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When to Rent a Temporary Air Conditioner

The summer months can be hot, humid, and hard to find relief at times, especially if you’re outside. More than likely, at a construction site you’re already working up a sweat, and nobody wants to go to an outdoor event in the summer and feel uncomfortable. A/C rental can make a huge difference for a company or event. With the option to escape the heat and truly cool off, guests won’t wish they had stayed home and your employees will likely feel more comfortable throughout the day, boosting morale. Air conditioning rental for outdoor events can be the key to happy guests, and A/C rental for construction can make working a little more bearable. (more…)

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Air Filtration: What it is and When to Use It

It’s no secret that construction sites can create a lot of dust and result in poor air quality. Constantly breathing in particles can potentially cause serious health problems for construction workers. Being exposed to contaminated air can decrease productivity in employees, as well.

Certain situations may require construction teams to evaluate their air quality situation, such as working inside an enclosed building or at a healthcare facility. If a construction team isn’t always exposed to these elements, being able to rent the air filtration equipment your team needs can be beneficial. Proper construction air filtration is crucial to providing a healthy and safe environment for every member of your crew. (more…)

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How to Cure Concrete In Sub-Freezing Temperatures

The Midwest is typically subject to some pretty cold temperatures during the winter months, but although the weather may sometimes be unbearable, construction doesn’t necessarily stop. Winter can seem like a tough season for curing concrete, but it can’t always be avoided.

Concrete is best set at a mild temperature of 50 to 60 degrees F. In the winter, the temperatures are likely to be significantly lower, making it hard to properly cure. Snow, ice, and cold weather cause delays in construction, and if not exposed to the right elements, the concrete can be weak and brittle once dry. Curing concrete in cold weather can seem like a bit of a challenge, but with the right tools, it can be achieved. (more…)

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New OSHA Regulations Your Construction Team Needs to Know

Every year the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) updates their rules and regulations. With new technologies and rapidly changing workforce demographics, there is a constant need to keep improving these rules and regulations in order to keep work environments safe, especially for construction sites.

While it is important to always keep in mind OSHA regulations to prevent workplace injury and avoid fines, we know it can be hard to keep up with the near constant implementation of new rules. We’ve created a list of some of the 2018 OSHA regulations that construction teams should look out for.


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Construction Site Showers: Why Renting Shower Trailers Will Boost Your Construction Team’s Morale

There is no better feeling in the world than being nice and clean after a hot shower. While having portable restrooms, heaters, and air conditioners are obvious things to have at a construction site, having a portable shower is beneficial, as well. Not only will it show that you care about your employees’ health and cleanliness, but it can improve their work ethic and overall morale. At On Site, we take employee morale seriously. By offering the best of the best when it comes to construction site sanitation we do our part to keep your crew clean and happy.


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8 Things Your Construction Team Should Be Recycling

Throughout a construction project, whatever it may be, you’re bound to be tossing away a lot of debris. Debris is generated from all phases of a project and often just gets thrown away and later taken to a landfill. Recycling and reusing materials is many times overlooked, especially during the cold, winter months when you want to finish a project as quickly as possible. With the use of an electric construction heater, you’ll stay warmer on the job site and be more apt to implement a longer timeline, making recycling more attainable. (more…)

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OSHA Rules and Regulations for Bathrooms at Construction Sites

Blog Banner - OSHA Rules & Regulations for Bathrooms at Construction Sites

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) likes to keep you on your toes by regularly updating and revising its standards, regulations and compliances for healthy working conditions. When it comes to safety and sanitation, OSHA’s constant changes makes ensuring that your construction sites are up to code a cumbersome task.  Furthermore, the details and provisions of the regulations differ from state-to-state. The best way to make sure you site is OSHA compliant is to make a habit out of checking for OSHA updates. At On Site, we take pride in providing you with all of the information and resources you need to complete your construction jobs safely and on schedule. Today, we’re going to do that by giving you the latest rundown of OSHA’s rules and regulations when it comes to bathrooms at construction sites. (more…)

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6 Ways Renting a Concrete Blanket Will Improve Your Construction Project

Working on a cold construction site can be challenging, particularly when the weather threatens to damage equipment, tamper with your concrete’s setting process, or keep the ground from thawing during landscaping projects. If you don’t take the proper precautions, low temperatures can force your contracting team to stay at the same site for weeks on end to finish up. Costing you valuable time, money and preventing you from moving on to the next project. Here at On Site, we offer a wide selection of concrete curing blankets that are specially designed to keep concrete, blocks and bricks at an optimal temperature. Today we’ll be discussing six reasons why renting a concrete blanket will improve your construction project. But before we do, let’s briefly explain how cold weather can affect your site. (more…)

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Ways to Quickly and Thoroughly Cure Concrete in the Winter

Just because winter has come doesn’t mean that construction gets to stop. Whether your job is big or small, battling the elements while trying to complete your project can be trying. One of the hardest aspects of working with concrete in the winter is trying to get your concrete to thoroughly cure before the next storm rolls through. Luckily, On Site offers multiple solutions to help you cure your concrete quickly this winter.

No matter the size of your project, we have the ground heater that can fit your project’s scale and scope. With one of our ground heaters, you’ll be able to thaw frozen ground, cure concrete, prevent frost and provide temporary air heat during the colder months of the year.  If you need to perform some foundation curing in winter, then you’re in luck. Winter concrete curing doesn’t need to be a pain. With the right tool, you’ll be able to cut your project’s timeline in half; it’s as simple as choosing which ground heater is right for you. (more…)

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The Importance of Proper Ventilation For Construction Heaters

Proper ventilation for construction heaters; it’s one of those job site basics that you don’t even think about until something goes wrong. Professionals will tell you that proper ventilation is the key to a successful and on time project when using construction heaters. As we all know, construction doesn’t sleep. As nice as it would be to only work in the warmer months it’s not feasible. Things break or need to be built; it’s just a part of life. And spending energy being angry about the weather is a futile endeavor. It’s going to rain and snow, depending on where you live, and the temperatures will drop. The best contractors can tell you that the secret to a productive winter season is preparation. (more…)

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