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The Safety Impacts of Portable Restrooms

Portable restrooms provide an array of benefits to the user. One the major benefits is serving as a safe, private space to relieve oneself instead of having to search for a bathroom off premises or using nearby woods or bushes for that purpose. At On Site Companies, we offer various types of portable restroom options that are safe and reliable for the public.

Let’s look at the safety impacts of portable restrooms in terms of how they affect humans and the environment.

Human Safety

Properly maintained portable restrooms and toilets prevents disease from spreading from person to person. These portable bathrooms are often treated with products that mitigate foul smells and the growth of parasites from human waste.

Portable restrooms used at events where food is served which also include handwashing with soap of sanitizer helps reduce the spread of illness and disease. If long-term portable restrooms are used, then service personnel may also clean and disinfect the units from time to time, further preventing the spread of bacteria and disease among individuals.

Environmental Safety

Human waste can travel through the environment and be a source of toxicity to wildlife. It can travel on the wings of insects, the hooves and paws of animals, and by human shoes. Clean portable restrooms prevent this environmental issue form occurring in parks, campgrounds, construction project sites, outdoor wedding venues, and other outdoor functions and gatherings.

If human feces are not disposed of properly they have the potential to contaminate bodies of water in close proximity. Some pathogens in this waste flourish in cold water and have the potential to spread diseases. Whether portable restrooms are spread out in various locations on a property or place in a centralized location, it is vital that human waste they contain is properly eliminated. Both portable restrooms and restroom trailers with toilets that flush and running water help ensure this is done.

At On Site Companies, we offer numerous options in portable restrooms and luxury restroom trailers to help keep both people and the environment protected from disease.

For more information about the portable restroom solutions we offer, call us today at 800.210.8407 or send an email to

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What are Portable Restroom Trailers?

What are Portable Restroom Trailers | On Site Companies

If you are hosting any type of outdoor event, it is imperative that you ensure your guests are well taken care of, including when it comes to their most personal needs that are usually addressed in a restroom. This can be done by renting portable restroom trailers. These trailers offer more than the typical standalone bathroom stall. They come with an array of amenities that simulate what you may find inside a residential home or commercial building. At On Site Companies, we offer an array of portable restroom trailers for the comfort, quality, and convenience of your guests or workers.

You can have portable restroom trailers dropped off and positioned at the site of your gathering or event before the day they are needed, ensuring that everyone who needs to can use the bathroom and take care of business.

Features of Portable Restroom Trailers

Modern portable restroom trailers offer a variety of important amenities and features for the user, including running sinks, urinals, toilets, and climate-controlled environments, to mention a few. Some come with multiple stalls and urinals per unit. The sinks are located near mirrors and soap dispensers. They have lighting and some have wheelchair access. They are also stocked with supplies.

Clean and Safe Portable Restroom Trailers

Your portable restroom trailer rentals will arrive clean and disinfected with hospital-grade supplies. Once your
event is over, they will be picked up and then cleaned and disinfected again. You don’t have to clean the units yourself.Renting portable restroom trailers ensures that every person onsite has access to a clean bathroom. They can feel confident that these portable bathrooms are safe for themselves and their children. The toilets will work and the water will run. There will be soap to wash their hands in addition to paper towels to dry their hands.

These portable bathroom trailers also provide ample space in which to move around. They are easy to access and can often accommodate multiple people at once.

Portable restroom trailers can also be used for long-term rentals as well. Common applications include commercial construction renovations, home remodels, and various industrial applications that leave workers without a restroom.

To learn about the various portable restroom trailers we offer at On Site Companies, give us a call today 800.210.8407or reach us by email at

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Common Myths About Portable Restrooms Debunked

Many ideas you may or may not have been told about portable restrooms are not necessarily factual. There are a number of misconceptions about these pieces of equipment that ought to be cleared up. At On Site Companies, we offer an array of portable restroom solutions designed for many types of outdoor settings and events so today we would like to address some of these ideas.

Myth #1: Portable Restrooms Will Look Bad at a Formal or Upscale Event

Portable luxury restroom trailers provide amenities that go beyond those of the typical, standard portable restroom. These may include air conditioning and heating, faux wood flooring, Formica marbled sinks or countertops, oak cabinets, and more. Some of them feature multiple stalls to handle multiple persons at a time.

