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On Site Companies Celebrates Red Nose Day 2016 to Raise Awareness for Children’s Needs Around the Globe


I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials on television or seen the billboards around town for Red Nose Day. The day culminates in a big television event featuring big names in entertainment on Thursday May 26th, 2016. Even though the message is everywhere, you may still have questions about what Red Nose Day exactly is and what they’re exactly raising money for.

What is Red Nose Day?

Red Nose Day is a television event that features the biggest starts in comedy and entertainment coming together to raise awareness and money for children’s safety and education throughout the United States and throughout the world. Their mission is the raise children out of poverty through clean water, healthcare, food and education.

What Do the Funds Raised by Red Nose Day Do?

Red Nose Day uses entertainment and comedy to help bring awareness to the world’s children that need our help. Over the past 25 years they have raised over $1 billion globally. Half of the money raised on Red Nose Day is spent on children right here in the U.S. They provide meals for families, educational funding to teach children to read, disease prevention and medical services and providing clean water.

In 2015 Red Nose Day raised $23 million changing the lives of countless children everywhere. Here are some examples of services provided. These are taken from Red Nose Day’s official website

  • 7.8 Million Meals and Counting for Kids in the U.S. Red Nose Day partners with food banks all across the country to make sure that children and families receive the meals that are required to keep them healthy and able to perform in school.
  • 200,000 More Children in the U.S. are Reading because of the efforts of Red Nose Day. The money raised during the event helps provide learning materials and resources for children that may not have these resources available. It also gives kids a safe place to go after school to learn and thrive.
  • 1 Million+ Preventative Disease Fighting Drugs. These include drugs for children, pregnant women and others and include malaria drugs, bed nets and HIV drugs.
  • 50,000 + Families now have Medical Service. American children and low-income families in the United States now have access to medical care.
  • 30,000+ Children and Families now have Access to Clean Water and Sanitation. These children in Africa now have clean drinking water and the adequate sanitation required for healthy living and disease prevention.
  • 170,000 Vaccines for Children. These vaccines are going to children in Africa, and can be lifesaving.

The Importance of This Work

As a portable sanitation company, On Site understands how important events like Red Nose Day are both in the United States and around the entire world. Basic needs such as sanitation, clean drinking water, food and education are basic necessities that provide the quality of life that some of us take for granted.

We are constantly trying to educate people on the importance of portable restrooms and proper sanitation, so we are very excited to see such a groundswell of support to help the world’s children get better access to proper restroom facilities, which in turn will improve drinking water for the people living in the surrounding areas.

Lack of clean drinking water causes so many issues around the world and it affects 1.1 billion people throughout the world. This absence of clean drinking sources can cause diseases such as diarrheal diseases. Diseases such as these cause approximately 1.6 million deaths each year, and 90% of these are children under the age of 5. Lack of clean water can also cause things like intestinal infections and parasitic infections.

We’ve spoken before how important sanitation and clean drinking water are in our blog How Lack of Sanitation Affects the World. In the blog we spoke about the types of diseases that are caused by lack of sanitation drinking water, and also, how some of these diseases affect children more than adults.

For more information about how to get involved in Red Nose Day and donate to the cause, please visit . Remember that every dolor donated is appreciated and will help make the life of children healthier and more prosperous.

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