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Electric Heaters

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P6000 Electric Heater

The P6000 heater is our most powerful electric heater that is available for rent from On Site Companies. This heater can help you heat a space in which you can’t bring in combustible heat. This heater can be ducted to provide heat to other parts of a building in which people are working in.

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P4000 Electric Heater

The P4000 Electric Heater is a ductable non-combustion heater that can be easily brought in to construction sites, commercial areas, office buildings and other areas where you cannot have combustible heating. This heater is an efficient and clean piece of equipment that won’t force you to worry about ducting warm air into your building, or ducting harmful fumes out.

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P1800 Electric Heater

The P1800 Electric Heater is an easy way to provide non-combustable heat to construction sites, commercial areas and other spaces that may need to be heated while people are inside. You won’t have to worry about harmful fumes or exposed flames. You just get clean and efficient heat easily.

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P1500 Electric Heater

The P1500 Electric Heater, available for rent from On Site Companies, is a great solution for your heating needs. This electric heater can provide you with non-combustion heat that can be plugged in anywhere. Electric heaters don’t produce harmful fumes so you won’t have to have any ducting in from outside.

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On Site Companies provides a range of electric heating solutions available for rent that can fit a range of needs. These electric space heaters are designed to be used in small spaces where non-combustible heat sources are required. On Site Companies electric heaters allow you to provide heat to your building, without having to vent out fumes. This equipment is clean, quiet, compact and does not add any relative humidity to the space that they are located in. This allows you to heat any area in a safe and efficient manner.

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