Myth #2: Portable Restrooms are Unsanitary and Smelly

A big misconception is that all portable restrooms are unsanitary. While some mobile bathrooms of the past may have fallen into this category much of the time, our new portable restrooms, including luxury portable units, are designed with quality and user experience in mind including features such as: running water, sanitizers or soap dispensers, flushable toilets, easy-to-clean surfaces, and vents to control odors.

Myth #3: You Can’t Wash Your Hands in a Portable Restroom

Another misconception is that portable bathrooms lack any accessory for washing the hands. However, that is largely false. All standard units include hand sanitizers at a minimum. Other luxury models feature running water sinks. In other cases, portable hand washing units are placed outside of bathrooms that can be used.

Myth #4: Portable Restrooms Are Only for Festivals and Construction Sites

Another myth is that portable restrooms are only applicable for large outdoor festivals or construction sites, not small events. However, they are actually ideal for personal use events such as weddings, graduation parties, and family reunions. In addition, some small, seasonal businesses rent portable restrooms for parks, farms, and golf courses.

Myth #5: Portable Restrooms are Bad for the Environment

Standard portable restrooms don’t require water after use. Running water toilets can waste up to a couple hundred gallons of water daily. Portable restrooms save tens of billions of water every year. This is significant since toilet flushing is the highest use of water in the United States.

For information about the portable restroom solutions we offer at On Site Companies, call us today at 800.210.8407 or email

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Key Environmental Benefits of Portable Restrooms

At One Site Companies, we provide only the most experienced knowledge and sources for portable sanitation systems. Portable restrooms offer several benefits on top of providing a safe, sanitized, and easy to use private environment for users.

In our mission, we would like to provide insight for you on how portable restrooms also have huge environmental benefits for users.

Conserving Water

Flushing is the largest daily use of water in the United States, including showering and hand washing. Portable restrooms conserve water since they don’t require flushing after every use. According to the PSAI 45 billion gallons of fresh water are saved annually by portable restroom use.

Protecting Landscaping and Waterways

Portable restrooms help preserve the surrounding landscaping by saving plant life from harm due to individual waste on bushes and trees. They also prevent human waste from reaching streams where it can poison certain bodies of water, harming local flora and wildlife. Portable restrooms keep human waste safely contained until it is disposed of for treatment, protecting the surrounding natural environment.

Reduced Insect Problems

Containing human waste in portable restrooms helps prevent the problem of insects swarming to the waste. If a person’s waste contains any parasites, they could end up in the soil when not properly contained in a portable restroom. This could potentially infect someone else who came into contact with the waste and cause damage to the environment.

Preserving Public Health

Various diseases spread through the transfer of fecal matter to the mouth. When someone does a bowel movement, but fails to wash their hands properly, and then touches objects such as utensils or food, the germs can spread and cause sickness. The same is true for urinating without washing the hands. Portable restrooms with hand sanitizer or soap dispensers and running water solve this problem. Otherwise, individuals at various outdoor events are forced to go to the bathroom in the bushes somewhere without an opportunity to sanitize themselves, including their hands.

Odor Control

The design of portable restrooms today includes better odor control than older generation porta potties. Here at On Site Companies, we use hospital-grade disinfectant to clean our units and take great measures to ensure a pleasant experience. This means that regardless of whether or not it is the type of mobile restroom that flushes, it will not spread an unappealing aroma to areas of your area, even if you have multiple portable restrooms set up throughout your venue.

To learn about the portable sanitation solutions we offer, give us a call today at 800.210.8407 or email us at

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Portable Restrooms for Graduation Parties

Portable Restrooms for Graduation Parties - Blog

Most people don’t even consider renting portable restrooms for graduation parties as an option when planning their big day. Whether you are hosting your grad party at your home or a public venue such as a park, portable restrooms are sure to make your guests have a better experience. Here are the top three reasons why our customers decide to rent porta potties during grad party season.


1) Keep Your Guests Comfortable

We all know how uncomfortable it can be to wait in a long line for the restroom. This problem starts to become apparent at events of 50 people or larger, especially when alcohol is served. This is why using portable restrooms for graduation parties is a good idea. Are you unsure of how many portable restrooms would be the perfect amount for your event? Use our calculator on our portable restroom page (scroll to the bottom). Just answer the questions provided and an amount of portable restrooms will be recommended to you.


