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Need an estimate for how many porta potties your event needs? Use this handy calculator! For a more specific quote tailored to your needs, call us today at 800-210-8407!

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Luxury Restroom Trailers

When your special event calls for something that resembles permanent facilities, On Site Companies can offer a variety of portable restroom trailer solutions. These luxury bathroom trailers range in size and functionality that can fit the needs of any job or special event. All bathroom trailers are fitted with flush toilets and running water sinks to fit your sanitation needs. If you would like something a little more luxurious, our larger restrooms can offer heating and air conditioning, stereo systems, porcelain sinks and individual stalls. All of our trailers are available for rent in St. Paul/ Minneapolis, Rochester, Mankato, and Duluth MN and a limited number of trailers are available in St. Louis MO.

Special Events

To ensure optimal restroom cleanliness and sanitation, porta potties utilize unique chemicals that quickly break down waste and kill bacteria and germs.

Corporate Retreats

Per OSHA standards, employers with 20 or fewer employers must provide one toilet to their workers. Employers with 20 or more employees must provide one toilet and one urinal per 40 workers. If an employer has 200 or more employees, one toilet and one urinal is required for every 50 employees.

Home Remodels

Portable toilets are small and easy to arrange. This makes them ideal for spaces where you need as many toilets as possible. You’ll be able to fit more units in a small space, giving your guests the convenience of not having to wait in line.

Disaster Relief

Neglecting to provide portable restrooms for your construction workers can easily decrease productivity. If you don’t provide portable restrooms for your workers, they’ll have to leave the job site to use a restroom at a nearby business or convenience store.

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