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Portable Restroom Use in the Winter (Q&A)

Portable Restroom Use in the Winter | Image of Portable Restrooms in snow

A lot of people assume that they can not use a portable restroom in the winter. They think that it isn’t possible due to the cold weather making the unit freeze. This is one of a few misconceptions that arise in the sanitation industry. Check out this guide for answers to common questions we tend to receive once the temperature begins to drop.

Can I use a portable restroom during the winter?

You can most definitely rent a portable restroom during the cold winter months. We have the infrastructure and proven processes to prepare your special event or job site for freezing temperatures. Cold weather will not stop you from enjoying portable sanitation.

How do you prevent a portable restroom from freezing?

We have several proven processes to prevent your portable restroom from freezing. We fill the tanks of our restrooms with a methanol mixture that will prevent water and waste from freezing. Our urinals are salted to prevent moisture from freezing as well. We recommend including portable restroom electric space heaters to your rental order to help keep your guests or employees warm.

Can I rent a luxury restroom trailer during the winter?

Some of our luxury restroom trailers are available for rent for cold weather outdoor use by using our Winter Packages that includes access to extra 110V – 20 AMP electrical circuits, Premier 170 heater, skirting, & heated hoses.

Our On Site Suite, Commercial Prestige, Versa, Comfort Station, and Prestige are all compatible with our Winter Package. Please contact us for more details.

Can I rent a luxury shower trailer during the winter?

Unfortunately, luxury shower trailers can’t be used outdoors during the winter. There’s too much running water in showers to be able to separate our methanol mixture that prevents freezing from potable water that is safe to bathe with. Consider placing the shower trailer indoors if you have access to indoor space.

How can I keep the ground from freezing or thaw frozen ground?

We have a wide selection of ground thawing units that can prevent the ground from freezing or thaw freezing ground. We recommend including ground thaw blankets to your rental order to maximize the efficiency of the heaters. This equipment can also be used to cure concrete during the winter as well.

How can I keep my entire special event or job site warm in the winter?

We have a wide selection of temporary, portable heating equipment to keep your special event or job site warm during the colder winter months. Please contact us for more information and how we can satisfy your unique needs to keep everyone warm.

The On Site Solutions

For over 30 years we have helped our community keep their special events and construction job sites sanitized and warm throughout the winter. Call us today or request a quote below for the perfect portable sanitation and temporary heating solution.

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Methanol for Portable Restrooms

Top 5 Benefits of Using Methanol for Portable Restrooms and portable restroom image

One common misconception in the sanitation industry is that these types of services aren’t available in the winter. However, all of our branches in both Minnesota and Missouri take a very proactive approach to prevent water from freezing during the colder months. Here are the top 5 benefits of using methanol for portable restrooms.

1) Decrease Amount of Maintenance Needed

If a company providing portable restrooms does not use methanol or another method to prevent freezing this will cause a great inconvenience to the customer. This prevents restroom use until the company is able to fix it, which can be a lengthy process and occur often during a rental period depending on the season.

2) Prevent Fresh Water Contamination

In a worst-case scenario, the tank of a portable restroom can break. Even if your holding tank holds up, fresh water can get contaminated with frozen waste from a previous service due to layering. This is extremely unsanitary and could lead to illnesses.

3) Avoid Unpleasant Odors

Fresh water isn’t the only thing at risk when the temperature drops. If waste freezes it can cause very pungent odors and will give users a very unpleasant experience.

4) It’s Cleaner than Alternative Options

Some companies only use salts such as sodium chloride and magnesium chloride to prevent freezing. However, although these options may be cheaper in price, they ultimately leave residue in the tank that can build up if not thoroughly cleaned during every service.

5) Save the Environment

Using high amounts of salt increases the chances of grass damage resulting from spilled salt that doesn’t make it into the tank. This can prevent grass growth and even kill it entirely if enough salt is spilled.

The On Site Solutions

For over 30 years we have taken pride in our industry leading sanitation standards. Here is where you can find more information on our portable restrooms. Place orders for special events on our online shop.  Call us today or request a quote below for longer rentals.

