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Does Your Campsite Need New Porta Johns?

It’s taking its sweet time, but the best weekend of the year is almost here. You already have all of the supplies and provisions you need for your annual camping trip, including a few (cases) of your favorite alcoholic beverages. The only thing you have to worry about now is finding a convenient and comfortable place for your family members to use the bathroom out there. Your old outhouse pit filled up towards the tail end of your last trip, and you have no interest in trying to empty it out or digging a new hole to place the unit on. What you need is a clean, efficient and affordable restroom that won’t force you to perform constant maintenance.

At On Site, we’re committed to providing a wide range of portable toilets and sanitation facilities to meet your needs. We offer standard portable restrooms, hand wash stations, luxury restroom trailers, shower trailers and anything else your next camping adventure requires. To help you determine whether one of our high-quality sanitation solutions is right for you, let’s discuss the benefits of forgoing an outhouse in favor of a campsite porta potty.

Porta Potties Are Easier to Clean and Maintain

One of the worst parts about owning a campsite outhouse is the fact that you need to commit to either cleaning its waste pit out or digging new one every single time it fills up. Here’s a quick rundown on how each process works:

Pit cleaning will usually take about two hours or so. You’ll need to remove the outhouse bench to gain access to its filled waste pit. From there, you’ll use a manual auger to dig into the waste and pull it up for easier access. Ideally, this process will take place several months after the outhouse was used last. Otherwise, working with its waste material will be significantly messier and more difficult. After cleaning out the pit, you’ll place its old waste into a portable container and find a discreet place on the property to bury it. Only people with strong stomachs should attempt this smelly and intensely inconvenient task.

Moving your outhouse is only a viable tactic if there are several areas on the property that can facilitate the unit. This process will require you to uproot your outhouse, dig a new waste pit in a new location and place the outhouse over it. Depending on how your outhouse was first installed, this process may take several days, a few helping hands and power tools to complete.

Unlike outhouses, porta potties are incredibly easy to empty out and maintain. After its waste tank fills up, you’ll undo its locking hatch to remove it from the rest of the unit. From there, you can effortlessly transport the tank to a nearby campground restroom to flush its contents or dig a small waste storage hole. Just be sure to use a hose or faucet to clean out the container before slotting it back into the main porta potty unit. If you simply rented your porta potty for the duration of your trip from a reputable provider, they’ll send an experienced team to service the unit whenever you need it cleaned, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip instead of fretting about bathroom maintenance.

Porta Potties Are More Sanitary Than Outhouses

Dealing with feces can be incredibly dangerous because it contains a host of harmful bacteria and germs. Consequently, it’s imperative to choose a campsite bathroom that will mitigate your exposure to human waste. Instead of digging through smelly waste pits and struggling to pack their contents into bags or wheelbarrows (potentially subjecting yourself to viruses and sickness in the process), we propose that you look into a simpler and more sanitary solution.

When properly maintained, porta potties are exceptionally sanitary and clean. That’s because they utilize special chemicals that eliminate bacteria and break down waste. This key feature ensures that damaging microorganisms won’t spread to you or your camping companions. Moreover, porta potties use tank ventilation systems and odor-neutralizing chemicals to keep nasty smells at bay, making them significantly more comfortable to use than conventional outhouses.

Order Campsite Porta Potties From On Site

Be sure to get a quote from On Site today if you’re interested in picking up a high-quality portable restroom for your campsite. We pride ourselves in providing the cleanest and most affordable sanitation solutions on the market. And if you have any questions about our products or campsite bathrooms in general, then don’t hesitate to call or message us today!

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