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How Often Do I Need My Construction Site Toilets to Be Pumped?

If you’re responsible for managing construction sites, odds are good that you’ve faced the unique challenge of providing your workers with clean and convenient spaces to use the restroom while they’re on the job. Of course, one of the best ways to address this problem is by ordering portable toilets. If you rent from a reputable provider, these units will be durable enough to withstand any harsh weather that strikes and come stocked with all of the sanitation resources your team will need. However, despite the incredible benefits that portable toilets bring to construction sites, they do have one major drawback compared to the standard bathrooms you find in homes: their limited capacity.

Your site is running flawlessly. Morale is high, your client is happy, and you’re well ahead of schedule. At this rate, you’ll get your paycheck and head to the next job in no time. Suddenly, you notice that none of your employees seem to be using the portable toilets you rented. Is it a shortage of toilet paper? Lack of hand sanitizer? Your head is swimming with different possibilities and issues as you walk over to your restroom units. That’s when a pungent and distinctly unpleasant wave of odor assaults your nose and makes the problem all too clear… those toilets need to be pumped. As you call up your rental service, you ask yourself one key question: How can I establish a reliable maintenance schedule to prevent issues like this from popping up in the future?

Here at On Site, we’re passionate about providing your construction team with all of the tools and knowledge it needs to excel on the job and move onto the next one in good time. Today, we’ll be running you through some key information on portable toilet maintenance, including how often they need to be pumped.

The Basics of Portable Toilet Maintenance

Fortunately, portable toilets are pretty simple to maintain. Depending on which organization you rent from, the provider may even send a team to service your units as often as you require. Bear in mind that the exact maintenance schedule for your restrooms will depend on how often they’re being used. After all, toilets that see heavy traffic will need to be serviced more often than units that are barely touched. Generally speaking, portable toilets should be  serviced at least once a week. During a restroom service, your service technician will pump the waste from the tank, clean all surfaces and walls, replace toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and re-fill the restroom deodorizer. For more specific information, you’ll want to talk to your rental company about its standard maintenance procedures.

Renting the Right About of Restrooms

So let’s say you have weekly restroom service but by a few days after servicing your portable restrooms are not in great shape. This could be a result of having too few portable restrooms on your construction site. A good rule of thumb is to have 1 portable restroom for every 10 workers on your construction site. Providing the proper number of restrooms will help ensure that they stay clean between services,

Ordering Extra Services

If you don’t have a lot of space on your construction site but you have a few workers, you can always order extra services. It isn’t unusual for a job superintendent to order twice or even three times weekly service. Extra services will keep your restrooms in great condition without cluttering your construction site with tons of portable restrooms.

Keeping them Clean and Serviceable

According to the United States Department of Labor, all employers must establish and implement a schedule for servicing each sanitation facility to ensure that it’s clean and serviceable. Your state may have other regulations on how often your portable toilets need to be cleaned out in order to protect the health of your employees too. Don’t worry about digging through websites for specific requirements though. Your rental company will fill you in on all of the local and state regulations you’ll need to follow.

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On Site offers an extensive range of portable toilets and sanitation facilities to perfectly match your needs and preferences. We deliver all of our units directly to your site in pristine condition, clean them as often as you request and even pick them up at the end of your rental period. With On Site, the process of renting portable restrooms is quick, convenient and simple. Just head to our quote page to order your units within minutes.
If you have any questions about On Site or our services, then be sure to call or message us today. We look forward to working with you soon.

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