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Do I Need a Luxury Portable Bathroom for My Wedding?

Starting to plan a wedding is a big task. This process can get easily overwhelming. You’ll have to make tons of decisions and probably have to deal with people trying to sell you things you may not actually need. When we’re talking about portable bathroom options for weddings, most couples consider them an afterthought. But the big questions are, do you need to rent luxury portable bathrooms for your wedding, or will standard porta potties do?


If you’re not familiar, luxury bathroom trailers are portable bathroom facilities. These fancy restrooms are not just a porta potty though. They feature flushing toilets, running water hand sinks, and heating and air conditioning. Luxury bathroom trailers are a big step up from a standard porta potty, but the question is do you need one for your wedding?

Since the invention of luxury portable bathroom trailers, the decision of which types of portable restrooms you should rent just got a little more interesting. Knowing the mindset of most brides, walking into a standard porta potty in a wedding dress that costs thousands of dollars might not fit into their vision of the perfect wedding day.

Before you make the decision to pull the trigger on a luxury bathroom trailers, there are some questions you’ll have to ask yourself and your venue.

What’s the Bathroom Situation at My Venue?

You’ve probably found the perfect venue, right? It has picturesque scenery, amazing character, and its inside your budget (hopefully). Now it’s time for the hard questions. It may be weird, but you must ask your venue what the bathroom situation is. Are there usually long lines for the bathroom for weddings of your size? How many restroom stalls are there total? Are there bathrooms at all?

Your venue manager will be the best person to answer these questions. They know their own venue and can give you an idea of what to expect. If there are inadequate bathroom facilities, or none at all, you know you’ll probably have to rent additional restrooms. This could be standard porta potties or a luxury bathroom trailer.

Does My Venue Meet the Requirements for a Luxury Portable Bathroom Trailer?

So before we start to talk about whether or not your wedding needs a luxury portable bathroom trailer, we’ll first need to know if your venue can meet the requirements for these trailers. Now don’t get scared off. These portable bathroom trailers don’t require a lot, but there are basic needs.

Does your venue have a flat surface that is easily accessible by truck?

While this may seem obvious, you’d be surprised at how many times we’ve showed up to deliver a bathroom trailer and the renter has no idea where to put it. The best place to put these trailers are on a flat surface that is close to the event space, but also not too far away from a road or driveway. You don’t want your guests to have to climb over a big hill to use the restroom trailer. Also your venue may not appreciate a big truck running over their grass.

Does your venue have access to a water source?

Now when we say water source, we are not expecting a city water hookup. We’re talking about a standard garden hose water spigot. All of the luxury portable bathroom trailers at On Site just hook up to a regular garden hose. The trailers require this water source for the flushing toilets and running water hand sinks.

If your venue DOESN’T have a water source on site or near where the bathroom trailer is going to be placed, that’s not a deal breaker either. We can solve the no water problem by bringing large water reservoir tanks. These large 500 gallon water tanks will meet all of the water needs for your guests to have a great bathroom experience!

Does your venue have access to power source?

A valid power source can be a little trickier than a water hookup. Depending on the trailer size, you could require anywhere from one standard 120v 20amp circuit to three separate circuits. Most of our small trailers only require one standard 120v 20amp circuit to keep running. Checking to make sure you have the proper electrical requirements will prevent overloads.

If your venue DOESN’T have the required electrical hookups, that’s ok too. You can always rent generators to get the power you need anywhere.

Before renting a luxury portable bathroom trailer for your wedding, please also confirm with your venue that they can accommodate all the needs of your luxury restroom trailer. Also speak with them about where the best place to put the trailer would be. Luxury bathroom trailers can usually be accommodated at most any venue regardless of water or power access.

What Kind of Wedding is this Going to Be?

So now that all of the luxury portable bathroom requirements are out of the way, you’ll want to start considering if you need one. One thing you’ll want to think about first is what kind of wedding you’re throwing. Is this a large wedding where everyone is going to be dressed to the nines, or is it a smaller backyard casual reception.

If it’s a dressed up celebration, luxury portable bathroom trailers will give your guests an experience that’s almost indistinguishable from normal bathrooms. We hear most people say they’re nicer than the bathrooms in their homes. This great bathroom experience is something your guests will certainly appreciate.

However, if your wedding is just a low key casual wedding, then standard porta potties might be able to meet your needs. There are lots of ways you can jazz up standard porta potties for a wedding.

Are There Any Regular Bathrooms You Can Use?

In this situation, your venue may have one or two bathrooms inside the building but you’re worried about long lines. This happens so often with venues that haven’t planned for a big crowd. In this situation you might not need luxury restroom trailers. You might be able to get away with standard porta potties.

If there are some standard flushing restrooms that you can use, people will be able make the decision to wait in the line at the building, or take a quick trip to the porta potties. You might be surprised how many people are totally fine using a porta potty after they’ve had a few drinks and the lines are getting long in the building.

How Long is Your Wedding Going to Last

Is your wedding a few hours long, or an all day celebration? Thinking about event longevity is usually not something most brides think about. Well wedding planners sure do. If you’re only planning on a short ceremony and a few hours for a reception, then standard porta potties could work.

For shorter weddings; portable restrooms might not be used much. Some guests might not even have to use the restroom while they’re there. But if you’re wedding is going to be an all night party where alcohol is involved, plan on people using the bathrooms frequently. The more and more standard porta potties are used, the dirtier they get. At this time overuse may be an issue.

With longer weddings, luxury portable bathroom trailers might make people want to stick around a bit longer. These trailers have totally flushing restrooms, hand washing sinks, and trash receptacles to make sure they’re staying cleaner throughout your wedding. By getting a better bathroom experience you won’t have people wanting to leave because the bathrooms are getting kinda gross.

What’s Your Wedding Budget?

Wedding budgets can quickly get out of control. So when deciding whether or not you need a luxury bathroom trailer for your wedding, cost is something to consider. A great restroom experience is something you may want to seriously consider for your big day, but some budgets don’t allow for it.

Get quotes for several different restroom options including luxury portable bathroom trailers, standard porta potties, and hand washing stations. Once you have the prices in front of you, you’ll have to make the decision for yourself on what your spending priorities are.

In order to make your wedding a success, there are alot of decisions that need to be made. Deciding whether you need a luxury portable restroom shouldn’t be that hard. Just decide if you need additional restrooms, if your venue can accommodate a luxury restroom trailer, and renting a luxury portable bathroom trailer is a priority for you and your guests. Then pull the trigger and book them today!

On Site Companies is a portable restroom provider for the St. Paul/ MinneapolisRochester and Mankato Minnesota areas, as well as St. Louis, Missouri. We can provide you with standard portable restrooms, luxury restroom trailers or any of the specialty construction restrooms talked about in this blog. If you have any questions about the portable sanitation industry, or if you would like to rent a portable restroom you can email us at [email protected].

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