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High Tech Porta Potty?

All porta potty companies are the same, right? I mean, really they just drop off a porta potty and clean it occasionally and THAT’S IT, right?

Wrong. Oh so wrong. The behind-the-scenes at On Site is a lot more than that! And, it’s surprisingly high tech.

In The Beginning

At On Site, the differences are noticeable right from the very beginning of the process. While you know you need temporary sanitation, you might not know exactly what you need or how much you need. On Site’s website is a great place to start your journey. We have a restroom calculator that allows you to input how many people and how much time you’ll need it for to get a ballpark estimate of how many toilets you’ll need. It even includes if you’ll need handwash stations and how many!

Beyond the typical porta potties, you may want to consider a luxury trailer for special events or parties. And, if you’re looking for sanitation solutions for a construction project, a fresh flush system may be right for you.

Wow, that’s a lot of options! It could be a bit over-whelming, but it’s okay. Once you familiarized yourself with the options on the website, you can move on to phase two of your master plan. If you need just a unit or two for a backyard party, at this point you can order online for deliveries outside of 72 hours. Our secure server even allows for you to pay for your order online, any time, day or night. If you need something more involved, you can either fill out the form on the site to have a member of our sales team call you or you can call us at 800.210.8407.

Whether you call us or we call you, you’ll get to talk to one of our experts. They’re going to work with you to make sure you get exactly the best sanitation solution for your needs. Our team will prepare a quote for you after consultation not just for how many units, but how often you’ll get service. They’ll make sure our techs will know the important details about unit placement as well as information about any other concerns you have.

High Tech, High Efficiency

Here’s where On Site’s technological advancements come in to play. With our operating system software, when the sales person takes your order, it is entered into our system. That same software communicates with sales, billing, dispatch, and the technicians in the field. It allows us to build the most efficient routes, providing our drivers with GPS directions as they drive, up to the minute instructions and notes, as well as communicating back to our dispatch office maps and location data of the drivers. The drivers access all this information via an iPad they use to not only check in and out of their stops on their routes, but provide instant feedback to our office team of any issues they encounter. This allows our team to solve problems on the fly for our customers.

All this efficiency has real value to our customers. It means we make sure they get what they need when they need it without wasting resources or time. If there is a problem, this process and technology make sure our team can fix it in the shortest amount of time possible. It can be as simple as, “hey, our gate is going to be locked in the morning,” but that simple note can lead to your account manager working with you for a solution to make sure you get serviced. (A gate code? A different day? All that information gets to the driver!)

On Site Companies has come a long way since the days when routes were done on paper handwritten in a notebook. Sadly, not all restroom companies have come this far. The next time you’re shopping for a porta potty rental, ask yourself, does this company have the tech to make the process seamless? Can I order online? Are their routes efficient? Do they have quick and efficient communication infrastructure between their sales, billing, dispatch, and technicians? If you want to answer those questions, then you want On Site Companies.

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The Hidden Art of Sanitation

Unless you work in the sanitation industry (or write a blog!) you probably don’t give much thought to the temporary sanitation you see every day. In fact, there’s a good chance you don’t even notice all the porta potties and other sanitation services around you.

And, in a way, that’s good! Because really, when most people do notice sanitation it’s because something has gone wrong.

A Proud Tradition of Service

In stories, the role of the butler has become almost mythic. This is a man who is so perfect, they anticipate the hero’s every need. Everything is ready, it all flows seamlessly. You have Alfred, the loyal servant to Batman who not only manages to keep the mansion spotless, but also keeps the Batmobile, Batplane, and Batboat all perfectly maintained as well. All the work to make Batman possible comes from Alfred, yet he is a background character. He makes Batman operate without a hitch.

It’s not just Alfred either. The Avengers have their butler, Jarvis. Where would the Addams Family be without Lurch? Will Smith was lost without Geoffrey on “Fresh Prince.” And, who could ever forget Wadsworth as played by Tim Curry in the classic movie, “Clue?” Scrooge McDuck is stuck without Duckworth. Even the obscure cartoon superhero Freakazoid had his mute butler Ingmar! (“He’s mute, you know.”)