2) Control the Traffic of Your Grad Party

If you are hosting your graduation party at your home, you may not want guests constantly walking in and out of your house just to use the restroom. They can track in dirt and grime if they don’t take off their shoes. Having guests constantly in motion can also be a disruption for anyone that’s lounging inside. Using porta johns allow you to control the traffic of the event. You can keep the majority of the guests outside, so anyone indoors can mingle in peace. If your event is in a public place such a park, this will also keep other visitors happy.


3) Portable Restrooms for Graduation Parties Keep Your Guests Safe

After the rise of COVID-19, the world has seen the importance of sanitation and social distancing. Portable restrooms allow guests to maintain their personal space while waiting to use the restroom. Having a sufficient number of portable restrooms will ensure that you won’t run out of valuable sanitation supplies such as hand soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and toilet paper. Hand sanitizer stations are a great source of additional sanitation. Portable hand wash stations are also great to keep your guests clean when food is served.


4) Bonus: Combine Portable Restrooms with Other Portable Equipment

As mentioned above, hand sanitizer stations and hand wash stations are a great addition to any grad party. Cardboard trash boxes are a great cost effective solution to collecting the waste from food and beverages that are served. Is your event taking place in a tent? Consider renting a portable air conditioner. Also, consider using misting fans to keep your guests cool outside as well.


Rent Portable Restrooms for Graduation Parties with On Site Companies!

At On Site Companies, we take pride in being your one stop shop for all of your portable party needs. If you need portable restrooms or accessories for your graduation party or special event, request a quote today! Call us at 800.210.8407 to speak to an industry expert that can recommend the perfect solution for your needs.

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The Portable Sink with Hot & Cold Water

The Portable Sink With Hot And Cold Water - Blog Banner

On Site Companies’ SaniSink is the perfect portable sink that provides both hot and cold water! This portable sink is a standalone unit that allows users to take control of their water quality by hooking up directly to a 5 gallon water tank. The sink needs one standard 100/120v outlet to connect to for power and an additional empty water tank to store used water.

This mobile sink can be used as your all-in-one hand washing station. It features attached soap and paper towel dispensers. Connect the SaniSink with a 5 gallon purified water tank to have a source of safe, clean drinking water. Common uses include hospitals, offices, commercial remodels, concession stands, camp grounds, and more!


Use a Portable Sink with Cold AND Hot Water

Just because your sink is mobile, doesn’t mean that you lose access to hot water. The SaniSink contains a water heater that allows users to control the temperature of their water during use. There are two separate handles for “cold” and “hot” water just like a stationary sink.

Since the SaniSink is a portable sink with a tank, all of your water is guaranteed to be fresh. However, this is only true if you use our recommended 5 gallon tank of purified water as opposed to attaching to a hose. All of the used water will dispense out of the backside of the sink. We recommend using another empty 5 gallon tank for easy capture and disposal of the used water.



Take Control of Your Portable Sink’s Water QualityInside of portable sink

Stationary sinks and mobile sinks that rely on connecting to public water systems put users at risk for drinking unsafe water. Mobile sinks that require a hose to connect to public tap water gives the user no control over water quality. Drinking contaminated water can cause sickness or even severe heath issues  for instance.

However, the SaniSink is a portable sink that allows you to control the water source. We strongly recommend using a 5 gallon tank of purified water. This will assure that the water source of your portable sink is clean and safe for drinking.


Wash Your Hands with Convenience

The set up of the SaniSink is very easy. All you need is a 5 gallon tank of purified water, an empty 5 gallon tank, and access to a standard 100/120v outlet. First, hook up the filled water tank to the water dispenser inside the sink. Afterwards, connect the empty water tank to the hose that dispenses the used water in the back of the sink. Finally, just connect the plug to a standard electrical outlet and you are ready to go!

This portable sink has other features that makes it very convenient. Control the temperature with the labeled “hot” and “cold” handles. Use the soap dispenser that is attached to the sink for washing. Finally, complete your wash by drying off with the paper towels from the attached dispenser. This all-in-one mobile sink makes hand washing a breeze!

