the weather begins to change.

1) Dehumidifiers

Whether it’s melting snow and ice from the winter or the April showers that bring May flowers, dehumidifiers are a must-have for your job site. Having dehumidifiers ready to go will keep that moisture away from your job site that makes it harder for your team to work.


2) Air Conditioners

When spring rolls around it’s time to put away the heaters and bring in the air conditioners. Having a cool job site will keep your employees safe and comfortable enough to work efficiently.


3) Air Filters

Having access to air filters to remove any harmful particles, odors, and chemicals that reach your job site is essential to keeping everyone safe. This is particularly important during wet spring months when mold and dust mites can accumulate if moisture isn’t addressed proactively.


4) Air Movers

Air movers such as prop fans, exhaust fans, and carpet blowers make a great addition to any job site. They increase the efficiency of the equipment discussed above by controlling the air flow and can also be used to help dry out any moist areas.


5) Portable Restrooms for Job Sites

Portable restrooms are essential to any job site to keep your team comfortable. Having employees use off site restrooms can be extremely expensive when you account for the increased time of restroom breaks. Standard restrooms are great, but mobile units, hook units, and high rise units are a game changer.


The On Site Solutions

On Site Companies has all of the above solutions help you prepare your job site for spring. It is never too early to begin planning for warmer weather. We recommend that our customers do so to ensure that we have the right solutions for you available when you need it. Call us today to discuss your needs – we would love to provide you with a quote specifically tailored to your job site.



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Portable Restroom Use in the Winter (Q&A)

Portable Restroom Use in the Winter (Q&A)

A lot of people assume that they can not use a portable restroom in the winter. They think that it isn’t possible due to the cold weather making the unit freeze. This is one of a few misconceptions that arise in the sanitation industry. Check out this guide for answers to common questions we tend to receive once the temperature begins to drop.

Can I use a portable restroom during the winter?

You can most definitely rent a portable restroom during the cold winter months. We have the infrastructure and proven processes to prepare your special event or job site for freezing temperatures. Cold weather will not stop you from enjoying portable sanitation.

How do you prevent a portable restroom from freezing?

We have several proven processes to prevent your portable restroom from freezing. We fill the tanks of our restrooms with a methanol mixture that will prevent water and waste from freezing. Our urinals are salted to prevent moisture from freezing as well. We recommend including portable restroom electric space heaters to your rental order to help keep your guests or employees warm.

Can I rent a luxury restroom trailer during the winter?

Some of our luxury restroom trailers are available for rent for cold weather outdoor use by using our Winter Packages that includes access to extra 110V – 20 AMP electrical circuits, Premier 170 heater, skirting, & heated hoses.

Our On Site Suite, Commercial Prestige, Versa, Comfort Station, and Prestige are all compatible with our Winter Package. Please contact us for more details.

Can I rent a luxury shower trailer during the winter?

Unfortunately, luxury shower trailers can’t be used outdoors during the winter. There’s too much running water in showers to be able to separate our methanol mixture that prevents freezing from potable water that is safe to bathe with. Consider placing the shower trailer indoors if you have access to indoor space.

How can I keep the ground from freezing or thaw frozen ground?

We have a wide selection of ground thawing units that can prevent the ground from freezing or thaw freezing ground. We recommend including ground thaw blankets to your rental order to maximize the efficiency of the heaters. This equipment can also be used to cure concrete during the winter as well.

How can I keep my entire special event or job site warm in the winter?

We have a wide selection of temporary, portable heating equipment to keep your special event or job site warm during the colder winter months. Please contact us for more information and how we can satisfy your unique needs to keep everyone warm.

The On Site Solutions

For over 30 years we have helped our community keep their special events and construction job sites sanitized and warm throughout the winter. Call us today or request a quote below for the perfect portable sanitation and temporary heating solution.

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Troubleshooting 101: Portable Heaters

Top 5 Benefits of Using Methanol for Portable Restrooms

Troubleshooting portable heaters can be a difficult task. Just because your portable heater won’t start up doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken. If you are using On Site Companies’ products and you run into this issue, be sure to use this helpful guide below to test why your equipment isn’t working.

If you are renting from us and are still unable to start your portable heater after carefully following the instructions below, please contact us at 651-429-3781 to schedule an On Site Heat Technician to be dispatched immediately.

Troubleshooting Portable Ground Heaters

  • Make sure there is power to the machine
  • Make sure there is fuel in the machine
  • For the E1100 – make sure to wrap fuel tank and fuel filter with extra hose and blanket to avoid fuel gelling
  • Make sure the unit is level – if not, machine may be showing a false low level fault
  • Check to make sure there is nothing laying on the lines
  • Be sure the pump is running (check flow meters – a.k.a. spinning dials) to make sure they are turning:
  • 1) If not pumping – check for low level fault light located on control panel
  • 2) If in low level fault – there may be a leak
  • Check for leaks
  • Make sure the burner is on:
  • 1) Check burner fault module located on the side door (green button and red light)
  • 2) Press and hold green button for 45 seconds to try and reset


Troubleshooting Standard Portable Heaters

  • Make sure the start button has been pressed
  • Be sure the heater is plugged in to a dedicated 120v / 20amp outlet
  • Check to see if the GFI/breaker has been tripped
  • Be sure the thermostat is set high enough to call for heat
  • Be sure the gas is on:
  • 1) For propane – check the valve to the tank and also the “t” valve right after the red regulator
  • 2) For natural gas – check the “t” valve right after the meter
  • If you are burning propane check to see if there is at least 20% in the tank
  • Be sure there are no materials blocking the front or back of the heater
  • Check to see if the hose is kinked or if there is anything on it such as lumber, vehicles, etc.
  • Be sure gas selector valve is in the correct position if applicable (natural gas or propane)
  • Be sure all extension cords are grounded
  • All ductwork must be straight to maintain constant air flow


We also have portable heater troubleshooting videos for a dirty flame sensor rod, dirty spark plug, and bad fuel connection.


