PH 500 HEPA Air Filter

The PH 500 HEPA Air Filter is a small yet effective air filtration solution for construction sites, renovations, and restorations. This compact and portable HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) system is energy-efficient, durable, and lightweight to provide optimal portability for your project. It can be used as either an air scrubber or a negative air machine.

Benefits of the PH 500 HEPA Air Filter include:

Up to 500 CFM airflow
Compact design
Variable speed flow
Multiple ducting options
Optional carbon potassium permanganate blend filter
True HEPA filtration with 20 stage filtration design

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Fan 500 CFM
Electrical Requirements 110-120V, 1.9 amps
Length 24"
Width 22"
Height 14"
Weight 33 lbs