Handwashing with SaniSink

Buy Your Portable Sink Now!

At On Site Companies, we strive to lead the industry in reliable sanitation and that’s why we produced the SaniSink. Our portable sinks are in stock and available to ship throughout the entire Untied States now. First, click the button below. Then, add the item to your cart. After you enter your delivery and payment details your mobile sink(s) will ship in 4-5 business days.

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5 Facts About Portable Toilets

5 Facts About Portable Toilets Banner

Did you know that November 19, 2021 is World Toilet Day? The United Nations has marked this as an observance day to raise awareness on the current global sanitation crisis. This year, the campaign is about encouraging everyone to value toilets and all that they do for us. It is definitely eye opening to learn that 3.6 billion people in the world don’t have access to proper sanitation. When there is no access to standard stationary restrooms, one of the most common temporary solutions is to rent out portable toilets. They seem pretty straight forward, but how much do you really know about them? You’re about to find out! Here are 5 facts about portable toilets you might not be aware of:

1. There Is More Than One Kind Of Portable Toilet

On Site Companies Portable Toilets

When picturing a portable toilet, you might think there’s not much to it. A porta potty usually looks like, well, a porta potty. If you’re planning on renting out a portable toilet, you might be surprised to find out there are different kinds to choose from. The kind of portable toilet you rent out will usually depend on the type of setting as well as circumstance. Besides the standard portable restrooms that are traditionally used, here are a few other examples you might not know of:

  • Hook Unit Portable Restroom – This unit comes with a harness that allows it to be lifted by a crane. It’s usually rented out for construction projects that need the restroom to be moved to different levels and areas.
  • High Rise Portable Restroom – This portable restroom is a bit more narrow than your standard unit. It has a retractable ceiling. This allows it to fit through standard doorways and freight elevators. The High Rise is perfect for construction projects that need the restroom moved to multiple floors.
  • Mobile Portable Restroom – This looks like your standard portable restroom, but placed on small wheels. It allows the unit to have easy mobility to different locations. For example, you might find these in golf courses, since the units would have to be moved around.
  • ADA Portable Restroom – Compliant with ADA standards, this portable restroom is equipped with handrails and larger space for full wheelchair movement inside the unit.


2. Portable Toilets Save Water

On Site Companies Special Event Portable Restrooms

A fun fact about about portable toilets is that they save around 125 million gallons of freshwater every day. This is significantly impactful considering freshwater accounts for only 3% of Earth’s water. Doesn’t seem like much, does it? This shows how important it is to limit the amount of wasted freshwater in our daily lives. Flushing the toilet and having it run daily can waste up to 300 gallons of freshwater per day. On the other hand, the use of portable restrooms save 45 billion gallons of freshwater every year. That’s a lot of freshwater. Offering temporary sanitation solutions that contribute to the preservation of freshwater is something that we at On Site Companies take pride in!


3. The Blue Liquid In The Porta Potty Has A Purpose

Portable Toilet Blue Liquid

Most standard portable toilets are not flushable. What happens when several people use the restroom without being able to flush the toilet? The blue liquid you see in portable toilets has a purpose beyond just being a “blue liquid”. It is actually a deodorizer that helps control and mask bad odors associated with human waste. It also has a pleasant fragrance. The color is meant to hide the waste in the tank from previous users. The deodorizer that we use at On Site Companies is non-formaldehyde, making it more environmentally friendly than previously used deodorizers for portable toilets.


4. Portable Restroom – But Make It Fancy!

Luxury Restroom Trailers - On Site Companies Portable Restrooms

Traditional portable restrooms are more often the first choice for quick and easy sanitation solutions. However, depending on the event taking place, you might be looking for something a bit more “luxurious”. You might also be looking for a more similar option to traditional stationary restrooms. Luckily, the Luxury Restroom Trailer exists. It’s portable and perfect for special events, weddings, concerts, and even commercial business construction! Luxury Restroom Trailers come in a variety of sizes and features, including ADA compliant trailers with drop down hydraulics and a wheelchair ramp.

At On Site Companies, we offer Luxury Restroom Trailers for all types of event sizes. Most trailers include features like individually enclosed stalls, porcelain fixtures, heating and air conditioning, as well as running freshwater sinks and toilets. Some of these trailers also have aux input for custom background music. These Luxury Restroom Trailers are definitely set to take your event to the next level! Curious to see how these trailers look inside and out? Take a look at our Luxury Restroom Trailer Spotlight Videos!


