Comfort Station Luxury Restroom Trailer

On Site Companies’ Comfort Station Luxury Restroom Trailer can provide you and your guests with all the comforts of a traditional stationary bathroom. The Comfort Station is a large portable bathroom trailer that is perfect for larger events with several people attending. The Comfort Station includes separate male and female entrances, running water sinks, fresh water flush toilets, air conditioning and heating capabilities, and a baby changing station.

Every Comfort Station Luxury Restroom Trailer includes:

  • Separate male and female restrooms
  • Running water
  • Heating and air conditioning units
  • Female Restroom
    • 3 Flushable stalls
    • 2 Sinks
    • 1 Baby Changing station
    • Full-length mirror
  • Male Restroom
  • 1 Male flushable stall
    • 3 Urinals
    • 2 Sinks

*This is not available for outdoor use when the temperature drops to 32°F or below.

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Length 26'
Width 8.5'
Height 11'
Standard Tank Volume 200 gal
Restroom Stalls 4
Urinals 3
Estimated Uses 1500
Electrical Requirements 2 - 110V - 20 amps

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