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How to Prevent Driver Fatigue and Workplace Burnout

For any business that has a fleet of drivers there are specific obstacles that you may come access. Your drivers may get tired, frustrated and even burned out on their job altogether. Issues such as these could cause the performance of your employees to fall or drivers may even stop showing up to work out of frustration. If this sounds familiar to you there’s no need to panic. There are some simple steps that you could try to help reduce the amount of driver fatigue that your workers experience, and also steps that could be taken to combat workplace burnout.

Preventing Driver Fatigue in Your Fleet

  • Keep Your Drivers Hydrated

Depending on when your company’s busy season is, dehydration could be a major issue for drivers in the field. Side effects of dehydration could include: sleepiness or tiredness, headache, irritability, confusion or even fainting. These symptoms will cause your workers to be less efficient and effective when performing their job duties, which is the kind of driver fatigue that you want to prevent. Symptoms like this could cost you big bucks in the long run since your workers performance probably has a direct affect in customer experience and satisfaction. Because of this, its important for your company to make sure you’re employees stay hydrated throughout the day. How can you do that? You could provide bottled water to your drivers on hot days when they’re more likely to get dehydrated. You could go out and buy cases of bottled water to hand out to your drivers before they leave in the morning. If you don’t like the thought of all of those bottles going in the trash, you could also provide your team with re-usable water bottles. Any way you do it, make sure you’re drivers are staying hydrated throughout the days.

  • Make Sure Driver’s Eat Lunch

Another important part of preventing driver fatigue is making sure your drivers are also eating regular meals. While skipping lunch every once and a while may not seem like a big deal, it can seriously affect the performance of your team in the field. Skipping meals can cause your blood sugar to drop, which can cause: inability to concentrate, confusion, irritability, blurred vision and dizziness. These aren’t exactly how you would like your employees to feel while doing their work, so it’s a good idea to encourage drivers to take their allotted lunch breaks and eat a good lunch.

  • Start Work Early to Beat the Heat

Getting too hot is a big reason for fatigue in any situation. Since the hottest time of the day is around 3:00pm, it’s a good idea to have your team out of the sun around that time. If possible, try to get your employees on the clock earlier in the morning so their workday starts wrapping up around this time.

  • Limiting Driving Hours on the Road

During the busiest times of the year, it could be tempting to start requiring employees to work long hours to get the job done. While in the short term this might solve some problems for you, in the long run it can cause a range of new problems. Overworking your staff can cause sluggish or sloppy performance overtime, and can also cause employees to become frustrated with their job. This could cost you customers and good employees, so try to avoid overworking. Your best bet is to keep schedules below 10 hours per day or lower for all employees, keeping your drivers more alert and efficient.

Preventing Workplace Burnout with Your Fleet

Workplace burnout is also a serious issue that usually affects most companies. Employees don’t exactly feel the motivation to continue doing their job as well as they could, or choose to leave their job entirely. Below are a few suggestions to help keep your workers motivated and productive.

  • Monthly Team Meetings

Sometimes something as simple as hosting a monthly team meeting could mean the difference between happy employees and a not so happy group. Monthly meetings can help re-iterate the qualities that are important to doing their job and remind employees of safe working habits. You can also use the forum as an opportunity for employees to talk about the success stories they’ve had over the past month, and also bring up issues they’ve been having while performing their day-to-day duties. Sometimes all people need is to feel that they’ve been heard and be re-assured that the company is looking out for their interested and job satisfaction.

  • Employee Recognition Awards

Do you have any special milestones or achievements that happen at your workplace? Maybe someone accomplished a person work goal or they sold a large amount of product that quarter. These are perfect examples of achievements that could warrant an award from management. These awards could be something simple like gift cards, free lunch celebrations or even leaving early on a Friday. Whatever reward you choose, its important for employees to feel appreciated and give them a little carrot to push them in the right direction at work.

  • Bonus and Incentive Programs

Bonuses are a great way to keep moral high and prevent the workplace blues. By implementing the correct types of incentive programs for your workforce your workers will feel appreciated, understand the goals for their specific department, and work harder to achieve the goals set for them. Types of incentive programs can include:

      • Attendance Awards: Rewarding employees either yearly or quarterly for not calling in sick.
      • Up-selling a new product or service that you want to get traction with. Start a competition between employees to see who can up-sell the most products and reward the top performers.
      • No worker’s compensation issues.
      • No safety violations on the job. Since safety is a huge part of providing a better work environment, why not reward the employees who take the time to follow proper safety processes and procedures.

When putting together a bonus program, you can reward your employees with any amount or prize that you feel comfortable with. No need to go overboard, but make sure that the amount is also large enough to be effective. Also, try to award all bonuses separately so failing to gain one bonus doesn’t cancel out the other. This will prevent employees from starting to slack off after they’ve failed to achieve one of their goals.

These are just a few steps that scan be taken to prevent driver fatigue and employee burnout. Always remember that your drivers are sometime the face of your company, so taking care of them improves service and the overall image of the organization. If you have any other questions about portable restroom rentals for your event, or if you need to order special event portable restrooms for the Twin Cities, Rochester, Mankato MN or St. Louis Missouri areas, please visit our contact us page to get ahold of us. We’d be happy to help make your event a success!

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