All of these butlers acted behind the scenes to make sure things move forward. They were almost invisible to those around them, their service at a level of expertise and professionalism of mythic proportions. Yet, there could never be success without them. They were counted on to always be there no matter what. The reliability of these butlers could never be questioned.

The Alfred To Your Batman

Good temporary sanitation is like a good butler. When your porta potty company is doing things right, they should be practically invisible. The porta potty should be set up at the right time in the right place, the unit should be clean on a regular schedule, and you should never even question if the unit is ready for you.

Professional and reliable service from your temporary sanitation company should be something you never have to think about. When we’re doing our job well, we should be all but invisible to you. After all, when you rented porta potties or restroom trailers, it was for a project or a job. That’s where your attention should be focused, not on whether or not your restroom is clean and ready for use on time.

That’s why On Site is the Alfred to your Batman. We are the ones behind the scenes to make you look good and successful. We sweat the sanitation details so you can focus on your project or event. And, like a good butler, we’re available whenever you call with our 24/7 tech support.

Call On Site today at 800-210-8407 to get your customized sanitation quote for your construction project or special event. Then, focus on your event or project and we’ll handle your sanitation.  As butlers say, “very good, sir.”

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Proud To Be In The PSAI

On Site Companies is proud to be a member of the Portable Sanitation Association International. On Site Companies has been a member of the PSAI nearly all of its 30 years. As a member of the PSAI, we hold to the highest standards. But, what is the Portable Sanitation Association International?

What is the PSAI

The mission of the PSAI is “is a world in which clean and safe sanitation is accessible to all.” Beyond that, the Portable Sanitation Association International also serves as the authority within the sanitation industry. It strives to increase the understanding of the role portable sanitation plays in public health. It also works to expand and improve portable sanitation facilities. Finally, the PSAI works to assist its members in building successful businesses.

The PSAI was founded in 1971, in Bloomington, MN. The first PSAI meeting was held that year in New Orleans. The first board of directors was formed with nine members from various companies in the industry. Board members are either portable restroom operators or suppliers whose companies are current members of the Portable Sanitation Association International. Today, the PSAI board of directors meets four times a year, as well as has conference calls as needed.

The PSAI in Action

Today, the Portable Sanitation Association International  is known for its set of standards that all members must adhere to. The Code of Excellence was formally adopted by the PSAI board of directors in May 2015. The Code of Excellence contains six parts; Excellence in Our Actions, Excellence in Our Reputation, Excellence in Our Relationships, Excellence in Our Operations, Excellence in Our Environment, and Excellence Acknowledgment.

Excellence in Action is about ethically conducting business and taking seriously our responsibilities to customers, employees, and the world. The Excellence in Reputation piece means maintaining certified and qualified personnel, providing clean portable restrooms, and listening to customer needs.  The next part, Excellence in Our Relationships, promotes treating everyone with respect, equal opportunity, and fair business practices with respect to competitors. Excellence in Our Operations refers to professionalism with equipment and keeping records. Then, there’s Excellence in Our Environment, which is about a commitment to health and safety as well as proper disposal of waste and protecting the environment. Finally, the Excellence Acknowledgement is a signed document stating the commitment to the PSAI Code of Excellence.

Beyond the Code of Excellence, the Portable Sanitation Association International also certifies portable sanitation professionals who perform to the standards of the PSAI. At On Site Companies, all but our newest technicians who have been on our team for less than a year are PSAI certified.

On Site and the Portable Sanitation Association International

On Site Companies has been a member of the PSAI for 29 of its 30 years. Even before that, our founder, Dave Holm, was PSAI certified. We’ve had a long relationship with the PSAI. Our co-founder, Karen Holm, even served as the Chair of the PSAI Board of Directors. Karen was the second woman ever to hold the position. It is easy to trace a line from the professionalism of On Site Companies and the standards the PSAI sets.

Not all temporary sanitation companies adhere to the same level of professionalism. Seeing a company is a member of the PSAI tells you about the standards of excellence you should expect from that company. If you want professional and reliable temporary sanitation, call On Site today at 800.210.8407 or check out our selection of porta potties and luxury restroom trailers.

