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Hand Sanitizer Station

The Hand Sanitizer Stations are perfect for use in animal barns, and large special events where you would like guests to have access to sanitation for their hands

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Baby Changing Station

Our Baby Changing Stations can provide your guests with a clean and private place to change your baby’s diaper or just take care of anything your children may need. They are the same size of as our enhanced access unit, so you will have plenty of space to do what you need to do.

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Grey Water Holding Tank

The Grey Water Holding Tank is useful on construction sites to help manage waste water. It can be used with either our Fresh Flush Mobile Office System or other sanitation devices.

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Portable Restroom Electric Space Heaters

Electric Space Heaters are required by OSHA to be in all portable restrooms in Minnesota during the winter months. We would be happy to provide you with rental heaters to help heat the portable restrooms on your construction sites when it gets cold.

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Construction Hand Wash Stations

The Hand Washing Station for Construction Sites is designed to deal with the harsh environment of construction sites. Providing your workers with proper hand washing stations can help clean up your work space and prevent your workers from getting sick.

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Cardboard Trash and Recycling Box

The Cardboard Trash and Recycling Box are a cost effective way for hosts to provide adequate trash and recycling receptacles at your special event. They are easily transportable and can have covers purchased to designate whether they should be used for trash or recycling.

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Hot and Cold Water SaniSink

The Hot and Cold Water SaniSink Hand Washing Station can be paired with your Fresh Flush Mobile Office to provide hot water hand washing capabilities to your construction sites. This sink only requires an electricity hook up and a bottle of fresh water to operate.

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On Site offers a selection of accessories to go with our portable restrooms. From Hot and cold Water SansiSinks and Construction Hand Washing Stations to Grey Water Holding Tangs and Electric Space Heaters.

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