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Need an estimate for how many porta potties your event needs? Use this handy calculator! For a more specific quote tailored to your needs, call us today at 800-210-8407!

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Temporary Cooling

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Portable Air Conditioning

The summer can get hot and humid and we all know that air conditioning can be a saving grace in these times. On Site can bring any size of our portable air conditioners out to you to provide temporary cooling relief. Our sizing ranges from small spot coolers, to our large 250 ton air conditioners. The cooled air can be pumped into buildings for temporary relief, or they can be ducted into tents for weddings and special events. They also work great at the job site for removing moisture in the air.

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Evaporative Cooler

On Site’s Evaporative Cooler is simply a large version of our misting fan. This large misting fan can produce your structure or special event with a cooling option that doesn’t require an enclosure or air conditioning. Simply fill the water tank and plug the evaporative cooler in to provide a constant mist with serious cooling power.

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