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How Many Porta Potties Do You Need for Your Road Construction Project?

At On Site, we know everything that there is to know about portable sanitation products. It might not seem like the most glamorous of businesses, but it’s a vital one. When you’re on a road construction site, the last thing you want is to worry about is where you can go to the bathroom. For larger projects, there nothing worse than having to walk half a mile to get to the nearest restroom, or to have to wait in line during lunch when all of your coworkers are also trying to relieve themselves.

Portable restrooms have come a far way since their inception. On Site porta potties can be partnered with any number of our accompanying portable sanitation stations, such as our construction hand wash stations. From our Standard Construction Unit to our specially designed High Rise Unit, we can provide your job site with all of the equipment that you need to keep your work area and workers clean and comfortable.

Taking a job in the suburbs or in a neighboring town? Not a problem. All of our porta potties configurations listed below are available for rent in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Mankato, and Rochester, Minnesota areas. We also offer rentals at our St. Louis, Missouri location. All On Site porta potties will be delivered clean and graffiti free.

Choosing The Right Porta Potties For Your Job Site

Standard Construction Restroom

The most popular choice for construction sites, the Standard Construction Restroom is built with sturdy materials that are designed to withstand the tough day-to-day life on a construction site.

Mobile Construction Restroom

The Mobile Construction Restroom is ideal for road construction crews. This restroom can easily be hooked up to a trailer hitch and be moved to a new location quickly, making it the perfect match for road construction and golf course jobs.

Hook Unit Portable Restroom

The Hook Unit Portable Restroom was made to be moved around via crane for easy moving, and multiple story builds. Easily attach the included strap to a crane on location to transfer this portable restroom from one area to another.

High Rise Portable Restroom

Our High Rise Portable Restroom has been designed to easily reduce in size so that it can effortlessly fit into small high rise elevators during construction. Unlike our hook restroom unit, this restroom can be rolled to any part of a high rise construction site, and then brought down for service through a service elevator. No crane required.

Fresh Flush Mobile Office

If you’re looking to add restroom facilities to your job site trailer than the Fresh Flush Mobile Office is for you. The Fresh Flush can be paired with our hot water SaniSink Hand Washing System to provide a more traditional restroom experience to your workers and site guests.

Calculating The Number Of Porta Potties You Need

So now that you’ve decided on which type of porta potty you need, it’s time to determine how many units you need for your road construction project. Below are our recommendations based on a standard eight hour work day or a 40 hour work week.

When it comes to determining the number of porta potties you need, you’ll need to base the decision on the number of workers you’ll have each day. When deciding on the number of restrooms needed, you should base your decision on the highest number of employees you’ll ever have working. For example, if on Monday you’ll only have a five-person team but on Friday you’ll have a 15 person team you should base your rental decision on that higher number.

For every 10 employees, we recommend one restroom. The numbers breakdown as followed:

Outfit Your Worksite with On Site

Whether you have a three-person crew or a 30 person crew, our team can outfit your entire worksite with the facilities you need to stay happy and clean. Road construction site sanitation services boosts worker morale, productivity, and cuts cost. With our Mobile Portable Restrooms, you’ll be able to keep your entire crew happy while completing your next road construction project. Not sure about how many porta potties you need for your next job or want to request a quote? Shoot us a message and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you find the portable restroom solution that’s right for you.

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