5. Portable Toilets Are Actually More Sanitary Than You Think

On Site Hand Wash Station and Portable Toilet Servicing - Facts about portable toilets

Speaking of facts about portable toilets, here’s another fun one: they are actually more sanitary than you’d think. Given their size, they are easier and quicker to clean than standard stationary restrooms. There are also specific sanitary protocols followed when cleaning portable restrooms. At On Site Companies, our technicians are constantly servicing rented portable restrooms to ensure quality and cleanliness is maintained. As part of the waste disposal and cleaning process, we use a hospital-grade deodorizer to disinfect and kill bacteria, as well as any microorganisms that might be present in the toilet and surfaces within the unit. We always encourage renting out portable restrooms along with temporary sanitation accessories. These accessories include portable hand wash stations and portable hand sanitizer stations. Maximize sanitation by having these accessories available to restroom users.

Quality Portable Toilets By On Site

Facts about portable toilets should not go unnoticed. These temporary solutions are varied, sanitary, and environmentally friendly. At On Site Companies, we take pride in setting the highest industry standards. We can provide you with quality sanitary solutions for your events and projects. We offer a wide variety of portable restroom and luxury restroom trailer rentals. To go along with your portable restroom, we also offer temporary sanitation accessories. Call us or request a quote today and contact an On Site representative. Depending on your needs, we will provide you with the best temporary sanitation solutions!

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Portable Restroom Use in the Winter (Q&A)

Portable Restroom Use in the Winter (Q&A)

A lot of people assume that they can not use a portable restroom in the winter. They think that it isn’t possible due to the cold weather making the unit freeze. This is one of a few misconceptions that arise in the sanitation industry. Check out this guide for answers to common questions we tend to receive once the temperature begins to drop.

Can I use a portable restroom during the winter?

You can most definitely rent a portable restroom during the cold winter months. We have the infrastructure and proven processes to prepare your special event or job site for freezing temperatures. Cold weather will not stop you from enjoying portable sanitation.

How do you prevent a portable restroom from freezing?

We have several proven processes to prevent your portable restroom from freezing. We fill the tanks of our restrooms with a methanol mixture that will prevent water and waste from freezing. Our urinals are salted to prevent moisture from freezing as well. We recommend including portable restroom electric space heaters to your rental order to help keep your guests or employees warm.

Can I rent a luxury restroom trailer during the winter?

Some of our luxury restroom trailers are available for rent for cold weather outdoor use by using our Winter Packages that includes access to extra 110V – 20 AMP electrical circuits, Premier 170 heater, skirting, & heated hoses.

Our On Site Suite, Commercial Prestige, Versa, Comfort Station, and Prestige are all compatible with our Winter Package. Please contact us for more details.

Can I rent a luxury shower trailer during the winter?

Unfortunately, luxury shower trailers can’t be used outdoors during the winter. There’s too much running water in showers to be able to separate our methanol mixture that prevents freezing from potable water that is safe to bathe with. Consider placing the shower trailer indoors if you have access to indoor space.

How can I keep the ground from freezing or thaw frozen ground?

We have a wide selection of ground thawing units that can prevent the ground from freezing or thaw freezing ground. We recommend including ground thaw blankets to your rental order to maximize the efficiency of the heaters. This equipment can also be used to cure concrete during the winter as well.

How can I keep my entire special event or job site warm in the winter?

We have a wide selection of temporary, portable heating equipment to keep your special event or job site warm during the colder winter months. Please contact us for more information and how we can satisfy your unique needs to keep everyone warm.

The On Site Solutions

For over 30 years we have helped our community keep their special events and construction job sites sanitized and warm throughout the winter. Call us today or request a quote below for the perfect portable sanitation and temporary heating solution.

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Methanol for Portable Restrooms

Top 5 Benefits of Using Methanol for Portable Restrooms

One common misconception in the sanitation industry is that these types of services aren’t available in the winter. However, all of our branches in both Minnesota and Missouri take a very proactive approach to prevent water from freezing during the colder months. Here are the top 5 benefits of using methanol for portable restrooms.