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Keeping Your Porta Potties Accessible for Service

It’s a breath-taking morning on your job site or your special event. The sun is shining and it promises to be the perfect day. As you inhale a deep breath of fresh air, that’s when it hits you; the air isn’t all that fresh. Oh no… your porta potties weren’t serviced.

You look at your porta potties, trying to figure out why they weren’t serviced as you dial. That’s when you notice your row of units are behind a row of parked cars. Or your hook units are still up on the third floor of your project. Or you realize your gate was locked until five minutes ago when you arrive. No matter how you slice it, the service technician couldn’t reach your porta potties and couldn’t clean them.

What Happens During Porta Potty Service

 When On Site services your temporary restroom, our technician does a few different things. First, they empty out the unit of its current waste contents, putting in new fresh blue liquid. From there, the technician cleans the inside of the unit, and makes sure the toilet paper is stocked. The internal hand sanitizing pump is checked as well, making sure it is full and functioning. The unit is also inspected for any damage on the inside and outside.

How To Prep My Units for Service 

To ensure you get efficient and timely service for your units, here is a handy checklist to make sure your porta potty is ready for service.

  • The service truck can park within 20 feet of the unit to be serviced.
  • The unit is not locked.
  • The unit is not behind a locked gate or secured area.
  • Our technicians have been granted any required security clearance to enter the area.
  • No one is parked in a manner that blocks the unit or makes it so a truck cannot park within 20 feet.
  • There are no other items (machinery, debris, etc.) blocking the unit or the space within 20 feet of the unit for the truck to park.
  • We have been notified if the unit has been moved to a different location on the site.
  • We have been notified if the unit has been moved to a different site / address.
  • If we are servicing a hook unit, the unit has been lowered back to the ground and the truck is able to park within 20 feet of the unit.
  • In the winter, snow removable has not blocked the unit or the path to the unit so the truck can still park within 20 feet.

Regularly scheduled service means a lot for your job site or event. It means a sanitary space for your team or guests, which leads to better job efficiency or more enjoyment at an event. By following this simply checklist you’ll be ready for your scheduled service.

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Handling Water Runoff with Containment Pans 

Winter snow melt. The rainy season. Any way you slice it, it’s the wet time of year, which can have a huge impact on your construction site. You need to be able to deal with that water in an environmentally safe and legal way. One of the biggest issues is making sure the storm water runoff is not contaminated by the waste water generated by your portable restrooms.


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Porta Potties for Road Construction

As a professional working in the construction business, you know that having the proper facilities is crucial to supporting your employees’ hygiene and keeping them happy. This can be especially true when it comes to road construction sites, where you likely don’t have access to running water and flushing toilets. When you’re working on a road project, the last thing you want is to try to figure out where you’re going to use the restroom or to have to walk a mile only to have to wait in a long line. Knowing how many porta potties to provide at a road construction site is critical to the success of your project. If you don’t have enough, you run the risk of creating not only unsanitary situations, but an unhappy workplace.


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How to Keep Porta Potties Clean During Multi-Day Events

Putting on a special event can be a stressful task, especially when you have to keep things running smoothly multiple days in a row. Proper amenities, like trash cans and portable toilets, are a must—but just providing them isn’t enough. You also have to make sure they are kept clean and sanitary for guests. After all, you don’t want people heading to the toilet only to feel uncomfortable and wish they’d just waited until they got home. But how exactly can you ensure that your restrooms and amenities stay up to the standards of cleanliness for your event? That’s where we come in, armed with some tips and information that will help keep your restrooms sanitary throughout your event.


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How Many Porta Potties Does My Non-Profit Event Need?

Remembering all the details of planning a non-profit event can get stressful and time-consuming. You don’t want to forget anything, let alone not provide enough amenities for the amount of people who will be attending. The more people that attend, the more amenities you’ll need to keep your event running smoothly. Planning an outdoor event that requires portable toilets, as well as other sanitation options, can be challenging—but it can be done.


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