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Pureheat (860,000 BTU/hr)

The Pureheat Hydronic Ground Heater can heat workspaces, cure concrete and thaw frozen ground. It can be attached to our heat exchangers to provide clean liquid-to-air heat to your workspace. Using this type of liquid-to-air heat also prevents mold and mildew during construction phase.



Hose 1,000 ft.
Heating Power Gross Output 860,000 BTU/hr
Fuel #1 Diesel
Heat Transfer Fluid 145 gal.
Fuel Tank Capacity 173 gal.
Full Consumption at full load with/ without generator 6.12 US gal/hr
Pump 2,700 gal/hr
Run Time 26 hr.
Thaw Capacity Standard 18,000 ft./2hr
Cure Capacity Standard 18,000 ft./2hr
Dry Weight 7,155 lbs.
Overall Size 172″L x 94″W x 93″H

The Pureheat Hydronic Air Heater provides temporary heat for large structures and buildings, removes excess moisture from the workspace, and saves up to 50% of the fuel over traditional methods. The Pureheat offers simple operation and with accessories such as hose handling systems, can also be used to cure concrete, thaw frozen ground and prevent frost. Use with our heat exchangers system to provide clean and dry heat to areas around your work area.


  • No enclosure to build
  • Easy setup with no flames
  • No noxious fumes
  • The Pureheat has no open flame for added safety in the work space and dependable with no flame blowout in high wind conditions.
  • Unit features 83% heater efficiency with 860,000 BTU/hr input.
  • Flexible fuel choice. Burners available in three options: diesel, natural gas or propane.
  • The on-board hose connection manifolds are conveniently located for easy access on the trailer. Connect and disconnect hoses with ease using Pureheat’s simple, heavy-duty quick-connect fittings.
  • Powerful liquid-to-air heat exchangers bring clean, dry heat to your workspace.

The Pureheat Hydronic Heater
Available in:

  • Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Rochester, Minnesota
  • Mankato, Minnesota
  • St. Louis, Missouri


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