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How to Choose Toilet Rentals for Small Home Construction Sites

If you’ve hired contractors to work on your home, or if you’re a contractor who regularly does small home construction projects, having easily accessible porta potties for your workers is a must. You have a number of options to choose from when it comes to portable toilets.

Benefits of Toilet Rentals

Renting porta potties ensures that your project is up to code. Having porta potties that your workers can easily access increases their comfort during the work day and can also increase productivity. You don’t want your team to have to walk far to access a restroom.

Renting portable toilets also gives the homeowner some privacy, as strange workers won’t be in and out of the home’s bathroom all day. The toilets can come in handy especially when the construction project takes place in the home’s bathroom. If the main bathroom or bathroom is out of commission, every one in and around the home is going to need a convenient and clean place to relieve themselves.

Choosing the Type of Toilet

For a small home construction project, the standard construction restroom is often an ideal pick. The standard model features everything you need in a portable restroom, including a toilet, urinal and toilet paper dispenser.

If your home construction project will have your contractor or construction team moving from one area of the house to another over the course of several days, it might be worth considering a mobile construction toilet.

This model offers the same features as the standard model, with one addition. The portable restroom is on wheels and can be easily hitched to a trailer and moved from one area of the construction site to another.

If you are working on a multi-story construction project, such as a two-story home in an apartment building, a hook unit portable restroom might be the best pick. It is small enough to fit through standard doorways and can also easily ride up the freight elevator to reach a new floor of a building.

Adding Accessories

Providing your workers with a clean place to relieve themselves is just part of the process. OSHA also requires you to provide some way for employees to sanitize or wash their hands. A dispenser for a hand sanitizing gel might be sufficient.

But if the job is particularly messy, a construction hand wash station allows your team to really clean up. The hand wash station includes a paper towel dispenser and a soap dispenser and can accommodate up to 600 hand washes.

How Many Toilets Do You Need?

OSHA has pretty strict requirements when it comes to the number of facilities that need to be at a job site. If you have fewer than 20 employees, you need one portable restrooms for employees, and one more portable restroom should be added for every 20 additional employees. ANSI, however recommends 1 portable restroom for every 10 employees on the job site. This will prevent overuse, which goes a long way to eliminating the yuck factor with porta potties

You don’t necessarily need to provide separate portable toilets for women or men, if each unit only fits one person at a time. It’s more important to make sure you have an adequate number of toilets to accommodate the needs of your team.

You don’t have to be fancy when it comes to choosing toilet rentals for a home construction site. As long as the toilets are close to where your team is working and provide them with a way to wash or sanitize their hands afterwards, even the most basic of toilets will suffice.

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