E3000 Hydronic Ground Heater

The E3000 Hydronic Ground Heater is designed to quickly and easily thaw frozen ground, cure concrete, prevent frost, and provide temporary air heat during the colder months of the year. This ground thaw machine thaws 6,000 sq. ft of frozen ground and cures 6,000 sq. ft. of concrete at a rate of up to 1 foot per day. Pair this unit with our ground thawing blankets to better disperse heat over a large area.

Benefits of the E3000 Hydronic Ground Heater include:

83% heater efficiency is the highest in the industry
Easy set up with no open flames or noxious fumes
Positive displace pump provides maximum airflow and consistent heat delivery
Has one pump per hose loop to assure optimal BTU usage
Easily adjust HTF output temperature for all concrete curing applications
Performance monitoring strobe light indicates from a distance that all systems are working properly

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Thawing Capacity 4,500 sq ft
Curing Capacity 6,000 sq ft
Fuel #1 Diesel
Fuel Consumption 2.75 GPH
Standard Tank Volume 222 gal
Run Time Up to 71 hours
Length 181"
Width 91"
Height 94"
Weight 8,200 lbs