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Keeping Your Porta Potties Accessible for Service

July 22, 2019

It’s a breath-taking morning on your job site or your special event. The sun is shining and it promises to be the perfect day. As you inhale a deep breath of fresh air, that’s when it hits you; the air isn’t all that fresh. Oh no… your porta potties weren’t serviced.

You look at your porta potties, trying to figure out why they weren’t serviced as you dial. That’s when you notice your row of units are behind a row of parked cars. Or your hook units are still up on the third floor of your project. Or you realize your gate was locked until five minutes ago when you arrive. No matter how you slice it, the service technician couldn’t reach your porta potties and couldn’t clean them.

What Happens During Porta Potty Service

 When On Site services your temporary restroom, our technician does a few different things. First, they empty out the unit of its current waste contents, putting in new fresh blue liquid. From there, the technician cleans the inside of the unit, and makes sure the toilet paper is stocked. The internal hand sanitizing pump is checked as well, making sure it is full and functioning. The unit is also inspected for any damage on the inside and outside.

How To Prep My Units for Service 

To ensure you get efficient and timely service for your units, here is a handy checklist to make sure your porta potty is ready for service.

  • The service truck can park within 20 feet of the unit to be serviced.
  • The unit is not locked.
  • The unit is not behind a locked gate or secured area.
  • Our technicians have been granted any required security clearance to enter the area.
  • No one is parked in a manner that blocks the unit or makes it so a truck cannot park within 20 feet.
  • There are no other items (machinery, debris, etc.) blocking the unit or the space within 20 feet of the unit for the truck to park.
  • We have been notified if the unit has been moved to a different location on the site.
  • We have been notified if the unit has been moved to a different site / address.
  • If we are servicing a hook unit, the unit has been lowered back to the ground and the truck is able to park within 20 feet of the unit.
  • In the winter, snow removable has not blocked the unit or the path to the unit so the truck can still park within 20 feet.

Regularly scheduled service means a lot for your job site or event. It means a sanitary space for your team or guests, which leads to better job efficiency or more enjoyment at an event. By following this simply checklist you’ll be ready for your scheduled service.

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