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Fun At Work

Fun At Work Banner

Going to work everyday doesn’t have to be boring or monotonous. If you’re working in a company that cares for its employees, there will usually be fun team building and interactive activities. At On Site Companies, we do our best to keep our employees engaged and happy when they come to work. This is why we have the On Site “Fun Committee”. On Site’s Fun Committee was created with the purpose of boosting employee engagement and morale. Moreover, it works towards encouraging a stress-free, enjoyable, and inclusive environment in the workplace. The Committee is composed of employees from a variety of departments. These include Customer Service, Human Resources, Operations, and Marketing. Everyone in the Committee is free to bring in ideas of ways to make work fun and engaging. Here are the different ways On Site’s kept the fun at work in 2021:


Celebrating A “National Day’ – Bagelfest Day

Bagelfest Day at On Site Companies - Fun at Work

Celebrating a National Day is the perfect excuse to be engaging and festive at work, as well as bring a smile to employees. There is probably a National Day for almost every day of the year, so there are a lot of options to pick and choose! For instance, we celebrated Bagelfest Day and brought in some bagels for everyone at office. Earlier in the year, we also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with some shamrock shakes, Joe 4 Joe’s with some free coffee for all Joes, and Memorial Day with a cookout. There’s nothing better than coming to work and finding free treats. It’s a good start to your work day!


Celebrating Local Events – State Fair Kickoff

State Fair Kickoff - Fun at Work

Minnesota is pretty famous for its annual State Fair. Due to the variety of food and and fun activities, it’s a “must go” for every Minnesotan. To bring in some of that fun to the office, the Fun Committee prepared some flavored cotton candy and snow cones for On Site team members. Any employee with a sweet tooth sure enjoyed this one! As On Site drivers came back from a had working day, they were surprised with some refreshing snow cones and sweet cotton candy.


Taco Truckin’

Taco Truck at On Site - Fun at Work

Imagine having a normal day at the office and having a food truck show up outside! On Site brought in a Taco Food Truck with free tacos exclusively for On Site employees. The food truck offered a variety of tacos, as well as the option of chips and queso. Thinking outside the box when it comes to these types of activities only shows the effort and care a company has for its employees. Taco ’bout delicious!


Goodie Bags – Employee Appreciation Week!

Goodie Bags for On Site Employees - Fun at Work

We all know that going to work has its good days and it’s, well, not so good days. These last couple of years have been particularly challenging for a lot of businesses. As restrictions have been lifted and events have started to pick up this year, On Site Companies has had one of the busiest summers yet. When work gets hectic, it makes it difficult for team members to participate in social activities. A thoughtful way the Fun Committee showed care and appreciation for employees was by assembling “Goodie Bags” containing snacks and treats. On Site drivers were able to have snacks as they went along their busy work day, and the committee handed over goodie bags to every department in the office. The Committee also shipped Goodie Bags to team members at all of On Site’s branches.


Rise And Shine The Best Way! – Pupusas and Coffee

Pupusas and Coffee at On Site

On Site Companies takes pride in having a diverse team made up of some of the most hard working employees. Members of the Operations Team at On Site have a very early morning daily, and a long work day ahead. We want to make sure employees start their day in the best way possible. Nothing says, “have a nice day!” better than greeting employees in the morning with some Pupusas and fresh hot coffee! Pupusas are a traditional dish from El Salvador that consists of a griddle cake made out of cornmeal. They are usually filled with white cheese, beans, and pork (yum!). It’s safe to say this was definitely a crowd favorite!


Halloween Contest Spooktacular

Costume Contest at On Site

Encouraging employees to participate in Holiday celebrations is a classic way to encourage team building and fun at work. For instance, in an effort to bring in the Halloween spirit at On Site, the Fun Committee organized a Costume Contest as well as a Pumpkin Carving Contest. On the Friday before Halloween, team members joined in on the fun and dressed up in their costume of choice. This activity encouraged communication and collaboration among team members, as some of them did group costumes. Voting for the favorites also encouraged inclusivity for all team members. It was definitely a fun way to end the week at work!


Fun at Work: The On Site Way!

At On Site, we care about our employees’ work experience and well-being. Above all, we believe that acts of kindness and appreciation play a key role in keeping the team happy and comfortable in the workplace. On Site’s team is made up of the most hard working people, so making sure they feel valued and appreciated is our top priority. Interested in joining the On Site Companies team? Check out our careers page for a listing of current available positions, as well as team member spotlights!

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