1) Decrease Amount of Maintenance Needed

If a company providing portable restrooms does not use methanol or another method to prevent freezing this will cause a great inconvenience to the customer. This prevents restroom use until the company is able to fix it, which can be a lengthy process and occur often during a rental period depending on the season.

2) Prevent Fresh Water Contamination

In a worst-case scenario, the tank of a portable restroom can break. Even if your holding tank holds up, fresh water can get contaminated with frozen waste from a previous service due to layering. This is extremely unsanitary and could lead to illnesses.

3) Avoid Unpleasant Odors

Fresh water isn’t the only thing at risk when the temperature drops. If waste freezes it can cause very pungent odors and will give users a very unpleasant experience.

4) It’s Cleaner than Alternative Options

Some companies only use salts such as sodium chloride and magnesium chloride to prevent freezing. However, although these options may be cheaper in price, they ultimately leave residue in the tank that can build up if not thoroughly cleaned during every service.

5) Save the Environment

Using high amounts of salt increases the chances of grass damage resulting from spilled salt that doesn’t make it into the tank. This can prevent grass growth and even kill it entirely if enough salt is spilled.

The On Site Solutions

For over 30 years we have taken pride in our industry leading sanitation standards. Here is where you can find more information on our portable restrooms. Place orders for special events on our online shop.  Call us today or request a quote below for longer rentals.

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High Tech Porta Potty?

All porta potty companies are the same, right? I mean, really they just drop off a porta potty and clean it occasionally and THAT’S IT, right?

Wrong. Oh so wrong. The behind-the-scenes at On Site is a lot more than that! And, it’s surprisingly high tech.

In The Beginning

At On Site, the differences are noticeable right from the very beginning of the process. While you know you need temporary sanitation, you might not know exactly what you need or how much you need. On Site’s website is a great place to start your journey. We have a restroom calculator that allows you to input how many people and how much time you’ll need it for to get a ballpark estimate of how many toilets you’ll need. It even includes if you’ll need handwash stations and how many!

Beyond the typical porta potties, you may want to consider a luxury trailer for special events or parties. And, if you’re looking for sanitation solutions for a construction project, a fresh flush system may be right for you.

Wow, that’s a lot of options! It could be a bit over-whelming, but it’s okay. Once you familiarized yourself with the options on the website, you can move on to phase two of your master plan. If you need just a unit or two for a backyard party, at this point you can order online for deliveries outside of 72 hours. Our secure server even allows for you to pay for your order online, any time, day or night. If you need something more involved, you can either fill out the form on the site to have a member of our sales team call you or you can call us at 800.210.8407.

Whether you call us or we call you, you’ll get to talk to one of our experts. They’re going to work with you to make sure you get exactly the best sanitation solution for your needs. Our team will prepare a quote for you after consultation not just for how many units, but how often you’ll get service. They’ll make sure our techs will know the important details about unit placement as well as information about any other concerns you have.

High Tech, High Efficiency

Here’s where On Site’s technological advancements come in to play. With our operating system software, when the sales person takes your order, it is entered into our system. That same software communicates with sales, billing, dispatch, and the technicians in the field. It allows us to build the most efficient routes, providing our drivers with GPS directions as they drive, up to the minute instructions and notes, as well as communicating back to our dispatch office maps and location data of the drivers. The drivers access all this information via an iPad they use to not only check in and out of their stops on their routes, but provide instant feedback to our office team of any issues they encounter. This allows our team to solve problems on the fly for our customers.

All this efficiency has real value to our customers. It means we make sure they get what they need when they need it without wasting resources or time. If there is a problem, this process and technology make sure our team can fix it in the shortest amount of time possible. It can be as simple as, “hey, our gate is going to be locked in the morning,” but that simple note can lead to your account manager working with you for a solution to make sure you get serviced. (A gate code? A different day? All that information gets to the driver!)

On Site Companies has come a long way since the days when routes were done on paper handwritten in a notebook. Sadly, not all restroom companies have come this far. The next time you’re shopping for a porta potty rental, ask yourself, does this company have the tech to make the process seamless? Can I order online? Are their routes efficient? Do they have quick and efficient communication infrastructure between their sales, billing, dispatch, and technicians? If you want to answer those questions, then you want On Site Companies.

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