VG400 Indirect Fired Heater



Input400,000 BTU/hr
FuelVapor Propane/ Natural Gas
Gas Consumption4.4 GPH LP/ 400 CFH NG
Gas Connection3/4” FNPT
Electrical120 Volts 10 amp circuit
Fan2100 CFM 1/2″ SP
Temp Rise200°F @ 0°F Ambient
Dimensions24″W x 60″L x 45″H
Weight400 lbs.

The VG400 Indirect Fired Heater is an easily transportable vapor propane and natural gas heater. With safety features such as one trial ignition with 4.7 second shutdown and 20 second pre-purge time delay, you can feel better about having this heating equipment on your construction site. This is the perfect heater to have heat ducted in, while providing an enclosed flame heater on your site.


  • Safe fuel shutdown if combustion air is interrupted
  • Low housing temperature
  • Simple orifice change from propane to natural gas
  • Safe monitoring of combustion, one trial ignition with 4.7 second shutdown and 20 second pre-purge time delay
  • Protects heater by shutting down if unit is being overfired
  • Protects heater by shutting down if voltage is too low
  • Automatically cycles the heater on/off
  • Delivers 100% clean heat
  • Heat can be ducted in from outdoors or the unit can be used indoors with flue gases exhausted outdoors

VG400 Indirect Fired Heater Available in:

  • Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Rochester, Minnesota
  • Mankato, Minnesota
  • St. Louis, Missouri

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