The On Site Solutions

On Site Companies’ staff is full of industry experts that can provide you with solutions to your temporary heating needs. We take pride in providing you with the perfect equipment for your application and making sure it runs properly during your rental period. Browse our portable heaters and request a quote below!

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Methanol for Portable Restrooms

Top 5 Benefits of Using Methanol for Portable Restrooms

One common misconception in the sanitation industry is that these types of services aren’t available in the winter. However, all of our branches in both Minnesota and Missouri take a very proactive approach to prevent water from freezing during the colder months. Here are the top 5 benefits of using methanol for portable restrooms.

1) Decrease Amount of Maintenance Needed

If a company providing portable restrooms does not use methanol or another method to prevent freezing this will cause a great inconvenience to the customer. This prevents restroom use until the company is able to fix it, which can be a lengthy process and occur often during a rental period depending on the season.

2) Prevent Fresh Water Contamination

In a worst-case scenario, the tank of a portable restroom can break. Even if your holding tank holds up, fresh water can get contaminated with frozen waste from a previous service due to layering. This is extremely unsanitary and could lead to illnesses.

3) Avoid Unpleasant Odors

Fresh water isn’t the only thing at risk when the temperature drops. If waste freezes it can cause very pungent odors and will give users a very unpleasant experience.

4) It’s Cleaner than Alternative Options

Some companies only use salts such as sodium chloride and magnesium chloride to prevent freezing. However, although these options may be cheaper in price, they ultimately leave residue in the tank that can build up if not thoroughly cleaned during every service.

5) Save the Environment

Using high amounts of salt increases the chances of grass damage resulting from spilled salt that doesn’t make it into the tank. This can prevent grass growth and even kill it entirely if enough salt is spilled.

The On Site Solutions

For over 30 years we have taken pride in our industry leading sanitation standards. Here is where you can find more information on our portable restrooms. Place orders for special events on our online shop.  Call us today or request a quote below for longer rentals.

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How to Start Your Temporary Heating Plan

How to Start Your Temporary Heating Plan

There are a lot of variables to consider when creating a temporary heating plan for the winter. By preparing accordingly, you can find an efficient heating solution that is cost effective and keeps everyone safe. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What is your goal?

Defining your needs and determining what you are trying to accomplish will give you the foundation for a good heating plan. Are you just trying to keep everyone warm or is there another goal to keep in mind? Maybe you’re trying to thaw the ground or cure concrete. Different goals require different heaters – and sometimes a combination of different equipment.


What fuel source is available?

Not all heaters use the same fuel source. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect temporary heating solution only to find out in the end that the heaters you were planning to use require a fuel source that you don’t have available at the site.


What power is available?

Similarly to the topic of fuel source, different types of heaters require different types of power. Taking this into consideration before you start to browse for heaters will ultimately save you a lot of headache as opposed to neglecting to do so.


How many BTU’s do you need?

Determining the correct number of BTU’s needed for a project is essential to a successful temporary heating solution. In order to calculate the perfect number you will need to define the dimensions of the space, the preferred temperature of the inside, and the estimated temperature of the outside.


Not good at math? It’s okay – use our handy portable heat calculator. Just click the red calculator icon to the right of the webpage. Input all of the necessary data and you will be one step closer to creating the perfect plan!


The On Site Solutions

Having an industry expert on your side is ultimately the most cost effective and efficient route to go about creating a temporary heating plan. For over 30 years we have helped our community with their climate control needs. Check out our website for more information on our portable heaters. Call us today or request a quote below for the perfect temporary heating solution.

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Top 5 Ways to Heat Up Your Construction Site

Top 5 Ways to Heat Up Your Construction Site

Cold weather isn’t going to stop your construction team. Heating up your job site can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start! There are several ways to keep your team warm with portable heating solutions. Here’s five ways to heat up your construction site.

1) Direct Fired Heaters

Direct fired heaters will quickly heat large areas, while forcing moisture and contaminates out through pressurized methods. These heaters are perfect for use on your job site. All of these units burn 100% outside air.

2) Indirect Fired Heaters 

Indirect fired heaters will provide you with comfortable portable, temporary heat that is environmentally friendly and portable. Indirect Fired Heaters are an enclosed flame heat alternative that work by venting harmful combustion by-products outside, while also eliminating harmful contaminants and moisture from the air.

3) Direct Fired Enclosed Flame Heaters

Direct enclosed flame heaters are portable, quiet, and are easily moved from one area to another. With remote thermostats and security options, you can monitor the equipment usage and temperature control.

4) Electric Heaters 

Electric space heaters are designed to be used in small spaces where non-combustible heat sources are required. These units allow you to provide heat to your job site, without having to vent out fumes. This allows you to heat any area in a safe and efficient manner.

5) Convention Heaters

Convection heaters are perfect for use when you need temporary heating, but you do not have electricity or natural gas available for a fuel source. These units use vapor propane instead to produce direct fired heat.

Bonus: Ground Thaw Units

Utilizing units such as ground thaw heaters, heat exchangers, and ground thaw blankets is another great way to remove ice from the ground of your job site and keep it warm for your workers.

The On Site Solutions

On Site Companies has all of the above solutions to heat up your construction site. Here are all of our portable heaters for construction. It is never too early to begin planning for cold weather. We recommend that our customers do so to ensure that we have the right solutions for you available when you need it. Call us today to discuss your needs – we would love to provide you with a quote specifically tailored to your job site.

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