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Do I Need A Portable Sink?

What’s one easy way to improve people’s health and well being and to reduce the spread of disease? Give people easy access to handwashing stations, no matter where they are. Portable sinks encourage people to wash their hands after using the facilities and can help keep your community healthy.

Need A Portable Sink

Although you might be able to offer stations that dispense gel-based hand sanitizer and no sinks at some events, there are a few cases when a portable sink is a must-have.

Food-Focused Festivals

Whether people are going to be eating or serving food at a festival, such as a Funnel Cake Festival or Apple Festival, you’re going to want to offer a sufficient number of portable sinks for hand washing.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are a number of times when washing your hands is very important. Before, during and after food preparation is one time. Before eating is another.

Minnesota has some pretty specific rules when it comes to handwashing during food-focused events, such as at a food stand or concession stand. The sink for handwashing must be specifically for that purpose and must be easy for employees who handle food to get to.

The sink must also provide water that is between 70 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as soap and paper towels.

Weddings and Parties

These days, it feels as if everyone is holding their wedding outdoors in a rustic barn or other area that doesn’t provide access to a traditional restroom. If you’re going to be renting portable toilets for your wedding, it’s also a good idea to rent a sufficient number of SaniSinks or other handwashing stations.

Your guests will be eating and drinking at your wedding, so providing them with a place to wash their hands after using the restroom or even before they start to eat will improve their comfort and reduce the chance of anyone getting sick after your wedding.

It’s also likely that you’ll have catering staff working at your wedding or outdoor party. Providing a place for them to wash their hands will help keep your guests safe.

Outdoor Concerts and Festivals

Outdoor music festivals and concerts don’t exactly have a reputation for being the cleanest of places. You can increase the comfort of attendees considerably by providing everyone with a working place to wash their hands.

As the CDC notes, hand sanitizers don’t always work well when it comes to removing visible dirt or oil. Since a lot of outdoor concerts and music festivals have a reputation for being very muddy, access to handwashing sinks is a must to help guests rinse away any dirt or mud caked onto their hands.


Everyone’s a little grimey when they go camping. But it’s still important that people have an easy way to get their hands clean and to wash up. Portable sinks, particularly the SaniSink, which has both hot water and potable drinking water, can be particularly useful at campsites.

The hot water sides helps people wash away germs and direct. The cold water side provides them with fresh, safe water to use for cooking at their campsite or for washing dishes.

Work Sites

Construction might be a dirty job –that’s why it’s important for a contractor to provide a team of workers with an easy way to clean up at the end of the day or just after using the facilities.

Portable construction sinks are specially designed to handle the tough requirements of a construction site. Don’t make your workers settle for hand sanitizer, which isn’t strong enough to remove grease or heavy metals from hands.

Adding a portable sink might increase the cost of your portable toilet rental. But since it will increase the comfort and safety of your guests, concert attendees or employees, the extra cost is worth it.

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