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Does My Public Park Need Porta Johns, and How Many Do I Need?

So many decisions go into running a public park or municipality. You have to organize landscapers, trash pickup and park maintenance workers. Another important, and frequently overlooked, aspect of managing public parks and spaces is the porta john management.

You may know them as porta potties, porta johns or portable restrooms. No matter what you call them, porta johns are an important part of properly managing a park or municipality. If you want people spending an enjoyable day at your park, or hosting a long family reunion or wedding, you’re going to need restrooms available. We’re going to walk you through whether or not you need portable restrooms for your park, how many you may need, and even where you should place them.

Do I Need Porta Johns at My Park?

So let’s start by deciding whether or not you need porta johns at your park. This will depend on the size and layout of your park, the recreational amenities and the permanent facilities on site.

If you have warming houses or public restroom facilities in your park that you expect to leave open all year round, you may not require porta potties. However, most parks will need porta johns in some form or another.

For instance, even if you have public flushing restrooms near the main area of your park, you may want to get porta johns to place around walking paths. People may spend long periods of time walking your trails, and by placing restrooms around your trails; they won’t have to wait till the end of their walk to use the facilities.

Permanent facilities may also only provide restrooms to one area of the park. You may have several ball fields and playgrounds, but flushing restrooms only near certain areas. In this instance, you may want to place porta johns in areas without permanent facilities so guests don’t have to walk too far to use the restroom.

What Types of Porta Johns Should I Rent?

So you’ve decided that you need porta johns for your park or municipality. You may be wondering what types of porta johns you need. There are two types of restrooms that are generally used for parks. These include standard portable restroom units and enhanced access portable restrooms.

Standard portable restrooms units are the most common porta john rented for parks and municipalities. These portable restrooms are your regular porta potty with a standard toilet, urinal, hand sanitizer and toilet paper dispensers. Standard portable restroom units should make up the majority of restrooms you rent for your park.

Enhanced access portable restrooms, allow an accessible restroom experience for park guests that need additional room inside of the restroom. We would recommend that you provide at least one enhanced access portable restroom at each park. If you have a large number of porta johns in your park, you will probably want to provide at least one enhanced access restroom in each high traffic area of your park or municipality.

How Many Porta Johns Does Your Park Need?

Deciding on how many porta johns you need for your park depends on the size, layout and number of people you expect to have in the area throughout the week.

Do you have several ball fields or play grounds? This could mean high levels of traffic throughout the week for practices. It also means you could be hosting tournaments and games throughout the weekend. To prevent the portable restrooms from getting overused, you should plan accordingly.

For most special events, we recommend one porta john for every 100 people in attendance. Depending on the number of fields you have, you may want to provide several portable restrooms near these fields. This could mean placing 6-10 porta johns near the fields permanently.

Where Should I Place My Porta John’s?

Placement can be a tricky subject. There are several placement strategies that you could use, depending on the size and layout of your park. We’ll go through a few tips, but it’s always best to consult your portable restroom sales person.

Try to cluster some of your porta johns in the most high traffic areas of the parks. This would include: parking lots, ball fields, playgrounds, and picnic spaces. This will be where people will be spending the majority of their time, and you’ll want to guarantee you don’t run into porta john overuse.

Does you park have lengthy trails that take visitors through scenic walks around your parks? If you do, you may want to place restrooms around the trail loops. You’ll probably want to place porta johns at the entrances of your trails, and then scatter more throughout the trail route.

Re-Assessing Number of Porta Johns Overtime

If your new to park management, or your park has never had porta johns in the past you may have to re-assess the number of porta johns you’ll need or the number of services per week.

Let’s say you decide to put six porta johns in your park at the beginning of the season. You thought it would be the perfect number of restrooms, but this may not exactly be the case. Porta john service technicians and park guests will usually be able to give you insight into the cleanliness of your porta johns.

They will usually let you know if the porta johns are starting to get yucky throughout the week. If your restrooms are getting overused, you have two options.

You could either order more porta johns for your park. These additional porta johns could either be grouped near your current restrooms, or scattered throughout the park.

You could also just order more services. Ordering more porta john services means that instead of our technicians cleaning your restroom once a week, we’re coming by twice or even three times a week. Extra services allow you to still have clean restrooms, but keep fewer restrooms on site. These options are both easy ways to keep your park guests happier, and allow them to spend more time in your park.

Having a Big Event or Tournament?

So you’ve got your porta johns down to a science. Service technicians and guests haven’t been complaining of overuse. You may think you’re good to go for the season, but you could be wrong about that. If you’re planning on hosting large community events, concerts, or large athletic tournaments at your park, you’ll probably need to order more porta johns and/ or services.

Like we said earlier, we recommend at least one porta john for every 100 attendees of an event. Because of this, you may have to estimate the number of peoplegoing to your event. Then divide that number by 100 and that will give you the number of porta johns you’ll need for your attendees. If you need a little help, you can use our porta potty calculator to help you estimate.

We also recommend that you order extra services for the permanent porta johns you usually have on site. Our general recommendation is to have these porta johns serviced before your event and immediately after your event has ended. This will give even attendees a clean restroom at the beginning of your event, and give future guests a clean restroom after the event is over.

Building Restroom Enclosures

Have you ever seen wooden enclosures for porta johns at parks? These are a great solution to help keep restrooms from tipping over during intense weather. They also help prevent PEOPLE from tipping your restrooms over, which sadly happens more frequently than you’d think. If you’re going to build enclosures for your porta johns, we just have a few tips.

Make sure that the restrooms are still accessible. Porta john service technicians need to be able to drive their trucks up to the restrooms and clean them.

Try to avoid locking the restrooms into the enclosures. Sometimes, we have to move restrooms, or swap them out. If the porta johns are locked to the enclosure, you’ll have to come down and unlock them. This will save both of you some time.

Running a park or municipality is a big job. If you need porta johns for your park, it may take some guessing and re-assessment to get your portable restrooms just right. Choosing to place restrooms throughout your park, and provide various types of restrooms for your guests will keep them happy and coming back. Hosting large events could easily change the number of restrooms you need as well.

Our skilled portable restrooms sales people and service technicians can also help you decide how many porta johns you need, what types you should rent, and how often they should be serviced.

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